Which foods are responsible for bad breath?

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Which foods are responsible for bad breath?

Which foods are responsible for bad breath

There are different Oral health-related problems that many people come across in their life. Bad breath is one such common problem that has troubled many of the individuals. It adversely affects the conversation with colleagues, friends, family, and any of the people they interact with. Bad breath can be a serious health problem on a certain occasions. These health problems might be Periodontitis, Gingivitis, or any other gum disease which causes bad breath. There are some of the foods too that leads to instant bad breath. It will be more interesting to look at these foods that lead to bad breath.

Here are some of the foods that are responsible for the bad breath:

1. Alcohol


Alcohol drinks have a bad smell even before consuming them. So, when you drink alcohol you get a bad smell which easily disturbs the other person with whom you are interacting. Alcohol is also responsible for creating an environment for the bad bacteria to thrive and linger. It has some dehydrating effect too.

2. Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea both have a very strong smells swirling in the mouth after drinking it. They also reduce the saliva and causes dryness in the mouth. Drinking it once or twice is fine for any of the individuals normally. However, some people having habits of drinking coffee and tea more than 7 times a day are more susceptible to bad breath.

3. Garlic


Garlic is very nice for giving more taste to different food items and is used in many of the sauces too. However, it leads to bad breath after eating it. Many of the people who eat food filled with garlic experience bad breath.

4. Onions

Onions are one of the popular foods known for their bad breath. Onions have very nice health benefits, still, their bad breath hinders many people from eating them. The sulphurous compounds in the onion enter the bloodstream easily. Further, it causes bad breath coming from the lungs and mouth both.

5. Protein

Proteins are surely very good for making better health, still, it has some properties that lead to bad breath to some extent. Protein does not have a bad smell itself, still, it can lead to a bad smell when we eat it. A food that is rich in protein is nice and the body uses the protein for energy. However, ketones are released as a bi-product that leads to a very bad smell in the mouth. As protein is one of the important things for better health, do not avoid it completely. Always prioritize health over the bad breath problem.

6. Canned fish

canned fish

For easy and quick lunch, canned fish has become the choice of many people. However, it is found that canned fish leads to bad breath. The fish creates the odor and begins to oxidize in the mouth after eating which leads to bad breath. One can avoid eating bad fish when you want to control the bad breath.

7. Sugar

Sugar is one of the major foods that create bad breath. It creates the bacteria that are responsible for creating the bad breath in the mouth. Many of the people use chewing gum that is sugar-free to tackle bad breath.

From the above list, it is clear that certain food items that are nice for the health may cause bad breath. Make sure that you have nice floss after taking garlic, protein-rich food, and any other health related food. However, it is always better to avoid food like alcohol, excessive Coffee & Tea, excessive sugar to control bad breath which does not have health benefits.

Expert opinion

  • Dr.Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "There are certain foods that lead to bad breath and cause many Oral health issues. However, do not avoid certain health beneficial food to control bad breath. Also, avoid food that has no health benefits and causes bad breath. Avoiding bad breath is totally up to that particular individual."

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