Sugar’s effects on teeth

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What are the effects of sugar on teeth?

Every person wants to maintain good dental health which can keep their teeth in nice condition. We must have heard some of the common habits about maintaining good dental health. Amongst different aspects, sugar is bad for teeth one of the common things we have been hearing since childhood. Sugar indeed is one of the main reasons that bacteria develop on teeth which further leads to the development of plaque and cavities. However, there are some other things about the sugar effects on teeth that might not be true.

Here, we will look at all things about sugar-related things that you heard and their correctness:

1. Large amount of sugar increases cavities in teeth

Sugar increases cavity in teeth

It is true that if you take a smaller amount of sugar once in any food and then wash your mouth properly, it will not cause any cavities. However, if you continuously keep eating sugar-coated food like chocolates, sweets, potatoes, etc. after a while then it can cause cavities. Here, the teeth are exposed to the sugar for a prolonged period causing more bacteria growth on teeth leading to cavity growth. So, continual eating of sugar treats is problematic for the teeth. 

2. Sugar-free food is good for the teeth

Sugar-free food is good for the teeth

The sugar in cold drinks causes damage to the teeth and cold drinks that are sugar-free cause no damage to the teeth. So, while eating drinks like lemonade, coke, or any cold drinks ensure that it is a sugar-free drink. The presence of citric acid, phosphoric acid, and tartaric acid in sugar-free drinks can cause damage to teeth enamel to some extent. It can cause the problem of cavities and gum problems.

3. Avoiding sugar totally can be beneficial for teeth

If the sugar is not eaten at all then surely there will be no adverse effect of sugar on teeth as the sugar will not be in contact with teeth. However, your focus must also be more on overall health apart from dental health. Sugar in appropriate quantity as per your age is essential for the overall body. Human blood needs a certain amount of sugar. So, it is recommended that do not avoid sugar at all. Yes, you must take it at the optimal time and wash your mouth properly after eating sugary food.

4. After consuming sugar, teeth must be immediately brushed

After consuming sugar, teeth must be immediately brushed

Yes. Brushing after eating sugary food is always good. However, not every food that has sugar can cause damage to teeth. Some food like juice is paired with acid along with sugar that does not cause damage to the teeth. Also, it is not practical to brush when you are having lunch outside the home. So, whenever you are at home and have any sugary food, brush possibly.

5. Sugar is very bad for teeth

Sugar is very bad for teeth

While is true that sugar causes damage to the teeth it creates bacteria development, plaque development, cavity development, and damages the teeth. It is not that bad for the teeth, as other things also lead to damage to the teeth. Taking proper care after eating sugary food can be better.

These are some of the bad effects of sugar on teeth. Taking proper care after eating sugary food can be beneficial for teeth.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Avoiding some of the sugary food is essentially very important for keeping teeth in good health. It is always better that you floss or brush your teeth immediately after eating sugary food whenever possible. Some level of sugar is essential for human blood. Know the sugar level in each of the food items."

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