8 Regular Dental Care Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

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Taking proper dental care is one of the important human healthcare habits. Despite knowing this, many people do not take dental care seriously which leads to the problems like cavities, tooth decay, and plaque build-up on the teeth. Good dental health can be helpful for eating food easily, keep away from tooth pain, improve the smile, and several other benefits.


Visiting the dental experts for getting proper information on dental problems is the ideal way to do necessary treatment. However, taking dental care regularly can avoid many dental problems that can help to keep dental health better.

Why is it important for taking dental health care daily?

Many dental problems start without showing any early symptoms and they aggravate during the later stage when the problem becomes severe. So, visiting the dentist for check-ups is important. Here, taking proper dental care daily can avoid many dental problems. Many people are just aware of brushing as an important activity for dental care.


However, brushing is just one of the basic activities of dental care that has limitations too. It cannot reach the complicated areas of the mouth, it cannot remove the plaque from teeth, and other limitations are there. Following the dental care tips can help to avoid many dental complications.

What are daily dental hygiene habits for good dental health?

Some of the daily dental hygiene habits can help to prevent the teeth from different problems. It can help to keep teeth in good condition.

Here are some daily dental care tips for better dental health:

1. Brushing correctly brushing properly

As we know daily brushing two times is important, it is also important to do it properly. Brushing must be done twice, once in the morning after getting up from sleep and second before going to sleep, it will help to remove the food particles, plaque layer, other dirt from teeth.


Also, make sure that the brushing is done through each corner of the mouth. Here, the brushing must be done for at least 2 minutes at each corner.

2. The brush must be soft and flexible

A brush with hard bristles will be harsh on the teeth that can wear out the enamel layer. So, a soft bristles brush must be used that can clean the teeth in a proper way. Also, flexibility in the brush is important as it can be cleaned in the difficult areas of the teeth.

3. Flossing once a day

It is not possible to remove the small food particles and plaque layer from the complex areas of the teeth. This is generally due to the inability of the brush to reach those complicated areas. Flossing is the method to remove the plaque layer and small food particles from the complex areas of the teeth where the brush cannot reach. Flossing can be done once a day.

4. Avoiding tobacco chewing and smoking habits tobacco chewing

Habits like tobacco chewing and smoking are bad not only for the general health, they are also problematic for dental health. Some people do it 4 to 5 times a day that exposes teeth to the toxic material for a prolonged period.


They wear out the enamel layer, decay the teeth, create gum disease problems, and create few other dental issues. Avoiding tobacco chewing and smoking habits can help to keep up your dental health better.

5. Avoid eating more sugary food

Sugary foods are one of the major contributors to the development of oral bacteria. These sugary materials get deposited on teeth surface and complex areas of teeth that invite many bacteria. They start with the small tooth area and then keep spreading across all over the tooth.

6. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling need not be done daily for dental health. However, it is better done once a week. Some of the plaque and other bacteria get sticky and strongly on teeth that are not easy to remove from normal brushing.


Here, oil pulling helps to dilute the plaque and other bacteria properly from teeth and remove them after spitting it. Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Sesame oil, and Olive oil are some of the commonly used oils for oil pulling.

7. Using fluoridated toothpaste

Studies have shown that fluoridated toothpaste is very effective in dental plaque removal. It is also influential in repairing the tooth enamel that can help to make the tooth stronger.

8. A proper mouthwashes after every meal mouthwashes

Most of the bacteria development in the teeth comes from the foodstuff that stuck in teeth from the meal we eat. So, after every meal, a proper mouthwash is important to remove all small food particles from the complex areas of the teeth.


These are some daily dental caring tips that help in preventing tooth decay. Dental treatments are painful and costly, so prevention is always better than cure. Serious dental problems must be checked quickly by the dentist. Ensure that you follow all the above dental hygienic habits for better dental care.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Priyanka Shingore Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Tooth decay is one of the painful experiences suffered by many people. The dental experts can treat most of the problems and they suggest taking proper dental healthcare. Prevention of dental health is far better than cure. Following some of the basic dental care tips can keep dental health better."
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