What Are Black Triangles Between Your Teeth?

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Keeping up with clean white teeth is one of the important aspects for all individuals. However, many different kinds of dental problems keep troubling people.


Black triangles between the teeth are one such problem that troubles an individual. A space between two teeth is one of the main reasons for causing black triangles between teeth. However, many people are still unaware of the dental problem of the black triangle in terms of the dental perspective.

What are black triangles?

The black triangle teeth are the spaces between the teeth and gum line that easily gets noticed when the mouth is opened. This occurs for the person having periodontal or gum disease mostly. These black triangles start appearing black eventually due to food trapping in it. After a certain period, it starts developing plaque and tartar on the teeth. Black triangles degrade the smile of the person.

What are the causes of the black triangles?

The primary cause of the black triangles is the presence of a gap between teeth. Some of the gum problems and other oral health issues are responsible for it.


Here are some of the reasons for the development of black triangles:

1. Bone loss

Some loss of the bone at the base of the tooth can cause problems like black triangles. The loss of the bone further causes receding of the gum tissue. It eventually leads to the formation of the black triangles.

2. Recession of the gums gum recession

The gums can recede due to several reasons that can develop bacteria, plaque, and tartar. This can cause the gap between the teeth along with cavity development.

3. Diverging tooth roots

Different types of dental or Orthodontic treatment can cause the roots to diverge. This leads to the increase in the gap between teeth cause a black triangle.

4. Improper dental habits

Improper dental habits like irregular brushing, flossing, etc. can lead to easy plaque development in the space between teeth. This space can eventually grow on increasing.


These are some of the common causes for the black triangle between teeth. It is important to get proper treatment for this problem at the earliest that can cause several dental issues.

What are the disadvantages of the tooth gap?

  • Teeth gap primarily takes away the beauty of your smile.
  • While eating the food, it easily gets trapped in the gap between the teeth.
  • Trapping of the food eventually causes the development of plaque and other cavities on the teeth.
  • Teeth gap even causes problems while speaking in some cases.

Is it true that the gap between your teeth gets wider?

The widening of the teeth gap does not occur in all cases, particularly when it is due to genetics. However, in most cases, the gap between teeth widens as the cavity development there erodes the teeth that widens the teeth gap.

What are the treatment options for the black triangles between the teeth?

1. Gum tissue treatment

Here the missing gum tissue is the main problem. The treatment options involve regenerative cell injection that helps to regrow the tissue of the gums again that can close the teeth gap.

2. Improving general dental hygiene

As brushing and flossing are basic dental hygiene habits, special care must be taken that it is done properly. Aggressive brushing and flossing causes the gap between the teeth to widen. So, make sure that brushing and flossing activity is done gently that can exert less pressure on the teeth.

3. Using veneers Teeth veneers

Veneer treatment can help to close the black triangle between the teeth. Porcelain veneers and ceramic veneers are the two major options for the treatment. While applying this treatment, some modification on the surface of the teeth is essential that can solve the gap between teeth.

4. Using composite resin

Composite resin is another way of treatment that involves the bonding procedure. Either tooth-colored or composite resin can be used for filling the triangle between the teeth. These treatments involve a longer duration for completion. This treatment gives a better look for the teeth that can look aesthetically better.

5. Braces braces

Black triangles between the teeth can also be treated using the braces treatment. This is one of the Orthodontic types of treatment that has very nice chances of the success of closing the black triangle between teeth.


These are some of the ways through which the black triangle between the teeth can be treated. Mostly black triangle occurs when the gums start receding from the teeth. Treatment of the black triangles sooner is important not only to improve the appearance, it is also essential to avoid further cavity development.


Proper treatment can help to improve oral health nicely. So, if you find anything like a black triangle, visit your dentist sooner for proper treatment. The best way to minimize the possibility of the black triangle is to follow the oral hygienic habits properly.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "A problem of the black triangle between teeth can cause oral health issues. Dental experts suggest early treatment to avoid other oral health complications. Gum tissue treatment, oral hygiene, veneers, composite resin, and braces are the treatment option. Treatment done earlier can improve your appearance."

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