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What are the effects of smoking on dental health?effects of smoking on dental health

When you make a list of different factors that affect dental health, you can find a lot of factors. However, we will see particularly about the effect of smoking on dental health. It may or may not like the people who smoke a lot that smoking has a bad effect on dental health. In fact, on most of the smoking packets, a danger sign on health is mentioned. However, apart from overall health, smoking also has adverse effects on teeth.

The immediate problem of smoking:

One of the most immediate problems observed amongst most of the smoker’s teeth is a brownish and yellowish layer on the teeth. Along with it, some people also have stains on their teeth. Some teeth are heavily stained due to excessive smoking habits. Apart from these factors, the bad breath is the obvious bad effect which is seen after smoking and also prevails a long term after smoking. In fact, these immediate effects are enough to show the problems of smoking on teeth.

What are the long-term bad effects of smoking on teeth?

We have seen that teeth discoloration and bad breathing were the immediate bad effects of smoking on teeth. However, smoking has some long-term bad effects on dental health which cannot be seen in a short period, it can be seen after a longer duration. Smoking leads to the problem of gum disease like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. In some cases, there is erosion of the bone under the infected gums which makes the corresponding tooth lose. Periodontitis disease has other bad effects on health like stroke risk, diabetes, and also a problem during pregnancy. Years of smoking damages the blood vessels, which makes it difficult to health the dental issues when the teeth are removed, putting the dental implant, and makes the dental healing process slow.

Treatment of the smokers’ teeth:Treatment of the smokers' teeth

Apart from deteriorating the dental condition, the treatment process of the smokers’ teeth is also very difficult. Various studies have found that compared to non-smokers, smokers have high chances of getting some or the other gum disease problems. Also, the people who keep smoking even during the treatment process will have very fewer chances of healing faster. There is no full-fledged solution for the dental problems arising due to heavy smoking. Even specialized toothpaste or proper mouthwash cannot eliminate the problem of gum disease. Some of the cosmetic treatments for the dental problems also do not work in a proper way to give the desired results.

Basically, smoking reduces the blood flow towards the gums which is one of the major factors for gum problems. Proper blood circulation is essential in maintaining a proper dental condition. Regular check-ups of dental health are necessary here when you are a habitual smoker. It will give you proper insights about the possible dental problems that you might be going through.

What can be the ultimate solution for this?

solutions for yellow teeth

The ultimate solution for this can only be to quit smoking completely. Ask and dental expert, they will advise to quit smoking completely or minimize the habit of smoking. It can be very difficult to take positive steps for these problems. However, taking smaller steps by increasing it gradually can be beneficial for Oral health.

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  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Stress to some extent is one of the natural things for most people, more stress can affect general and oral health. Ensure that you take lesser stress under any condition. Also, maintain good oral habits to make sure that the Oral health is fine. Consult a dental expert to keep your oral health better."

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