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Root canal treatment is done by cleaning the infected pulp below the tooth. It is then covered with a proper dental crown to protect the tooth. Root canal treatment can get you better dental health. At Sabka dentist branches in Ahmedabad, you can find the expert dentist who can provide root canal treatment to get better oral health.

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What is the Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal procedure is the last resort that dentists have to turn towards when nothing else can save the tooth. When a tooth becomes so damaged that it starts hurting, in addition to it becoming completely displeasing to look at, it is when a root canal treatment is advised by dental experts. It consists of a few steps :


  • STEP 1: A cavity is searched for in the mouth, through X-rays most of the time, except when it is visible to the naked eye. On identifying the cavity, the dentist furthermore tells us how severe it is and whether a root canal treatment is necessary to save the tooth, or it can be saved by a filling alone.


  • STEP 2: Local anesthesia is then inserted into the area of pain to numb it, immediately after which, equipment like a small drill is used to reach the insides of the pulp containing the damaged blood vessels.


  • STEP 3: Small files are used to eliminate and take out the damaged nerves from inside of the pulp.


  • STEP 4: The treated area is then carefully and precisely sanitized and cleaned to prevent any other infection from entering the area.


  • STEP 5: A rubber-like filling called Gutta Percha is then packed in the vacant area, to seal it temporarily.


  • STEP 6: A cap is then fixed onto the filling for additional protection, and for the treated tooth to look like a natural tooth and blend in well.


Why do you need Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment Clinics in Ahmedabad

A filling can only temporarily save the tooth. A root canal treatment can save the tooth in such a manner that it will not allow a relapse of the infection or inflammation in the pulp.


root canal treatment becomes necessary at such instances when the toothache reaches a point that even if food or anything slightly hard touches that area, it starts hurting. And if something soft is consumed, there are high chances of it getting stuck in that hollow space.


The pain is so severe because the bacteria starts digging up the entire tooth until it reaches the root. Once it reaches the root, it kills the blood vessels present there, causing the pain to accentuate.


This pain can either cause the tooth to loosen up from its socket, or can cause it to start chipping and cracking, either of which are unsightly. So, if you ever experience any of this, the solution is to visit Sabka Dentist in Ahmedabad where the dentists themselves will take care of your toothache.


When would you need Root Canal Treatment?

  • Continuous toothache
  • Tooth decay
  • Deep cavities
  • Swollen gums
  • Bone damage


Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

It is not the treatment that hurts, but the pain before the treatment. The toothache before the treatment is the reason why a dentist numbs the area with local anesthesia. The entire procedure is carried out with the area being made numb so that the drill and files do not cause a prick while being inserted.


Although, if the tooth or the area around it, is still in pain, then you might have to make another visit to your dentist. We at Sabka Dentist conduct follow-ups, which is why our patients leave our dental clinic, feeling contented.


What is the cost of Root Canal Treatment of a tooth?

The price of a root canal treatment varies widely, depending on the seriousness and gravity of the infection. In Ahmedabad, the charges for RCT is Rs. 4,100/-. In addition to the treatment charges, are the crown or cap charges. They vary according to the material of the crown and are usually chosen by the patient.


A crown is very necessary and is a compulsion as it protects the tooth from further decay, and acts like a cap. The structure of the tooth is cut out by the dentist, with the help of an instrument called Bur, which is a drill that helps cut out the shape of the structure of the crown that is to be placed.


Different types of crowns and their prices:

  1. Metal crown: A simple metal crown is metallic in color and can withstand all forces exerted on it like biting and chewing. They rarely chip or break, and are long-lasting. Their prices vary from Rs.1000-Rs.5000, depending on the dental clinic and dentist.
  2. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown: These look a lot similar to your normal set of teeth, but are a bit weak and can chip or break while eating. However, since they resemble the rest of the teeth, they are usually the most selected crowns, as they are also inexpensive. Priced at Rs. 7,500/-, PFM crowns are usually the best option for front or back teeth.
  3. Zirconia crown: These are said to be the strongest crowns, and are made of zirconia, which is biocompatible. It completely resemble the teeth and is the best option for front teeth. It is highly-priced, i.e., Rs. 10,000- Rs.20,500, but it is the best choice for a long-lasting dental crown.


