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Any improper positioning of the teeth is responsible for the inappropriate smile of an individual. Your teeth can be properly aligned as desired with the braces treatment. Visit any of the nearest branches of Sabka dentist in Pune, to get proper braces treatment along with improving the smile. A qualified Orthodontist here can make your smile better with proper teeth alignment.

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Teeth Braces or orthodontic treatment, what does it fix, you may ask? We have seen our friends, family or even ourselves with braces at some point in life. Teeth Braces are nothing but like a band for your teeth, i.e., something that realigns the mispositioned teeth in your mouth.


It is a treatment that helps improve the appearance of one’s set of teeth, and biting habits as well. It is through the braces that an individual with misaligned teeth gets perfectly positioned teeth as well as the confidence to smile widely with no anxiety whatsoever.


Why should you have Braces Treatment in Pune?

Sometimes, when you have uneven teeth, it is not only the appearance that is affected but it also leads to basic overcrowding. If your teeth are not aligned properly, they will be positioned in a place where they are not supposed to be.


It may even get tougher to clean or floss your teeth because of the spaces that are now harder to push through due to overcrowding.


Cross biting is another very important consequence of not getting braces. Usually happens when few of the upper teeth push behind the bottom teeth. This leads to rough and rigorous wear and tear of teeth.


Sabka Dentist in Pune offers the most relaxing and pleasant braces treatment at very standard rates. It knows the significance of braces treatment is not limited to making the teeth attractive but to also provide long term dental health benefits.


Not wearing braces could lead to a list of consequences that we have already mentioned above, so hurry up and experience the best braces treatment at Sabka Dentist, Pune.


What age is appropriate for braces treatment in Pune?

There is no specific age to get braces treatment. However, it is more advisable to get fixed at an early age if crooked teeth have been identified in an individual. Whatever the age maybe, braces are important to realign teeth, to avoid any risks to dental health.


What does braces treatment at Pune involve?

braces treatment in Pune

The most important aspect of getting braces is to make sure you have permanent teeth. The dentist will first conduct a full-fledged examination through X-rays and plaster models of your teeth.


The dentist or orthodontist will then guide you through the next steps of the orthodontic treatment. Once you are confident about getting the braces treatment, the dentist or orthodontist will then go ahead with it.


Will I need to have teeth taken out to make space?

Extracting any tooth to carry out the braces treatment depends on each individual. If there is severe overcrowding then some of the permanent teeth must be taken out. And if that is not the case, the dentist will advise you to let the set of teeth be there.


How is Braces Treatment in Pune carried out?

Braces are the only resort to go to for imposition teeth. Braces perform their function when there is a slight pressure that is applied on the teeth, and it starts pushing them together, or ‘realigning’ them. Usually, braces treatment occurs in two phases:

  • The active phase: Braces are used to correct the misalignment of the teeth and improve chewing habits.
  • The retention phase: Retainers are used to hold the set of teeth in a set position for a long period.

A special set of appliances called functional appliances are used by the orthodontists at Sabka Dentist in Pune, which direct the jaw growth in children.


What are braces exactly?

Braces are fixed appliances like brackets or bands that withhold the teeth from misaligning more than they already are. They help achieve the original and standard position of the teeth and help solve the underlying issues of the jaw.


Categories of braces treatment:

There are two vast and well-elaborated categories of braces treatment in Pune:

  • The Visible Treatment: Just like caps, braces are made up of materials like metal or ceramic. Bands are fixed around the teeth while brackets are bonded to the front of the tooth. A newer variation called self-ligating brackets have recently been introduced and are more beneficial as it takes a shorter duration of time to carry out the treatment and also assures better oral health.
  • The Invisible Treatment: This is furthermore divided into two parts :
  1. The Lingual Bracket System: The brackets in this system are fixed onto the back or behind the surface of the teeth, a position from where they cannot be seen or spotted.
  2. Clear Aligners: A transparent and removable aligner is used here. It is worn throughout the day and is removed only while eating, brushing and flossing. They have to be adjusted every two weeks, and have to replaced or can even take longer based on your dentist’s suggestion. A new set is constantly used till the teeth finally reach a perfectly aligned position. If you want to know clear braces cost in Pune.

After Care of Braces

  • Brush carefully using a special brush called proxabrush.
  • Have a systematic dental routine, which involves flossing.
  • Foods to avoid during braces treatment (Avoid sticky and hard food).
  • Clean your retainers daily.
  • Rinse your mouth post the consumption of anything that stains like tea, coffee or sugary.

What factors affect the Teeth Braces Cost in Pune?

For anybody who is based out of Pune, you could potentially be wondering what could be the braces price in Pune. The dental braces cost in Pune could vary based on a multitude of factors. Apart from the location where your chosen dentistry hospital is located, there are numerous other elements involved here.

  • Age group – The age at which you begin treatment has an effect on the price of the braces. In case you choose orthodontic braces at a younger age, it becomes significantly more cost-effective, as it is generally easier to fix tooth alignment problems at a young age.
  • Location – The location of the dental medical clinic plays a key role too on the subject of the cost of braces. For example, the teeth braces cost in Pune would be different in comparison to the fees you would find in a dental clinic established in other metro.
  • Form Of Braces – The type of braces has a significant impact on the dental braces cost in Pune. For example, invisible braces often cost you considerably more in comparison with metallic teeth braces cost in Pune. In addition, the actual location of the dental center will even have an impact on the cost of each type of braces. For example, for invisible braces, the cost of braces in Pune can be different from the cost of braces in some other city or metro.

You can even find a lot more things that could influence the cost of braces. We hope that you now have a clearer picture of the teeth braces cost in Pune, and the factors impacting this.

Frequently Asked Question

What type of Food’s restricted during Braces?

  • Hard foods like nuts, granola bar, popcorn, carrots etc.
  • Crunchy foods like popcorn, chips and fried fast foods.
  • Sticky foods like chewing gum, caramel candies, cookies etc.
  • Fast Foods which are oily and crunchy must be restricted.

Oral hygiene to follow to keep your teeth white with Braces?

  • Brushing twice a day for at least 1-2 minutes.
  • Brush with good toothpaste with Fluoride.
  • A good mouthwash with Fluoride.
  • Rinsing your mouth with lukewarm water and salt once a day.
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