Is root canal therapy a successful procedure?

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In most of the dental treatment process, patients want to know the effectiveness of its treatment. The root canal is one such treatment that some people have different views on it. Many people do not even have any idea about root canal treatment to much extent. However, these people primarily need to know about the effectiveness of root canal treatments.


In some of the complicated cases, the dental experts suggest root canal treatment to save the tooth. Here, the patient needs to know more about the root canal treatment.

What is a root canal?

root canal treatment

Whenever the root of the teeth is infected due to cavities, the better solution for it is the root canal. Here, the removal of the infected pulp is done by dental experts. The root area is cleaned properly and the dental expert ensures that no infected portion has remained behind. The space left behind is then filled up with the dental filling materials.


Here, the living tissue that was infected is totally removed. Here, the root canal treatment allows the patient to retain the tooth and prevent the other tooth from getting dispersed. If the infected tooth is not treated at an earlier stage then it can lead to several complications in the teeth. It can also cause other different kinds of infections for the gums.

What is the procedure for root canal treatment?

root canal treatment

At first, the initial assessment will be done by the dental expert. Here, they will analyze the condition of the tooth and draft a way to do the root canal treatment. During the actual treatment, the process for the removal of the infected tissue is done. As the process is a little painful, sometimes smaller local anesthesia might be given prior to the treatment.


The infected pulp is then removed from the area and cleaned properly. After the cleaning of the infected area, a proper filling of the dental material is done. After the actual treatment process, the area can then be covered with the crown to protect it from any damage.

Aftercare points after the root canal treatment:

  • Avoid eating any solid food and spitting for that whole particular day
  • Also one must avoid eating any of the hard food items for at least two weeks
  • Ensure that oral hygiene care like flossing and brushing is done gently by taking the necessary care of the area where the treatment is done
  • Take a routine check-up when the dentist calls properly

The root canal is indeed one of the effective ways to get the proper treatment. One must take note that the root canal treatment is usually a little costlier. So, you must get it clear from the dentist and be prepared for it.


You must also discuss the number of visits that root canal treatment will need. Earlier, the root canal treatment would need around six to seven visits for one tooth. However, now the treatment is also completed in two to four visits. In some cases, some dental experts also do one visit root canal treatment.


However, it is better to go with the two to four visits of root canal treatment, as it will give an idea about the pain in any area making it easy for the dentist to take precautionary measures.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Root Canal treatment is one of the better ways to treat the infected tooth. Many dental experts suggest the first choice of a root canal if possible for an infected tooth. This treatment mainly helps to protect the tooth in the place. For a longer duration, root canal treatment can work properly.”

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