To get the appropriate root canal cost in India, several factors need to be considered. Even so, It happens to be tough to estimate any cost without some fundamental parameters.


Sabka Dentist has got enlisted a few of the common aspects which will help to determine the ideal Root Canal Treatment cost. The root canal treatment will involve a particular procedure that determines the cost of your treatment. These are listed below:


Choice of your Dental Surgeon (Novice/Specialist)

The key factor of the root canal treatment cost in Ahmedabad highly depends on selecting the right dental surgeon for the root canal treatment. In case you are approaching a surgeon who has practiced dentistry only for a year, the costs will likely be significantly less.


But if you are visiting a root canal specialist in Ahmedabad who is serving as a dental surgeon with a significant amount of experience (let’s say more than 10 years), he will cost you more for the root canal treatment. Price often depends on the experience and skill of the surgeon.


X-Rays and Consultation Fees

Consultation costs also can vary according to the doctor’s working experience, skills and the location where the medical center is actually situated. The root canal cost in Ahmedabad can be different in comparison to cities like Mumbai / Delhi.


The cost for the X-rays can also add up to the total root canal treatment cost in Ahmedabad.


Anesthesia and some other needed medications

Anesthesia numbs the area of treatment, as well as this price associated with it often, will depend on how many times the anesthesia is actually given for the treatment.


Root Canal location (Front or Back)

The root canal done on the tooth in the front portion of the mouth (front teeth) will charge you much less as it contains 1-2 roots, whereas it will cost you more if it’s done on the tooth in the back of the mouth (bicuspid and molar) because it contains much more roots/canals.


Level of damage

This is also a prime aspect which decides the root canal treatment cost. If the harm is less, the price for the root canal treatment in Ahmedabad would also be less.


Who are the best Dentists for a Root Canal Treatment, in Ahmedabad?

The endodontists at Sabka Dentist, Ahmedabad, are highly skilled and well trained. Their hands are so used to performing these procedures now and then, that they can, without any hesitation, carry out this treatment.


They are the best dental experts who are well-acquainted with all the instruments to be used and steps to be employed. They enumerate the entire process and assure the patients that they have nothing to fear.


How much time does it take to complete Root Canal Treatment of a tooth?

An advanced dental expert may finish the entire treatment in a single session. While usually, it does take two to three sittings or visits, as the patient’s time is to be valued too. Irrespective of the sessions, our endodontists at Sabka Dentist carefully treat the tooth, and also provide patients with tips for aftercare of the tooth.


Tell me More about Getting a Root Canal at Sabka Dentist, Ahmedabad

Sabka Dentist is amongst the best dental clinics in India which specializes in carrying out many oral procedures, such as root canal treatment. The medical centre was initially founded in October 2010 with just one clinic at Vile Parle.


But now Sabka Dentist has more than 100 clinics across various cities in India – namely Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai, and even Thane.


Root canal treatment is amongst the most efficient treatment procedures which can reduce dental ache and also save a very decayed tooth. In this procedure, the dental surgeons remove damaged nerves and also pulp of the tooth carefully and then seal this.


If the condition is left untreated, then there are possibilities that the neighboring teeth may also get affected. Sabka Dentist has the qualified as well as the experienced crew of dental practitioners who are committed to offering the professional services and spread out smiles across India.


This might be the only reason that you can find Sabka Dentist on the top of the list of dental hospitals that offer root canal treatment.


How is Root Canal Treatment executed at Sabka Dentist?

The teeth root canal treatment is executed in three steps, and also many of the dental surgeons follow this process in three different sessions. However owing to the specialized root canal dentists, staff and also superior services offered at Sabka Dentist, the RCT treatment procedure can be done in just a single session.


