Oral hygiene- 11 steps to healthy teeth

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Teeth are important and should be taken care of. If proper care is not given it may lead to other oral problems and also to some severe health issues that are likely to be associated with other arts of the body. Losing teeth from the socket can stop your daily activities of eating, smiling, and speaking. Hence, it is very vital to look after oral health.


One should maintain good oral hygiene on a daily basis if you want a healthy life and healthy mouth. This means that you should be getting the correct oral care products, and more importantly, cultivate and follow good daily habits for maintaining oral hygiene.


Following are the 11 steps to maintain oral hygiene:

brushing teeth

Brushing teeth twice a day will help to keep your mouth healthy and hygienic. We brush our teeth to remove temporary plaque that is accumulated on the teeth. Brushing also helps to avoid the growing cavities on the teeth.


It is very important to brush in the night before going to bed. It is because all the leftover food particles that have been stuck on the teeth past the day is eliminated and there will be no chances of growing plaque. Even if you have had a really bad day, you need to do a quick brushing session. This is the most critical habit to ensure healthy teeth


    • Brush properly

brush proper

The method or technique of how you brush is also very critical – in fact, a poor process of brushing your teeth is probably as bad as not brushing. You should spend sufficient time moving the toothbrush in gentle, circular motions to remove plaque. Residual plaque can harden, which develops into calculus buildup and gingivitis (gum disease).


    • Keep your tongue clean


Keeping the tongue clean is also very important because it can lead to problems like bad breath. Plaque can also be built up on the tongue. Hence keeping your tongue clean is also very important.


    • Using toothpaste which contains fluoride

Oral hygiene-fluoride toothpaste

Selecting a toothpaste is also important. The flavours or the taste of the toothpaste does not sort all the oral issues, the ingredients like fluoride is what is actually needed to keep the mouth healthy.


    • Flossing is additionally as basic as Brushing.

oral hygiene - flossing

For a brush to reach the tiny gaps between the teeth is difficult. Brushing doesn’t expel the small bits of food that stall out in the middle of your teeth. The best way to expel them is by flossing. Thus, one must floss each day to guarantee that one can stay away from pits and keep up a sound oral condition. Ask for the dentist to provide a good floss thread that will easily help you to remove the stuck particles.


    • Use Flossing Aids like Floss Holders, Piks, and WaterJets.

water jet flossing pick

On the off chance that you find flossing troublesome, if you don’t mind use Flossing Aids like Floss Holders, Piks, and WaterJets. This will assist you with keeping up the propensity and consequently keep your teeth solid, clean, and healthy.


    • Utilize a mouthwash if essential.

oral hygiene - Mouthwash

Mouthwash plays a role of removing all the bacteria from the mouth to keep the mouth clean and hygiene. Mouthwash removes the plaque from the teeth. Use a fluoride mouthwash or ask your dentist to provide a good quality mouthwash. Utilizing a mouthwash additionally is a generally excellent propensity in an offer to improve oral cleanliness.


    • Hydrate…. Continue drinking water.

drink water

Water is the best beverage for a solid way of life. Normally drinking water keeps the body hydrated, yet it additionally keeps the teeth wipe by every now and again flushing off the plaque and particles from the outside of the teeth.


It also helps to keep the bacteria away from the teeth that results in no harming the teeth. Water is very essential as it keeps the mouth clean and also helps to keep the mouth clean from bad breath.


    • Eat crunchy foods grown from the ground

oral hygiene - crunchy food

Healthy food is the main gateway to keep your mouth healthy and fresh. Eating dietary food will automatically change the health of the teeth and the mouth. Crunchy foods grown from the ground likewise help in keeping the teeth sound by helping the body practice the jaws.


    • Maintain a strategic distance from sugar and acidic eating regimens and beverages

oral hygiene- avoid sugar

At the point when everything is done, lingering sugar transforms into corrosive in the oral condition, which dissolves the finish of your teeth. This disintegration prompts cavities. Acidic natural products, teas, and espresso can likewise wear out tooth finish.


oral hygiene - visit dentist

Regardless of whether you follow all the above focuses, it is important to get a dental exam once like clockwork. Additionally, one needs to get teeth cleaned expertly utilizing a scaler which just your dental specialist can perform.

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  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “maintaining oral health is very important. If proper care is not taken, it can lead to severe dental issues and other related health issues.”


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