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Resisting the temptation to eat all kinds of food is almost a difficult task to do, right? And especially being Indians, oh you cannot refuse food.


We know eating all junk food in contrast to healthy food has a higher chance than the latter. But in this whole process without the knowledge of what kind of food has which effects on your body are something dangerous as in long term, this habit may cost you dearly, as it may lead to many health problems and even your oral health is damaged.


Without proper brushing technique and neglecting basic oral health will lead you to have a yellow tooth.


Yes, now you know many people have yellow teeth, right? You must have seen many times and you may too have. Do you know what is it? how it affects your oral health and how can you get rid of it and what is the dental treatment available for it? NO? then you better enlighten yourself with it.

Teeth whitening treatment Teeth whitening treatment

Teeth whitening treatment is the answer to many of your problems. It’s basically a procedure that helps you to get rid of stains and discoloration suffered by your teeth. It also provides more luster to your teeth and can even lighten the existing color of your teeth.


Whitening treatment as a cosmetic dental procedure is very popular and renowned since it helps to enhance your overall appearance.

Teeth whitening treatment is not a one procedure as it in frequent intervals it is required to be done to maintain the shiny texture and bright colour.

Procedure for dental whitening treatment

Teeth whitening treatment is done with a help of a bleaching substance. The bleaching substance contains peroxide-based bleaching material. The amount of the peroxide varies depending upon at-home or in-office methods. The percentage of peroxide at-home methods includes 3 to 20% and 15 to 43% peroxide with in-office methods.


The time duration for which the solution is kept on your teeth will determine the brightness, the longer you keep, brighter will be the teeth. Conversely, one thing is important to take a note of which is that, if the amount of peroxide is higher in the solution, the duration for which it is applied on the teeth must be shorter.


Keeping the solution or the gel for a longer time, may cause tooth sensitivity and will dehydrate your tooth.

As a coin has always two sides, better remember to consult your dentist if you decide to use at-home teeth whitening or bleaching kits.


Have a word with your dentist about it. All people don’t end up with the same results and they vary to a larger extent. Bleaching will not lead to the improvement in porcelain crown color or composite tooth-colored bonding.

Need for teeth whitening treatment

The outer layer of the teeth is called enamel and it’s the strongest part of your body, yes, the strongest, you read it right! The enamel plays a major role in the natural color which exists on your teeth, the color of your teeth is formed by the reflection and scattering of the light of your enamel, which is united with color of dentin beneath it.


Thinner the enamel, more exposure is acquired by the dentin. Other factors which affect the reflection of the light and thereby the color of the tooth are smooth enamel and rough enamel. On daily basis, a pellicle or a thin coating is developed on the enamel and this results in stains gradually. Tooth enamel contains small pores which hold these stains in it.


Common causes which lead to yellow or stained tooth:

  • Intake of tobacco in any form
  • Consuming liquids which are dark in colour e.g. coffee, tea, red wine, etc.
  • Neglecting oral care
  • Ageing-it can cause the teeth to lose its white colour as enamel becomes thinner with growing age

Advantages of Bleaching

  • Teeth bleaching is considered best teeth whitening treatment as it very safe and an ancient cosmetic treatment.
  • It is a painless procedure and there is no requirement of anesthesia also. Since the pain level is not that high, the pain is manageable and can be tolerated.
  • The procedure requires less amount of time.
  • Bleaching is cost efficient vis-à-vis other options of full mouth cosmetic treatments 
  • There is no change in structure of your teeth post treatment and no damage is caused to teeth also

Other types of bleaching

Office Bleach-In office bleach, the teeth are exposed to special light which catalyzes the process of bleaching, prior to this your lips and gums are protected, and a bleaching agent is applied to your teeth and then the process is done. The process is completed in sessions and one session of almost 3 cycles of 15 mins each.


Home Bleach-This is an overnight process, where you must place a tray containing bleaching agent of lower concentration on your teeth

Risks involved in teeth whitening treatment

The safest way to do the treatment is by a professional or office whitening treatment. They are considered safest as they are done by the dentists and they can control the bleaching process which help us to avoid adverse consequences.


The procedure results in lesser amount of pain in teeth and gums. The gingival protectors are applied before the bleaching agent, to avoid any possible risks. A desensitizing gel is applied after the procedure is completed for further protection.


Some minor conditions may result like sensitivity during or after treatment due to cold, a sore throat, or uneasiness in gums or white patches on the gums. These are temporary conditions that will whither away with time. If not, then you may consult your dentist.

Post care for teeth whitening treatment

A common issue face by people after the whitening treatment is sensitivity. There are many ways to tackle it and some are mentioned below

  • Use a sensitive toothpaste containing potassium nitrate
  • Eat foods that induce the production of more saliva
  • Avoid chewing gum as it won’t produce more saliva
  • The high amount of sensitivity is being felt, the repetition of the procedure should be stopped for a while

Normally, teeth whitening treatment lasts for 6 to 9 months, and to get much longer results than normal follow the below tips

  • Dark-colored beverages must be avoided like tea, coffee, red wine, etc.
  • Use a straw to reduce the impact of colored beverages on your teeth
  • Avoid smoking
  • Consult a dentist if after the treatment the gums turn white or sore.

Best teeth whitening Treatment

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    Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Yearning for a perfect shiny pearl like white teeth? Teeth whitening treatment is the answer to your question."

    Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Yellow teeth are very widespread problem and so teeth whitening treatment as its cost efficient and even long lasting."

    Dr. Priyanka Shingore dental director of Sabka dentist says “Bleaching is the best teeth whitening treatment as its painless and requires no anesthesia.”

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