The dentist first administers local anesthesia to the treatment spot to lower root canal treatment pain and make the spot numb. Then a tiny hole is created on the surface of the tooth to eliminate the affected nerves and dead pulp.


Next, the root canal dentists at Sabka Dentist clean and reshape the decontaminated hollow spot. This specific hollow empty canal will be finally filled up with a dental filling in order to seal off the root canal completely, thus completing the root canal treatment.


Immediately after this, your tooth is absolutely dead and has no sensation. At last, in order to safeguard this lifeless brittle tooth, a crown might be installed on the dead tooth to ensure that the patient can make use of the tooth just like before.


The root canal treatment price widely can vary individually for each person based on the seriousness of the problem. However, Sabka Dentist offers some of the best root canal treatment costs in India.

And so, the next time if you are planning to get an RCT treatment, consider Sabka Dentist as the very first choice to deal with your dental troubles and keep smiling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad?

Sabka dentist is among the best dental clinics in Ahmedabad. There are 16 dental clinics of Sabka Dentist in Ahmedabad.

To know about the location, please visit: Sabka Dentist Clinics in Ahmedabad


How much does root canal treatment cost?

At Sabka Dentist, the cost of root canal treatment is Rs 2750/-.


Is it okay to delay root canal treatment?

Delaying root canal treatment can have consequences as it will only worsen the tooth infection. Over-the-counter medications will only provide temporary relief. Tooth pain may subside as the pulp may also become non vital due to severance of nerve supply.


Periapical abscess can occur if the bacterial infection occurs in soft dead pulp of the tooth and result in symptoms like pain, swelling, pus, etc. If the infection becomes severe such that furcation gets involved, the only alternative then is extraction/removal of tooth.


What happens in root canal treatment?

The dentist starts by administering local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth. After that, the dentist might isolate this tooth with rubber dam/ cotton roll to keep it dry and free from saliva. Then, a dental hand piece is used to gain access to the inside of the tooth.


Endodontic files are then used to locate the canals and clear the infected pulp debris and shape the canals. Along with it, irrigation with saline and sodium hypochlorite is done to wash away any remnant pulp, kill any remaining bacteria and reduce the risk for further infection.


The canals are then filled with a biocompatible and rubber-like material called gutta percha. The opening in the tooth may be closed with permanent filling. After a week, the dentist will finish the treatment by placing a permanent crown or similar type of restoration.


Can Root Canal Treatment be done in one sitting?

Yes. Root canal treatment can be completed in one sitting. But, this will be determined by the extent of infection, root canal anatomy, comfort of dentist etc.


Is capping necessary after Root Canal Treatment?

After root canal treatment, the tooth loses its vitality and becomes more prone to fracture. Therefore, it is necessary to cap the tooth after root canal treatment. However, the need for capping is also highly dependent on the location of the tooth.


Teeth located at the back (like molars and premolars) are needed for chewing and thus require capping. Incisors and canines do not always need capping.


Why does root canal treatment usually take 2 or more visits?

In the first appointment, access is gained, canals are located, working length is determined and tooth dressing is given. This usually alleviates the tooth pain. In the second appointment, the root canals are cleaned, disinfected and shaped.


In the second appointment itself or third appointment, these canals are filled and sealed. One week is waited thereafter until crown is received.


What are the symptoms of failed root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment will fail if there are undetected canal branches, micro cracks or an obstruction (broken file) that makes it difficult to clean the canal of tooth. Following are the symptoms of failed root canal treatment:

  • Sensitivity to pressure (Tenderness +)
  • Swelling/ Abscess/Gum boil/Sinus Tract
  • Pain
  • Thermal sensitivity (to hot or cold food stimulus)

Can you get a crown without root canal treatment?

In case of a dental bridge, the healthy teeth adjacent to the prosthetic tooth (pontic) will receive a crown without root canal treatment.

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