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Invisible Braces or Clear Aligner Treatment like SDalign or Clear aligners the safest orthodontic option during COVID 19 Pandemic

Is it safe to get Orthodontic Treatment or Braces Treatment in 2020?

The COVID 19 (CoronaVirusDisease 2019) pandemic caused by the Novel Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2 or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus2) has severely impacted the entire world.


The only way to fight the virus seems to be social distancing and countries are affecting large scale measures like lockdowns of cities to flatten the curve of number infected patients. While all industries, occupations and services have been dented by the Virus, dentistry is the most adversely affected.


Since the Corona Virus is highly infectious and stays for longer periods in the form of aerosols, dentists are very weary of starting operations. Even as the world improves its herd immunity and slowly learns to live with the Novel Corona Virus and the healthcare and economic impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, dental clinics may take longer to revive.


One of the primary services that patients look for at a dental clinic is orthodontic treatment or Braces for better oral health. A patient needs to visit the clinic successively every month for at least 12 to 18 months during traditional orthodontic braces treatment.


Unlinke traditional times, it is a custom treatment plan, done using wires and brackets. Brackets can be made of metal or ceramic and wires are made of Nickel Titanium (NiTi) or Stainless Steel.

clear aligner

Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces or Transparent Braces ( plastic aligner ) like SDalign or Clear Correct are the latest advancements in Orthodontic or Braces treatment or invisalign treatment.


The primary benefit of Clear Aligners as compared to traditional orthodontic treatment using brackets and wires is that the patient is not required to visit the clinic every month.


This reduces the risk of cross infections and aids social distancing since the patient need not travel to the clinic again and again every month. Thus, by reducing the number of visits to the dental clinic, clear aligner treatment is the best suited orthodontic or traditional braces treatment to choose during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Clear Aligners or Invisible Braces are made using the latest 3D printing and CAD/CAM technology in digital dentistry. The treatment consists of wearing a series of transparent trays successively to get the teeth to their desired position.


The following is the process by which the clear aligner treatment is rendered:

Step 1: The dentist or the orthodontist (Braces Expert) will check your teeth and determine if the patient can be treated with Clear Aligners.

Step 2: The dentist or the orthodontist will take an impression of the patients’ teeth or scan the teeth using an intraoral scanner. The intraoral scanner creates a 3D digital scan of the teeth to create 3D model.

Step 3: The 3D model is used with computer aided design (CAD) software to develop a treatment plan for moving the teeth to the desired position. A series of models or steps are created using the CAD software which would be corresponding to the position of the teeth over the treatment period. Each model is 3D printed and then a PETG or PU transparent sheet is vacuum formed to manufacture the aligners.

Step 4: The dentist may need to bond attachments which are nodules on the teeth and are made of composite resin. This is required for retaining the aligners snuggly on the teeth.

Step 5: The patient is provided all the aligners at one go or over multiple visits. The patient should wear the aligners and change the aligners every 10 to 15 days successively.


Sabka Dentist provides various options for clear aligner treatments. The following are the options available at Sabka Dentist dental clinics for invisible braces:

  • SDalign – Developed inhouse by Sabka Dentist
  • Clear Correct by Straumann

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Cost of Invisible Braces

The cost of invisible braces differs across the different brands that are offered at Sabka Dentist dental clinics. Cost of SDaligners: The price of Clear aligners Treatment at Sabka Dentist is Rs.3,50,000/-.


We provide the Clear aligners treatment under the unlimited aligner package of Clear aligners since the doctor at Sabka Dentist believes that we need to target the best possible result from the aligner treatment and hence should not compromise on the number of aligners that may be required to get the best possible result.


Cost of SDalign Clear Aligners: The price of SDalign Aligners at Sabka Dentist Dental Clinic is Rs.60,000/-. SDalign has the following advantages over other clear aligners:

  • SDalign can be delivered in less than 10 days making it the fastest to delivery.
  • Since it is designed and developed inhouse at Sabka Dentist, the dentist or the orthodontist has complete control over the treatment.
  • Sabka Dentist does not put any caveats or conditions like number of aligners or number of redesigns which may be present in most other clear aligner companies. However, the treatment results for all aligner treatments have the standard limitations of medical treatments and may differ from patient to patient.
  • SDalign is also one of the most economical options for Clear Aligner Treatment in India.

Cost of Clear Correct Invisible Braces: Like Invisible is made by Align Technologies,Clear Correct is made by Straumann Group. The design and manufacturing process is similar to all other clear aligner treatments. The treatment process and methodology is also similar. The cost of Clear Correct Clear Aligner treatment at Sabka Dentist is Rs.2,50,000/-.

What is the difference between Invisible and other aligners?

SDalign and Invisible are both products that are used for orthodontic correction of alignment of teeth using clear aligners. The process of treatment is commonly called invisible braces or clear aligner treatment. There are several companies that design, develop manufacture and sell clear aligners.


Sabka Dentist has its own 3D Digital Design and Development team that designs and manufactures aligners under the brand SD Align. Invisible is a brand that is owned by Align Technologies USA.


Similarly there are many other companies that have clear aligners under their own proprietary brands like Clear Correct, iAlign, Flash Orthodontics, Smile Direct Club etc.


It’s similar to bottled water being sold by many companies under different brands. Each company has its own process of purification of the water but the end product is clean water which is good for drinking.


Similarly, each company making aligners has different design and development processes for making the aligners but eventually they are transparent PETG or PU trays which are vacuum formed using 3D printed dental models which are designed using Dental CAD/CAM Software.


SD Align aligners provide the benefit of complete control and monitoring of the treatment since Sabka Dentist owns the clinics which provide the SD Align treatment.


This way Sabka Dentist can coordinate and monitor the treatment more closely and maintain a better control over the treatment since the provider (Dentist) and the product manufacturer (Clear Aligner Manufacturing Company)and the same.


Sabka Dentist is also very flexible in making hybrid treatment plans to use a combination of both braces and aligners to give an optimum solution to our patients.


All in all Sabka Dentist provides a controlled, closely monitored and an agile solution to clear aligners via SDalign and its network of dental clinics.


Know More about SDalign through FREE Dental Consultation with our Clear aligners Expert.

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