How to Keep Your Clear Aligners Clean?

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In the section of wearing braces, dental clinic offers you with a wide range of braces as an option of selecting it. The selection of braces is depended on the pre planned budget. Out of all the braces type clear aligners are the most beneficial yet classy braces to wear. Just like all the orthodontic treatment types, clear aligners also comes with some few care and maintenance, the biggest challenge to face.


If you’re wearing the braces it is necessary to know the tips and tricks to maintain its hygiene. Aligners are the braces that are fully removed and can be worn again, featuring it to be easy and convenient on wearing.


The characteristics of aligners are same like the teeth, which means that food particles are also stuck on to the aligners that can cause the problem of bad breath and cavities and hence, it is necessary to clean it. Here’s a closer information about the cleaning of aligners.

Common Patient Complaints with Clear Aligners

Aligners with its advantages also faces some discomfort that patients tells us. Here are some common complaints from the patients facing the issue.

  • Dry Mouth – it is said that aligners should be worn for 20 hours compulsory, everyday, to get the appropriate results. Hence, facing dry mouth problems are very common. If you have a dry mouth ` the chances of growing bacteria will be more in gums, teeth, and tongue. Hence, it is necessary to keep yourself and mouth hydrated, so drink water at regular intervals and flush out all the bacterias. Dry mouth is equal to dryness, hence dryness will result in cracked lips and chapped lips. Applying lip balms regularly is the solution to some extent that will keep the lips moisturized.

Dry mouth

  • Bad Breath – It is very common that wearing braces will result in bad breath. But it is also necessary to get rid of it. While wearing aligners patients commonly complains about the bad breath. This is because, if the food particles that are stuck inside the mouth are not cleaned, it often leaves the particles causing bad breath.

Bad breath

  • Buildup – If the aligners are not cleaned properly, buildup can cause, increasing the risk of tooth decay and makes the aligners looks dirty.

tooth decay

  • Discoloration – If the aligners are not properly cleaned and maintained the hygiene the results of aligner will be bad. The discolouration is caused due to consumption of berries and coffee.


Tips for Cleaning Your Aligners


The wearing of aligners is the open gate for the bacteria to enter. Hence, essential care has to be taken to avoid the loss. The following tips can help with maintenance.


  • Brush and Floss the aligners Before You Wear Them – The proper care has to be taken before wearing the braces. Hence, brushing and flossing of braces before wearing the aligners will remove the plaque and bacteria so it is not trapped.
  • Rinse Well with Cold Water After Removal – After you wear the braces for hours, while removing the braces rinse it well with the cold water. The food particles that has trapped onto the aligners are eliminated, making it clean and fresh to wear again.
  • Never Rinse with Hot Water – It is said that warm water eliminates all the bacteria. But, in case of clear aligner it is not possible. Hot water ruins the structure of the aligners and dishapens the plastic mould.

A clear tip that Sabka dentist recommends to clean the aligners:

  • Use Antibacterial Soap for Cleansing – The best solution to clean the aligners properly, use a soap that is recommended as bacteria-free. It will help to remove the bacteria.
  • Soak in White Vinegar – Vinegar is an acidic solution that removes the bacteria from the aligners quickly. Hence, vinegar and cold water will eliminate the bacteria within the time span of 15mins.
  • Brush Gently When Cleansing with Soap – A soft bristles brush is recommended while cleaning the aligners, so that there is no scratch on it.
  • Brush with a Bit of Toothpaste – Just like the normal brushing of teeth helps to keep the mouth fresh and clean, the same will work when a small amount of toothpaste will be applied on the aligners. Some toothpaste that consist of baking soda may spoil the appearance of the aligners causing scratches on it. It will make them look noticeable.

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Expert’s Opinions

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Clear Aligner offers convenient and comfortable experience without the need for regular wire tightening (metal braces).”
  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Since it is transparent, it makes the wearers feel more confident.”
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