What happens if you do not brush your teeth every night !

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Importance of brushing teeth at night!

Today, human beings are living in such a complex environment that after a tiresome day of work, they generally tend to ignore hygienic practices which will help them to have a healthy and a long life. Specifically it’s very important to get rid of the bacteria which have been residing in your mouth after serving the on food the whole day.


If you don’t brush your teeth at night these bacteria will multiply and cause damage to your teeth. Brushing teeth at night is one of the most important activities which must be a daily routine for adults and especially children. Parents must explain the importance of brushing teeth at night to their children to inculcate it as a habit.


The most common reasons for not brushing teeth at night are very trivial and stem from the factor of our laziness. People nowadays are too lazy to incorporate hygienic practices in their daily lives but finally, now humankind is realizing the prominence of preventive healthcare.

Benefits of brushing teeth at night

  • No bad breath and a good morning: The best benefit of brushing teeth at night is to awake with a fresh breath. The kind of food we ingest daily has some or the other effect on our teeth and the bacteria are ever ready to attack on it. So don’t allow the bacteria to remain in your mouth for such a long duration.
  • No buildup of Plaque: If brushing at night is a daily routine, you are saved from building plaque in the long run. Plaque is the yellow sticky substance that settles on your teeth. This plaque is the root cause of many issues and must be avoided at all cost and brushing at night will stop the plaque from developing.
  • Bacteria are culprits: Bacteria are rightly the culprits of many diseases and in dentistry too they are the starting point from where oral damage is initiated. The harmful bacteria in our mouth must be removed in regular intervals to prevent it from developing further, especially at bed time.

Have you wondered why you should brush your teeth at night ?

Our mouth is a reservoir of bacteria naturally and with every food consumed, these bacteria feed on the food. They are like parasites. As all living organisms have a natural process of excretion, these bacteria too flush all the waste out of themselves. The acidity of that excreta is extremely high and causes the enamel to damage, and results in decay and cavities.


Now, if you’re not brushing teeth at night, and going to bed, the plaque starts to coagulate and thicken over the teeth and calcifies. After the plaque has calcified, you will find it difficult to get rid of it with normal procedures or simple remedies and have to opt for a dental cleaning by a dentist.


Now, the calcified plaque becomes infectious and starts attacking your gums too. As a natural response, your immune system fights against the infection but in due process, the healthy tissues become an undue targets and get impaired. This causes a gap between your tooth and gums.


In this process, it gets inflamed further which leads to more deteriorating effects. The effects range from loss of hearing ability, dementia, and cardiovascular disease.


You might be shocked to know that prolonged ignorance of oral health care can cause such disease but it’s true! Believe it and start brushing at night!

brushing teeth at night

What if you’re too exhausted to brush teeth at night

If you don’t brush your teeth at night, do take some small measures and quick ones which are mentioned below.

Your table corner is always a handy cabinet, so a toothbrush is a must in it and do a dry brush gently all around your teeth. Make sure to keep the brush sterilized and free of infection and bacteria, clean it with dettol or savlon liquid.


Flossing is also a good option. While you’re lying on your bed, floss your teeth.

The best way to get yourself to brush, is to simply run your tongue all around the teeth. With you feel some layered substance. Felt it ? Yes, that’s plaque, the antagonist.


Do it many times, you will automatically feel to get rid of that plaque and ultimately you will be forced to brush your teeth. Psychology will do its work and you will realise, is it ok to not brush your teeth at night ? The answer will always be YES!


Now, after reading the article, you know very well not brushing your teeth at night is an invitation to many dental problems or why brush teeth at night. If anybody asks do you have to brush your teeth at night, the answer is always affirmative and in young kids, it must be habitual in terms of preventive healthcare.


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