How can you get rid of bad breath?

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How to fight bad breath?

Amongst different dental problems, bad breath is one of the common problems faced by many individuals. Although bad breath may not be painful problems, still it does not appear nice in social circles or the person itself feels bad. Also, bad breath is the indication of some undetected and slight dental issues. However, there are certain ways to fight bad breath. We will look at some of the highlights of bad breath and how to avoid the bad breath problem easily.

List of foods that can help to avoid bad breath:

1. Herbs

Herbs have some vital oils like basil, parsley, and mint that can temporarily keep away bad odor. They further provide a nice odor in the mouth giving you a refreshing experience.

2. Apples

You can easily minimize the problem of bad breath by eating some apples. This fruit has some of the excellent quality of breaking down the compounds that give bad breath. For many years, they are known as natural mouth cleaners.

3. Watermelons

Watermelons have a very good quality of keeping the mouth free from bacteria. They refresh the mouth after eating. It is also helpful in fighting problems like gingivitis and gum diseases.

4. Spinach

Spinach has the ability to fight bad breath by neutralizing bad breath. They control the compounds in the body which are responsible for the bad breath. Kale and lettuce along with spinach can also fight bad breath.

5. Water

Water is ultimately one better solution that can control the bad breath. It firstly keeps hydrating the mouth that helps to keep away bad breath. Water also breaks down some complex compound responsible for bad breath into simpler ones.

There are some bad habits to avoid and good habits to follow to avoid bad breath. A quick look into it can help you more while fighting bad breath.

Here are some habits to avoid or follow for fighting the problem of bad breath:

1. Flossing after eating

Flossing helps to remove the smaller food particles which get stuck up between teeth gaps. The presence of food particles will lead to an increase of bacteria on it which causes bad breath.

2. Brushing twice a day

Brushing two times a day is very important to remove food particles and plaque development. Brushing before going to sleep is very important as it can help to develop a cavity in the mouth.

3. Scrape or Brush the tongue properly

The residue starts developing on the tongue when it is not cleaned properly. It leads to more bad breath. So you must clean the tongue with tongue scarper or brush on it for cleaning. You will experience the good breath.

4. Avoiding tobacco products and smoking

Tobacco has the tendency to dry out your mouth that leads to bad breath. Smoking lays back a very bad breath in the mouth. So, reduce both or possibly avoid it.

5. Chewing sugarless gum

Sugarless gum can increase the saliva flow in the mouth. The increased amount of saliva flow helps to remove food particles from the teeth gap and control bacteria growth.

These are some of the habits that you can avoid or follow for controlling bad breath. Visiting an expert dentist can also be very beneficial as they can assess the Oral health along with giving proper guidance.

Expert opinion

  • Dr.Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Bad breath is one such dental problem that may not create any pain, still, they are not good. Many factors are responsible for getting bad breath. You can follow a better diet to avoid bad breath. Avoiding some bad habits and following some good habits can also be beneficial for controlling bad breath."

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