Do root canal treatments need more visits?

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When it comes to dental treatment, a person has to think wisely before making a decision. The main reason for it is because of the cost and the increasing number of visits associated with it. A root canal is one such kind of treatment where the person has to think about the cost, pain, and the number of visits that must be made. The molar root canal is a very delicate aspect that must be handled more cautiously by the dentist. Going for any of the dental treatment makes any of the patients anxious about the implications, procedures, and facts about it.

What is root canal treatment? root-canal-treatment

When the pulp of the tooth gets damaged due to major decay in the tooth, it becomes necessary to remove the pulp. After removal of the pulp, it is replaced with a suitable substance that can avoid further reinfection. This whole process is called root canal treatment. The root canal treatment is a better option than the extraction of the tooth.

Knowing about the root canal treatment, now you must definitely be thinking about, how is a root canal done? Well, there are some of the simple processes done in root canal treatment. It is common in most cases that there is little to more pain in the tooth after root canal treatment. The root canal treatment generally takes more visits. However, if needed, the patient can also opt for the root canal treatment in a single visit. The root canal and crown cannot be done on a single day as the dentist would need to take the measurement for it. However, it is always better to know some things about the single visit and multiple visits for this treatment. The process of the root canal treatment can give you better light on opting for the number of visits.

How is a root canal done as per the number visit approach? rct

Earlier the root canal treatment would take around 5 to 7 visits. However, with the advent of modern dentistry, it is now done in minimum visits around one, two, or three visits too.

Here, we will check the option in different visits for root canal treatment:

1. Two visits option

Here, the dentist will clean all the pulp area under the infected tooth and then make the necessary shape. During the first visit, the entire process will involve only these two activities by the dentist. After this, the dentist will put proper medicine inside the teeth to avoid any kind of disinfection and enhance the healing. During the second visit, the filling of the substance is done, and proper sealing is made over the tooth. The canal space is properly cleaned in this place. In the two visit options for root canal treatment, the duration between the two visits may vary from one week to two weeks.

Benefits of the two-visit options:

  • When the material of the medication is put after the first visit, the possibility of disinfection is lowered.
  • In this option, the dentist can analyze the severity of the pain after the effect of anesthesia is over after the treatment process. It will help the dentist to take a further course of action.

2. Single visit treatment

Earlier, multiple visits were the only option for the patients for the treatment. Modern dentistry has made it possible with single visit treatment. Here, all the cleaning, shaping, and filling of the substance process are done in a single-visit itself. Here, the dentist will generally take more hours for the completion of the treatment process. The dentist will take some short breaks for a few minutes during the treatment process.

Benefits of the single visit option:

  • One of the big benefits is that the treatment is done in a single visit only that avoids the hassle of another visit
  • A single visit can offer a cost-benefit for the patient as it will be comparatively lower

What is a better option?

You may get the option for any number of visits depending on the complexity of the tooth for the treatment. In some cases, the dentist will recommend avoiding the single-visit treatment. This mostly happens when the molar root canal is done. However, if the case is simple, then it is feasible for the single visit root canal treatment. In a two-visit approach, it is better as the medication is filled in the canal system that helps in avoiding the disinfections. It also gives more advantage to the patient as the dentist can analyze the severity of pain.

After going for any of the options, the dentist will provide proper medication to reduce the pain in the tooth after root canal treatment. It will help to make things better for the patient. A proper root canal and crown that can suit the size of the teeth are made to ensure proper oral condition.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Root canal treatment is very essential to avoid tooth extraction. Many dental experts suggest getting root canal treatment for better oral health. The patient can go for multiple visits or a single visit for root canal treatment too. Depending on tooth complexity, cost, and patient choice, either of the options can be taken.”

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