Why dental implants are a better option?

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Why dental implants are a better option?

You must be aware of the dental implants or at least heard this term when it comes to oral health treatment. Dental Implants have some of the short term and long term benefits. It can help the patients to achieve better solutions for the related dental health problem. Before looking more the advantages of it, let us know more about dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

What are Dental Implants

In a dental implant, the root of the missing tooth is replaced with a screw which is made of zirconium, small titanium, or ceramic screw. It holds securely in the proper place.

Dental Implants can be beneficial in the following ways:

1. Giving a feeling of natural teeth

Giving a feeling of natural teeth

Dental implants act similarly like natural teeth. All the caring of this must be done in the same way as that of the natural teeth. You must floss and brush it properly on a daily basis. In Dental Implants, there is no need for a root canal or filling.

2. Durability is better

The durability of the dental implants is amazing and it has a very nice success rate of more than 95%. Over a period, they become a part of your jawbone. Following the proper dental check-ups regularly and maintaining good oral hygiene can ensure a high probability of implants lasting longer.

3. Cost-effective

Cost Effective Dental Implant

Compared to other dental treatments, the initial cost of dental implants may appear lower. However, looking at the overall picture the dental implants would just have a one-time cost that will last for a very long duration. Whereas, other dental treatments would need check-ups at regular intervals and the cost with respect to it.

4. It will not affect the daily eating pattern

Your dental implant will not create a problem while eating different food items. Dental implants can make your speaking, eating, and smiling as normal as what you could do with the natural teeth. Remember, finally, a good diet must have a limit in sugar and a healthy diet.

5. Bone loss can be prevented

Bone loss can be prevented Dental Implant

If the tooth is not replaced quickly after the tooth loss, then there are possibilities of bone loss. Dental Implants stabilize by fusing the jawbone by rebuilding itself and staying healthy. Preventing bone loss is necessary as it keeps the gums and jaw strong. The problems of fractures and other oral health-related problems can be reduced to a lot of extents.

6. Other teeth health is not affected

A decayed tooth naturally decays the neighboring teeth, so their treatment must be made sooner. Some tooth treatments leave the adjacent teeth to decay susceptible, weaken teeth, or other issues. However, the dental implant does not affect the adjacent teeth health in any way. So, dental implants are a safer way of treatment.

7. Any number of teeth can be replaced with dental implants

Teeth can be replaced with dental implants

In the case where there is missing teeth, then the gap can lead to mispositioning of the jawbone and teeth. So, they need to be treated sooner. Partial dentures and Implant-supported bridges can give more stability to the teeth.

Are there any alternatives for the Implants?

Dental implants would have three major alternatives that can serve the purpose. These three dental implants include partial dentures, resin-bonded bridge, and a conventional bridge.

However, amongst other options, dental implants are a better option where you can get better solutions for the missing teeth. An expert professional can guide you better as per the severity of the problem and provide you the treatment option.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “For dental issues like missing teeth, a dental implant can be a better option for treatment. Most of the experts recommend dental implants due to their wide range of benefits. A dental implant does not affect the adjacent teeth. You can get the feel of the natural teeth.”


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