Common Dental Problems and Their Treatments

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The dental problems are easily seen, feel, and identified. But are they easy to bear? And don’t you think a solution is needed to get rid of the problems? Here, is the answer to your question by following the 7 common problems that can be easily identified and according to the steps for the solution will be taken.


Our teeth are the trouble giver due to a lack of noticing it. Our mouth is home to bacteria where bacteria are ready to make a shelter in the gap of the teeth where the particles are stuck, causing plaque and tartar. Though it is said that brushing twice a day and properly will give out the best results. But is also said that routine examination at the dental clinic is also essential for dental care.


The guide of the common problem of dental care are given below:

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is caused due to bacteria occurring in the plaque that settles down on the teeth. It produces an acidic element that eats away the tooth slowly forming holes. The bacteria inside the mouth is caused due to consumption of sugary and starches, rather than eating healthy food.


It is said, better dental care the fewer chances of suffering from tooth decay. In the case of tooth decay old age and children are highly prone to the risk.


The only way to repair the damage is to save the tooth through filling and repairing so that the enamel is saved. Start with everyday brushing and flossing and mainly avoid eating sugary foods. Tooth decay can be solved by repairing it with a crown, extraction, or fillings.


It is suggested that the extraction of the teeth should be done when there is a severity.

Gum Disease

It is an infection caused inside the gums due to the over-accumulation of plaque in the mouth. The grown bacteria inside the mouth starts eating the gum tissues and ligaments that hold the teeth in places. In the causing of the gum infection, there are phases that indicated the infection.


The phases of gum infection can be cured only when it is carried by maintaining the proper dental care. If not treated, there will be a phase where the chances of gum infection increase and it’s hard to treat. The risk of gum infection is for those people with poor dental hygiene, bad brushing, and flossing techniques.


In such a case, visiting or consulting with a dentist is necessary.

Tooth Infection

It refers to as root infection of the tooth, where the single tooth has been infected badly and needs to be treated. It is also called root canal treatment. The pulp and nerves inside the chamber are damaged, due to untreated infection. A deep crack, fracture, or deep cavity can be the biggest reason for the growing infection.


The only solution to the spreading of the infection is root canal treatment. The treatment is quite tough and time taking, so it takes 3 -4 sitting at the dental clinic to complete the procedure. To complete the procedure of giving an aesthetic touch a crown will be placed.

Dry Mouth

The technical word for dry mouth is called xerostomia. The simple reason behind the cause for dry mouth is the lack of saliva in the mouth. The reasons are many but the main reason behind it is the side effects of the medicines. The risk of having a dry mouth can rust the teeth, eliminate the moisture.


The component of saliva has the mild element that breaks down the bacteria and keeps it safe and away from the formation of plaque. It is mostly experienced by old age people who are most likely to have dry mouths due to loss of saliva. If the problem is not solved at the moment there can be chance of growing decay and cavities.


The only solution to avoid the dry mouth problem is to avoid the lesser of the medicines. Drink more water and keep your mouth hydrated.

Oral Cancers

It is the most serious problem that has to be solved before spreading. In the beginning, oral cancer begins from the pinkish lump formed inside the mouth. The lump is painless. Hence, if you notice that indicates a lump consult a dentist right away. A specialist will be called that will examine thoroughly go through every part of the mouth.


If the checkup is not done precisely, there is a danger in the increasing diseases. Oral cancer is seen in people who are regular smokers. Hence for all smokers, it is necessary to visit the dental clinic for dental checkup. Mouth cancer has resulted in less living as the cases are severe and take lots of time to cure. Hence, solving it at an earlier stage is the best option.


Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Sabka dentist experts says it is necessary to visit dental clinic for routine check- up every six months."
  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Sabka dentist experts says getting dental treatment at the right time will safe you from further oral problems."

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