Price List of Dental Treatments

Treatment Price
Teeth Cleaning & Polishing
SD Clean 500/-
SD Pro Clean 1,500/-
SD Deep Cleaning 6,000/-
Free Dental Check-up & Xray
Consultation / Dental Check-up Free of cost
X-Rays are FREE but are taken only if the doctor feels it is necessary.
Free of cost
General Dental Treatments
Cavity Filling (Tooth Colored Composite Fillings)
Root Canal Treatment (RCT) 4,100/-
Crown,  Bridges & Dentures 
Crown - Economy (PFM) 8,000/-
Crown – Value (Full Ceramic - Zirconia) 11,000/-
Crown - Premium (Premium Zirconia / EMAX) 15,000/-
Dental Implant 35,000/-
Complete Denture – Indian 17,000/-
Complete Denture – Imported 30,000/-
Braces or Orthodontic Treatment
Metal Braces (Consultant) 40,000/-
Ceramic Braces (Consultant) 50,000/-
SD-Self Ligating Braces-Ceramic (Consultant) 60,000/-
SD-Self Ligating Braces-Metal (Consultant) 50,000/-
SDAlign (Invisible Braces or Clear Aligners) 35,000/-
Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction – Normal 600/-
Cosmetic dentistry or Aesthetic dentistry
Composite Veneers / Laminates 7,000/-
Ceramic Veneers 13,500/-

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These are indicative prices for exact pricing please visit the clinic for consultation.
Final price will be as per the dentist quotation.

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