What is a Bad Foods for Your Teeth?

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List of Bad Foods for Your Teeth

If you want to lead a happy life then your health is the foremost thing that you should always maintain better. A healthy person has fewer visits to the doctors and can lead a successful life due to lesser health problems. When we talk about health, it also applies to the dental health of the individual.


Today, many of the individuals are facing many of the dental problems like Plaque, Tartar, Swollen gums, and several other dental issues. Treatment of these oral problems is a very painful process.


So, taking proper care of your teeth at the upfront is always better. Many factors are responsible for the deterioration of the teeth and gum related problems. There are many of the foods bad for teeth which cause damage to your teeth in a very slow process.


They are not good for your teeth leading to several complications in the teeth. Food bad for your teeth should be avoided for your teeth. Their invisible accumulation on the teeth damages the teeth to a lot extent causing bad oral health. It will be interesting to look at some of these unhealthy foods for teeth which damage the teeth.


Here are some of the foods bad for teeth which later causes severe teeth problems:

  1. High Sugar-oriented food: This is one of the most unhealthy foods for teeth damaging it sooner. We as a whole realize sugar is worst for our teeth, however, it’s imperative to know why precisely. The microscopic organisms in your mouth feed on sugars to make acids and depressions are a disease brought about by acids. The point here is that sugars in your mouth are frequently the initial phase during the time spent depressions arrangement. It’s difficult to wipe out all sugars from your eating regimen, however, it’s essential to attempt to limit sugar consumption (particularly refined sugar) however much as could reasonably be expected. It’s additionally essential to not let sugar waits in your mouth for quite a while. In this way, brushing your teeth after dinners or if nothing else drinking loads of water is indispensable. Some of the food which is high in sugar includes sugar, candies, desserts, jams, cereals, soft drinks, etc.
  2. Acidic Foods: With regards to your teeth, acidic nourishments (low pH rating food items) could be incredibly perilous? Regardless of whether contained in nourishments or changed over from sugars by your mouth’s microorganisms, acids can disintegrate your teeth’s veneer, causing cavities and tooth rot. A debilitate polish can prompt an assortment of issues extending from affectability issues to stained teeth. Some of the high acidic foods include pickles, lemons, alcohol, tomatoes, coffee, etc.
  3. Chewy Candy items: Hard confections, for example, Jolly Ranchers don’t stick to your teeth as promptly as chewy treats, yet they have their drawback: Unlike, state, chocolate-based desserts, which are bitten rapidly and wash away moderately effectively, hard sweets disintegrates gradually and immerses your mouth for a few minutes one after another, giving microscopic organisms more opportunity to create unsafe corrosive. To exacerbate the situation, numerous assortments of hard candy are enhanced with the citrus extract. Moreover, in the event that you clench down wrong on some hard confections, they can chip your teeth-something no measure of brushing or flossing can fix. They don’t call them jawbreakers to no end
  4. Alcohol: Alcohol decreases the natural saliva production in your mouth and increases the dryness in the mouth. Saliva is very essential to protect the teeth against the acid and wash away all the unimportant food particles from the crevices of your teeth. The soft tissue in the mouth gets affected due to the intake of the alcohol.
  5. Starchy, refined carbohydrates: This is the worst foods for teeth which damages the teeth quickly. Nourishments, for example, chips, bread, pasta or saltines can be as destructive to the teeth as candy. Starches produced using white flour is straightforward carbs and can wait in your mouth and afterward separate into basic sugars. Microbes feed on these sugars and produce corrosive, which causes tooth rot. Abstain from eating them for the day and brush a short time later.
  6. Soda: Countless examinations have indicated the connection between soft drink utilization and cavities. The threat is two-overlay. In the first place, soft drinks are exceptionally acidic, and the acids found in them can hurt your teeth much more than sugar by striping minerals from your finish. Consequently, even without sugar (diet) soft drinks are still truly terrible for your teeth as they contain citrus and phosphoric corrosive. Obviously, customary, sugar-containing soft drinks are far more atrocious, as they have the additional risk of giving rich sugar dining experience to the terrible microscopic organisms in your mouth.
  7. Dried Fruits: This is another food bad for your teeth which deteriorates the teeth. Numerous individuals believe this to be a sound nibble decision and there is unquestionably some legitimacy to that. Be that as it may, with regards to dental wellbeing, dried organic products mean something bad. The principle issue is most dried organic products are clingy and amazingly high in sugar content. They are overflowing with a major portion of regular sugars and non-solvent cellulose fiber which makes them as awful for your teeth as chewy sweets. Your best option is to chomp on crisp organic products.
  8. Pickles: Corrosive (normally gave by vinegar) is fundamental to the pickling procedure. It’s what gives pickles their acrid, salty taste-and it’s additionally what makes them a potential danger to tooth lacquer. In one of the investigations that took a gander at the dietary patterns of English young people, pickles were the strong nourishment most firmly connected with tooth wear. Eating them more than once a day expanded the chances of wear by about 85%. The vast majority of us don’t eat pickles that frequently, in any case, and eating on them occasionally isn’t probably going to discernibly influence your dental wellbeing.
  9. Potato chips: Bland nourishments like to stall out between your teeth. As scrumptious as potato chips seem to be, tragically, the starch in it and its soft surface methods it will remain caught between your teeth for quite a while. In the event that conceivable, flush with water and floss to evacuate the caught flotsam and jetsam.
  10. White bread: The bread contains a lot of refined carbohydrates. The saliva breaks down the starch into sugar which damages the teeth ultimately. These bread items stick between your teeth making it easier for the bacteria to form a thin layer over the teeth and then start rotting of the teeth.

These are some of the foods bad for teeth which slowly damage the healthy teeth. Fewer intakes or avoiding these worst foods for your teeth will be always recommended to avert the damaging of the teeth.


As it is rightly said, “Prevention is better than cure”. All the individuals should always rinse their mouth along with twice the brushing of teeth on a daily basis.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Priyanka Shingore Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “To maintain the nice condition of your teeth it is very essential to avoid foods bad for teeth. These food items should be avoided or one should rinse the mouth thoroughly after intake of these food items.”


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  • Very educatory and informative blog. Nowadays junk food is very common and also irresponsibility towards health check up. I would advise to avoid these food items and have dental check up in every 6 months.

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