Effects of Stress on Oral health

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What effect does stress have on Oral health?

The problem of stress has a very adverse effect on the mental and physical health of the individual. Various researches have found that stress affects the Oral health of the individual. Today’s fast life, particularly in the cities, has led to a lot of stress on many of the people. It has led to an adverse effect on Oral health too which has given rise to many complications.

Oral health and stress interlinking:   Oral health and stress interlinking 

Many of the researchers have observed that the main effect of stress is an increase in depression and anxiety. It has also given rise to Oral health problems like periodontal disease and other similar issues.


In Periodontal disease, the bone and gum start eroding making the teeth lose. A significant amount of risk is observed in the patients where the stress level is more. It strongly shows how stress is affecting Oral health.

Gum disease: Oral health and stress 

Gum disease has several serious Oral health issues like tooth loss possibility, teeth loosening, etc. Stress leads to different other Oral health issues like bad breath, gum bleeding, pain in the jaws, and different other related problems. Stress will exaggerate the Oral problem of a person who is already suffering from any of the Oral problems.


Stress directly has an effect on the soft tissue of Oral health. So, more stress leads to problems like ulcers and pain in the jaws. Facial Pain and teeth grinding causes stress on the facial muscles which impacts the overall Oral health.

Stress and Bad Dental Hygiene:

People suffering from stress also tend to neglect the good habits that are detrimental to Oral health and overall other health. They neglect the habits of brushing, flossing, etc. They get into the habit of grinding teeth affecting the teeth sensitivity and wearing of the enamel.


The people having stress may even develop bad eating habits that lead to the problem of Oral health. It has been found that stressful people are more prone to the habits of smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking and alcohol in turn make the teeth and gum condition worse.

How reduced stress can reduce Oral health issues? reduced stress can reduce Oral health issues

Elimination of stress may not eliminate Oral health totally, it can just prevent the exaggeration of the problem and prevent Oral health from becoming more serious. Also, it must be noted that the increased level of stress lowers the immune system of the body. It ultimately affects the gum health and slows the healing process.

How to deal with the stress to avoid Oral health problems?

Stress happens naturally due to a variety of reasons like a very busy schedule, less sleep, the pressure of meeting the targets, worry, and several other factors that are responsible for it. However, one must ensure that the stress does not go beyond a certain limit, as it has bad effects on Oral health and the overall health of the person.


Here, it is advisable to avoid some of the foods that cause stress, make your schedule a little free to avoid stress, worrying too much will not give any solution or solve any problem, also taking stress will not help in meeting any targets. So, avoid taking stress which can ultimately be helpful for maintaining good oral health.

Expert opinion

  • Dr Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Stress to some extent is one of the natural things for most people, more stress can affect general and oral health. Ensure that you take lesser stress under any condition. Also, maintain good oral habits to make sure that the Oral health is fine. Consult a dental expert to keep your oral health better."

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