3 Facial Exercises for the Perfect Smile

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Oh yes, it is pretty much a thing now. Rather a trend, who knows? Well, we at Sabka Dentist for sure do.

We all know that exercise is good for our body, but did you know that there are exercises that can improve your smile and hence your personality?


Facial exercises can be as effective as a surgical facelift for improving skin tone and elasticity, reducing visible lines, and helping to perfect your smile, so try not to have a fake smile, rather have a genuine smile. Just like any other part of your body, there are muscles in your face.


These muscles can be firmed and strengthened through exercise, which helps to increase blood flow and improve muscle tone, so it is necessary to practice smilling, try to get happy thoughts to get a natural smile. Face exercises not only will improve your smile, but can also help you look younger and healthier.


You must try the following three facial exercises to help you get a charming and adorable perfect smile. (While these exercises independently also make a positive difference to your smile, the effect can also be used in close association with certain cosmetic dentistry procedures to get better results.)

What are the reasons for an improper smile?

Looking at these reasons behind the improper smile, it is clear that most of these reasons are unavoidable. However, some of the mouth exercises will surely help you achieve a better smile.

How To Make Your Smile Beautiful


Many people desire to have a beautiful smile on their faces. Now, how to make your smile beautiful? Well, there are some simple facial exercises which can make your smile beautiful. These exercises can be done in a very short interval at your convenience. Let yourself look more attractive with a beautiful smile on it.

Exercise For Beautiful Smile

Your face looks nicer with a beautiful smile on it. If you want to increase the beauty of your smile then some of the exercises can help you. Doing some of the exercises for a beautiful smile can make you look nice and give new confidence in you. These facial exercises can be done in a shorter duration anywhere.

The smile exercise

Simple and straightforward, this incremental exercise in smiling practice improves the facial muscles that control your smile, which will give you greater control over your happy expressions. Start by sitting or standing in front of a mirror, whichever is more comfortable, with your face and lips in a relaxed state.

  1. Stretch the corners of your mouth laterally (to the sides) while keeping your lips
    together; hold for 10 seconds.
  2. Expand the lateral stretch and part your lips to expose the edge of your teeth; hold for
    10 seconds.
  3. Stretch further laterally and expose about half of your teeth; hold for ten seconds.
  4. Smile as wide and hard as you can, with all your teeth showing; hold for ten seconds.
  5. Repeat steps 3, 2, and 1 to reverse the smile gradually.


For additional exercise, you can go through all of the above steps, using your index fingers to stretch the corners of your mouth and create the different smiles.

The smile line eraser

With this exercise, you can work at reducing the appearance of fine lines around your mouth, helping you look younger and giving you a more natural, brilliant perfect smile. In yoga, this exercise is referred to as the fish pose. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Pucker up: purse your lips as dramatically as possible by sucking in your cheeks and rolling your lips out.
  2. Attempt to smile while you’re puckering.
  3. Hold this pose until there’s a mild aching sensation in the muscles around your mouth, then release.

smile line eraser

This exercise should be done only once a day, in order to avoid straining the muscles of your face.

The silly rabbit

In this exercise, you’ll tone your cheek muscles while increasing the flexibility and control of your smile. You may or may not look in a mirror while performing this exercise. (If you have a tendency to laugh at silly faces, you should probably skip the mirror.) Here are the steps for this face exercise:

  • How to do it?
  1. You must first try to be in a comfortable position and possibly start doing it in front of the mirror.
  2. The lips and mouth must be in a relaxed position while making an attempt to smile. Press your lips and stretch the corner of the mouth to a maximum position.
  3. The nose must be wiggled like the rabbit and there must be a feeling of the engaging muscles. This expression can be held for 10 to 20 seconds.
  4. Repeat this process about 4 to 10 times to get a better smile.

smile line eraser

The facelift exercise

One particular facial muscle, the quadratus labli superioris, is essential for maintaining a youthful appearance. Developing this muscle helps to prevent facial sagging and ensure resiliency. Below are two exercises to help utilize this muscle to your advantage.

  • How to do it?
  1. Open the mouth slightly open, flare out the nostrils and wrinkle the nose with high motion.
  2. Hold the position for about 10 seconds and release it slowly
  3. Repeat the process 4 to 10 times a day

facelift exercise

The Smile Wide technique

As the name suggests, this exercise is relatively a huge part of our daily lives. This is also one of the simple exercises that you can do casually anywhere. Here, you need to keep up the smile wide, hold it for about 10 seconds and then release it. Continue this process about 7 to 10 times at once.


These exercises will particularly cause the staring and stretch and strain in your cheek muscles. It will improve the overall smile easily. This will also increasingly make you feel happier than before. And slowly, it would become a habit, smiling off at things that make you feel in a certain way.


What is of significance here is that, this needs time and one’s devotion. Without it, these smiling exercises will make no difference to your facial structure.


Incorporate these facelift exercises to your daily health routine, devoting at least 30 minutes just to it, also at times time smiling. In a few months, you will start showcasing the results to the world, and also seeing it for yourself.


Other than that, what is to be kept in mind is that you got to feel that contentment genuinely from within. The biggest enemy of your skin loosening up or stress showing on your face is just unhappiness.


The facelift exercises and happiness, work hand in hand, simultaneously. Face exercises can help you improve a great smile, especially when used in conjunction with cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Lip Exercises Before And After

If you really want to get a beautiful smile on your face then there is no need to take more effort, only a few small exercises can help you to achieve it. Some of the lip exercises before and after eating can help to increase the beauty of your smile. The beautiful smile appearing on your face can give you new confidence.


There are a lot of other ways of maintaining great oral hygiene and clean teeth to ensure that you have an adorable smile. Visit any Sabka Dentist dental clinics for a Free Dental Checkup today. Click here to book your appointment today.

Expert’s Opinion

    Dr. Reena Waghela Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “A facelift exercise routine is to be followed religiously, and just like any other exercise, it will take a while to show results, but they will be more than satisfactory.”
    Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Some of the facial exercises are very instrumental in improving the smile of the person. Many of the dental experts agree to the fact that these exercises are effective. Even if you have inappropriate teeth alignment, it is easier to improve to some extent. Follow a proper facial exercise routine to achieve proper results.”

Frequently Asked Question

Is smile exercises effective in perfecting your smile?

Smile exercises are the best way to tighten the cheek muscles of your face, this helps in lifting the middle part of your face. The smile line eraser, silly rabbit, facelift exercise are some exercises you can do to perfect your smile.

How to naturally enhance your smile?

  • Perform daily smile exercises to enhance your face.
  • Maintain good oral health and follow regular oral hygiene.
  • Eat healthily and avoid junk food.
  • Drink 1 gallon of water and stay hydrated.
  • Say “money” instead of “cheese” while taking a photo.
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