Braces Treatment? Avoid these food so your treatment goes faster

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Braces are used to straighten misaligned, crooked teeth as well as to correct the bite of individuals.

The duration of the treatment depends upon the individual’s case and the type of braces orthodontic that are selected. But mostly the duration of the treatment ranges from 1 and a half years to 2 years.


While undergoing braces orthodontic treatment one needs to be careful with the kind of food one eats.

People with braces orthodontic need to avoid food that might break the braces or stick with them and may be difficult to clean. These foods include hard, crunchy, sticky, and chewy foods.


Eating these foods might lead to broken wires, braces or may hamper the overall oral hygiene incase the food sticks which may become painful and prolong the treatment. 


Foods to avoid:

1)Chocolates especially with Caramel

2)Peanut butter

3)Hard food like hard candies, chikki, etc.

4)Hard nuts like almonds, walnuts should be avoided.


6)Chewing gum should not be eaten at all.


Apart from this one should be careful while eating the following stuff:

1)Chewy bread




5)Avoid soda and sugary drinks to prevent tooth decay


If one has a habit of chewing chalks, pen, ice, nails, or anything else hard, one should avoid it.

Avoiding these foods will not only reduce the treatment duration but also prevent unnecessary dental visits and dental decay.

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