Food options available after wisdom teeth extraction

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It has been found that most people would remove the wisdom teeth. The main reason behind this is that they grow up in the last area of teeth which is very complex. Things become more complicated when the teeth start growing which gives more pain to the person due to lack of space. Also, in some cases, where the person does not remove the wisdom teeth, they are more prone to developing the cavity. It is mainly due to the inability of the toothbrush to reach the complex area of the mouth. So, as the wisdom teeth get decayed, they are to be extracted soon.

Why does wisdom teeth removal give more trouble?

While removing the wisdom teeth, anesthesia is given initially to numb the portion of the mouth where the tooth would be removed. In some cases, a root is getting blocked for the wisdom teeth , in such a case the bone is removed. The tooth is then removed carefully, after which the place is properly cleaned. Thereafter, the proper stitches are made on the site to control the swelling and process to heal. The patient might not feel any pain due to the anesthesia given. However, they might feel the pain after the effect of the anesthesia is over.

After wisdom teeth removal, the dental expert will guide you on a few things. Some of the important aspects will include avoiding eating any solid food item on that particular day, avoiding spitting for two days, avoiding intake of any hot food or drink, etc. These cars are to be taken only during the first two days. However, after tooth extraction food must be taken carefully for the next two to three weeks. It will avoid further injury and help to heal it faster. It is very essential that you follow the guidelines after wisdom tooth extraction proper. So, if you have a question, what to eat after tooth extraction? We will list some of the food to eat after tooth extraction.

What to eat after wisdom tooth extraction?

It is very essential to follow the advice properly after tooth removal. The wisdom teeth removal aftermath is a very sensitive stage that must be handled properly by the patient.

Here, are the better food options to eat after wisdom teeth extraction:

1. Yogurtyoghurt bowl

Yogurts are the better food that can be eaten after the removal of the teeth. It will not exert any pressure on the area where the tooth is removed.

2. Avocado

Avocado exerts very less pressure while eating due to the softness they have. A good quantity of Vitamin C, E, K, and B-6 makes it more favorable to eat.

3. Baked beans

The baked beans are made by parboiling and then long duration baking of the white beans. They become softer on this which can be eaten without any problem.

4. Bananabanana

Bananas are better for eating fruit in the case of mouth-related problems. They are one of the softer foods that hardly need any need to chew making it simpler to digest in the stomach too.

5. Baked Apples

Baked Apples are softer than the normal Apples that can be eaten after the tooth extraction. It will also be more nutritious that can provide more energy to the body.

6. Broth

Broth is the soup made from the meat and the vegetables. It is easier to have such food that can give important nutrients to the body.

7. Ice Cream

Ice creams are the better ways to make up for the situation when the teeth removal is done. Being colder it can make it simpler for the blood clotting and also give a better feel.

8. Butternut squash

Made from pumpkin or gramma, butternut squash is a better option for eating. It is sweet in taste that can be easily taken as it is in liquid form.

9. Mashed potatoes

Potatoes when mashed properly and boiled, it becomes very soft that can be eaten even without chewing. Here, one has the option of eating any kind of potato including sweet potato too.

10. Cheesecakecheesecake

Cheesecakes are another option that can be eaten after tooth removal due to their softness. They are made from cheese, sugar, or other sweet food items.

11. Cake

The cake is the better option for anyone to eat after tooth extraction. It is soft and comes with multiple options that give a choice for the person to eat.

12. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is one of the ideal choices to eat after tooth removal. There is nothing to chew in most of the fruit juices along with multiple choices of different fruits.

These are some of the food to eat after wisdom teeth removal that can be better for any individual. Proper care after the removal of wisdom teeth can ensure better healing.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "The removal of the wisdom teeth is very difficult as it is a painful process and care has to be taken while eating. Many dental experts give the proper guidance for the aftercare. It is essential to take proper food after wisdom teeth removal. It will help to avoid complications while eating along with better oral health."

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