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Is Root Canal Safe? Know the Truth

It has become very important to maintain good dental health to enjoy eating different food items. Painless dental health can make your life much easier and happy. Many of the people today are facing the problem of decaying of the tooth, which leads to an extremely painful experience.


In this deteriorating tooth condition, it becomes necessary to remove the infected tooth altogether and relieve the extreme pain. In this case, you lose your infected tooth totally. So, to save this infected tooth and get it treated properly there is another therapy known as a root canal.


It helps to remove the unwanted thing from the tooth and save the tooth. Several people have unwanted worries about whether the root canal safe or not. To understand are root canals safe, you need to know something regarding the root canal.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

There are two parts in the human tooth, which are crown and root. The crown section of the tooth basically consists of gum, enamel, and dentin. While the root section of the tooth consists of bone, pulp tissue, root end, supporting ligament, etc.


Root Canal Therapy is a dental strategy wherein the tooth can be fixed by expelling the chamber of pulp of the tooth and filling it with a well-suited filler material. This is regularly done when the tooth cannot be filled nor reestablished by some other methods and this is because of the way that the rot has arrived at the tooth nerve or the tooth has gotten contaminated.


Prevent extraction of the tooth by removing infected pulp from tooth whose nerve has been seriously rotted or harmed and filling rubber like material (gutta-percha) to its replacement to remove the diseased pulp.


This is the last endeavor to spare the tooth before extraction. In the event that the Root Canal Therapy is fruitful, all the germs in the root zone would have been evacuated and this tooth can keep going for quite a while.

What necessitates Root Canal Therapy?

  1. Sensitivity to heat and cold: An infected tooth is extremely sensitive to the heat and cold. Any eatable items or drink which is either hot or cold cause’s sensitivity in the tooth.
  2. Swelling: The tooth and the nearby gums show some sort of swelling. The lymph nodes become very tender making it difficult to eat the hard food items.
  3. Extreme Painful: The rotting of the tooth causes an extreme level of pain in the tooth. It causes restlessness making it difficult for even performing the daily activities comfortably.
  4. Difficulty in chewing the food: The pain in the tooth makes it very difficult for chewing the food items. It is not just eating the hard food items that are difficult, eating even a softer food item is a very difficult task with the rotting tooth causing extreme pain.

Is root canal treatment safe?

This is the foremost question that comes to mind when you are doing the root canal for the first time. Here, your opinion will keep on changing as per the answers given by one individual to another individual. However, if you ask any dentist or expert regarding is root canal safe, and then you will mostly get the answer that “Yes”, it is all safe to do the root canal therapy.


The root canal treatment technique is essentially a dental methodology used to address this issue. Right now, the infected area of the tooth is evacuated with the dividers of the channels at that point being adjusted and developed.


In the wake of having made the channels smooth and sharp, drugs are then infused into the pit to remove the bacterial infection, the tooth is then loaded up with filler material and thus fixed to forestall any further tainting. The strategy, as a rule, takes around 4 to 6 meetings however this likewise shifts relying upon the specialist and on the degree of tooth harm.


As a piece of the root channel torment treatment, a neighborhood sedative is first offered because of which the individual scarcely feels any agony during the system. Medications also are given during the initial scarcely any long stretches of treatment with the goal that the tooth stays touchy and the patient likewise is encouraged to not bite on hard nourishment during this period.


Root Canal Therapy procedure has progressed significantly since the times of old but there are still generally held misguided judgments. The question of root canal treatment is safe or not is really relevant. However, one basic conviction is that if a tooth is seriously tainted, the best treatment is frequently to have it pulled.


Another is that a tooth with a root waterway done on it will never be solid and will consistently cause issues. Today anyway dental specialists accept that we should clutch our own teeth and that they can never be copied.


Fundamentally a root waterway is known as an endodontic treatment and you should see an endodontist to have it done as most broad dental specialists don’t destroy them their workplaces any longer. It has gotten progressively specific throughout the years.


It is a dental treatment where the tainted, unhealthy or harmed mash of the tooth (mash is the living part) is evacuated and within the territory is then topped off and fixed.


It is not necessary that you should do root canal therapy when you have to experience the pain. You can even do the root canal therapy at the initial stages when your tooth starts rotting. Although, the root canal treatment process is a little painful. However, the sedative applied by the doctors brings down the level of the pain from the tooth.


The process of the root canal is to eliminate the bacteria even from the root of the tooth, so this therapy is totally safe for most of the individuals. The root canal treatment not only provides temporary relief for the individuals, it provides relief for a longer duration. The chances of pain or any other problem from the treated tooth are very less.


Root Canal is always better than the removal of the tooth. It helps to remove all the bacteria in the infected area and also strengthens the treated tooth to a nice level. The given information clearly gives the answer to the doubts raised on are root canal safe.


Many of the individuals who have done the root canal treatment have achieved an extreme level of relief and they are easily enjoying eating the different food items. To get the root canal therapy done in a proper way, it is very important to approach the expert dentist. The root canal treatment has mostly been found to be an extremely safe treatment and making it a lifetime healing of the tooth.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Rotting of the teeth is not good for maintaining a good dental health condition. So, doing a Root Canal therapy is always a better idea to get rid of the tooth-related problems and make a robust treatment.”


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