Do smoking affect dental health?

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Every person desires to have good dental health to avoid any of the troublesome treatment processes. Many people are aware of the fact that some of the food items affect dental health adversely. However, some people have the habit of smoking on a daily or occasional basis. Now, many people have a common question, whether smoking affects dental health? Well, the answer is “Yes”.

Smoking affects the dental health of the individual to a lot extent. Some of the common dental health problems are the possibility of tooth loss or gum disease. The smokers might feel a little bad here, still, it is better to remain informed about smoking effects on dental health.

Some of the common teeth problems arising due to smoking:

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It can be easily observed among many of the smokers that there is a development of the stains or yellowish layer on their teeth. There is a development of the bacteria in some of the teeth and gum regions. There is a build-up of the plaque which then leads to problems like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. The smoke that is developed is mainly responsible for the plaque development. Smoking also causes an adverse effect on the self-esteem and self-confidence of the individual. Bad breathing is another by-product of smoking that makes the person hide their smile and talk. Only by minimizing the habit of smoking, it can be easier for the person to gain nice dental health. Any of the dental experts can easily make out the bad effect on teeth that have been caused due to smoking habits.

Are there any long-term dental problems due to smoking?

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Bad breath or stained teeth can be easily treated by a dental expert, still, other health concerns arise due to smoking. Also, some of the dental problems will prevail for a longer duration. Smoking causes gums problems like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Here, Gingivitis is the initial phase of the dental problem where there is a plaque development causing the growth of the bacteria. It creates problems like swollen gumsbleeding while brushing, pain in the gums, etc. Gingivitis can be treated by a dental expert. However, if the Gingivitis is not treated properly it causes Periodontitis that leads to the breaking of the bone or even tooth loss. Here, in either case of Gingivitis or Periodontitis, the smoking habit makes the treatment more difficult. Also, it keeps causing more problems related to the gums leading to dental health concerns.

It causes problems for healing dental issues:

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It has been observed through studies that a person who has smoking habits, damages the blood vessels. It makes the healing of the dental issues slower, so any of the dental treatment here will take comparatively more duration for the treatment. Several smokers have experienced pain more than normal during any of the dental treatment processes. It is a fact that without quitting smoking the dental issues are unable to stop at all. Visiting the dental expert after quicker intervals is also not flexible for any of the people. Studies even show that heavy smoker individuals have more severe gum problems than non-smoker. So, it is always better to quit smoking to achieve better dental health.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "When it comes to dental health, smoking is always found to be detrimental to good dental health. All dental experts suggest their patients minimize or quit the smoking habit. The healing of the gums is very slow for a smoker. Quit smoking to achieve better dental health."

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