Various methods of oil pulling to treat dental issues

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Several people desire to have a very nice dental health to gain a beautiful smile and eat most of the food items in a comfortable way. However, it is not possible for all people to keep up with their dental health. The problems like toothache, gum bleeding, gingivitis, periodontitis, and several other dental problems have troubled most of the people in the world.


Development of bacteria and cavity are the initial stages of the dental problems which ultimately lead to severe dental issues. Many of the occasions you are not able to visit the dentist due to busy schedules or other reasons. Also, making a temporary cure for the current dental problem is essential.


So, applying some natural therapies for dental problems is always better to avert major dental issues.

Oil Pulling is one such natural therapy which is popular for its effectiveness for dental issues. This method is known since the ancient days where you take the oil for a few minutes in the mouth and swish the mouth properly from all the sides.


Finally, the swished oil in the mouth is thrown outside the mouth where all the cavity and bacteria is removed. Here, the main purpose is to remove all the toxins which are oil soluble in the mouth, and make teeth dirt free. The most commonly used oils here are coconut oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil.


Oil Pulling has always been very effective if done in a proper way. The use of peanut oil, olive oil, or any other oil will not be of any use. The main purpose here is that the oil has to be organic. Make sure that the oil pulling method you use is in a very proper way to get better results.


Various studies have found that oil pulling hardly has any side effects and have given better results for removing the bacteria and other micro-organisms that deteriorate the dental health. It is not possible to get the results from the oil pulling method in short duration, it takes around 4 to 5 months to experience positive results when done regularly.

How effective is oil pulling activity?

As many of the new generations may not have heard regarding the benefits of the oil pulling for dental health, so they have a big question on the mind – how effective is oil pulling activity?. However, oil pulling has been used effectively for long years back in several parts of the world.


People who are regular in doing the oil pulling activity have experienced good dental health. Several types of research have even agreed that the oil pulling activity is very effective for curing dental problems and it can provide better dental health.


Oil pulling has successfully solved many of the dental problems like reduction in the bad breath, combating the dangerous bacteria in the mouth, inflammation reduction, gum health improvement, cavity reduction from the teeth, maintaining the whitening of the teeth, etc.


Several people have experienced a lot of positive effects of the oil pulling activity on their dental health. It is very essential to follow a proper method while doing the oil pulling activity.

Here, we will look at the oil pulling method to solve dental problems:

In oil pulling a proper amount of sunflower oil, sesame oil, or coconut oil is taken. Your stomach should be empty for at least 2 hours before doing the oil pulling activity. Generally, the morning period is better for the oil pulling activity. So, make sure that you do not do the brushing activity before oil pulling.


Further, the respective oil is taken into the mouth and the oil is swished in the mouth in all directions. Make sure that the oil is pulled between the gaps of the teeth and it covers all the corners in the mouth. Follow the swishing activity for around 15 minutes and spit the oil from the mouth.


Now, do this activity for about 3 times in a proper way. As the main purpose here is to remove the bacteria from teeth and other regions of the mouth, ensure that you do it slowly. You should not be in a hurry which might impact the effectiveness of this activity.


When you complete the final round by spitting the oil solution in the mouth outside, ensure that there is no oil material in the mouth. After completing the activity, you can do the brushing. Make sure that you have a separate brush after completing the oil pulling activity and you do thorough brushing in all the corners of the mouth.

oil pulling methods

Advantages of the oil pulling:

  • Prevents all the gum diseases in the mouth like gingivitis and cavities
  • The gums and teeth are strengthened by this activity
  • Helps to control the bad breath in the mouth
  • Minimizing the effects of the inflammation in the teeth and make the gums stronger
  • Solves the problem of the toothache caused due to the cavity collection on the tooth
  • Whitening of the teeth

So, following a proper oil pulling method can easily solve dental problems. Many people have gained tremendous benefits from oil pulling for their dental health. Oil Pulling can help to get instant relief for the dental pain when you are unable to visit the dentist immediately.


However, to know the exact problem and get a permanent solution, it is essential that you visit an expert dentist. After all, making better dental health depends a lot on the efforts taken by you in the correct directions.


Expert opinion

    Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says ” The dental problem causes a lot of trouble for several people. Using the oil pulling method has been found very effective in solving several dental-related problems. Making a visit to a proper dentist is always better to get a permanent solution for good dental health.”

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