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Whenever the tooth is decayed due to the cavity, a root canal treatment is done. This treatment involves cleaning the pulp area of the teeth and replacing it with proper dental fillings. The tooth is then covered with dental crowns to prevent it from further damage. At Sabka dentist branches in Mumbai, you can find better dental crown options for the treatment.

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What are dental crowns?

Popularly known as a cap, a dental crown is an imitation or replica of a tooth, placed over a decayed tooth, to protect it from further damage. The reasons for the placement of a dental crown or cap are many. For instance, the tooth is severely damaged or broken.


Or when a filling does not suffice to hold the tooth firmly. Discolored teeth can also be covered with a dental crown, or a dental bridge or implant. Be it any reason, a dental crown only accentuates the appearance of one ‘s set of teeth while also working on bettering the oral habits.


Just like any other thing nowadays, dental crowns can be customized or are kept readymade or prefabricated. Prefabricated dental crowns are made of plastic or stainless steel, and are most often used as temporary caps until the permanent ones come along.


Dental crowns are made up of various kinds of materials, namely, metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) or all-ceramic. Metals are furthermore divided into gold, alloys like palladium or a base-metal alloy like nickel or chromium.


The all-metal or PFM is a much better choice than all-ceramic as they are stronger. The PFM and all-ceramic crowns look just like your teeth, a doppelganger of your teeth you may say.


Depending on their material, the maintenance, the food habits and the wear and tear of the crown is the duration of the shelf life of a dental crown. A dental crown usually lasts for a time period of seven years. In many cases, the dental crowns may even last for a period of 40 years with proper care and high quality of the dental crowns.




What is the Dental Crown Procedure?

Ordinarily, when you are getting a dental crown treatment, it also calls for an endodontic or root canal procedure. An individual getting a dental crown might not necessarily need an endodontic or root canal procedure.


A root canal procedure is usually carried out when there is excessive decay in the pulp of the tooth, so much so that the blood vessels become dead and rotten. Hence, an extraction and cleaning process, called the root canal treatment, takes place, post which, the treated area or tooth has to be covered with a dental crown.


However, a dental crown cannot stand on its own post a root canal treatment due to the hollow space. So in cases like these, the endodontist or dentist fills the vacant gap with a supporting material, also known as a filling made up of Gutta Percha.


That was the placement of a dental crown post a root canal treatment. Now, for a normal dental crown placement, the dentist will file and shape the tooth according to the cap. For a metal crown, most of the tooth is kept intact, and less is filed, as metal is thinner and takes up less space in comparison to PFM and all-ceramic crowns.


Dental Crowns Treatment in Mumbai

The contemporary method of placing a dental crown requires usually two visits. In the first visit, the dental expert uses a thread or a cord to push away the gum from the tooth. This is necessary to get the perfect shape and outline of the tooth for the permanent crown.


The replica is created using a rubber-like material, and the impression takes five minutes to form, after which it is removed. The main idea is for the dental crown to fit into your normal bite, which is why a high amount of precision is required.


Once the impression is created, it is forwarded to the laboratory, where the permanent dental crown is created. During this time, the dentist will fit in a temporary crown so as to avoid any further deterioration to the tooth.


However, temporary crowns are not meant to last for a long time, as they are not built of reliable material. Instead, lab-made plastic crowns are comparatively stronger and long-lasting.


A weak cement is placed to hold the temporary crown in place. It is weak deliberately since the dentist needs to be able to easily remove the temporary crown so that he or she can fit in the permanent crown.


In the second visit, the permanent crown is permanently cemented onto the tooth and it looks as natural as ever, depending on the material. However, this entire procedure is also possible in one go, provided that the dental clinic is equipped with facilities wherein the dental crown can be created there and then.


What care should be taken post Dental Crown placement?

If your dental crown has been well placed, there will be no signs of discomfort or unpleasantness. In fact, if you have not been a patient of a root canal procedure, you will have some amount of sensitivity to cold items, the reason being that the blood vessels are still intact and alive.


However, if the dental crown starts causing a bit too much discomfort, visit your dentist immediately. It usually tends to be a case of the dental crown being placed a little too high, which is easily fixable so one need not worry.


Usually, when one selects a PFM crown, it generally starts showing a dark, thin line next to the gumline. This is no infection but just the metal making its way out. This is no matter of concern, however, if it is on your front teeth, then it may be needed to be replaced with an all-porcelain crown, containing no metal.


The dentist will recommend a fluoride gel if you have a high risk of developing cavities. Decaying is the root cause of most of the oral problems and should be avoided as much as it can. Brushing and flossing, twice a day, is a compulsion any which way for better oral health.


If a crown isn’t fitted well, chances are that the cement will start wearing off. In scenarios like this, one need not panic as the dental crown may not fall off immediately. But what is likely to happen is that the bacteria may enter through loose ends, and then may start decaying the tooth.


So in the case of an improperly fitted dental crown, make a visit to your dentist without fail. Another hint of a loosely fitted crown may be the odor that it spreads around the dental crown area.


One of the most important instructions is to not try to fit the crown back on your own, in case it falls apart. Pack in a zip-lock bag and take it to your dentist. And if not that, then check for any cement debris on the inside of the crown, and use either a toothpick or a damp cotton swab to clean it and free it from any dirt.


Visit a dental clinic and replace the crown with temporary cement or denture adhesive.


What is the Dental crown cost in Mumbai?

We, at Sabka dentist, have varieties of crowns to cover over the tooth to restore its size, structure, and performance of tooth. We provide three kinds of crowns with the respective ranges.


  • Crown – Economy 9,000/-
  • Crown – Value 12,500/-
  • Crown – Premium 20,500/-

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Tell Me More About Getting A Dental Crown At Sabka Dentist Mumbai

Concerned about your dental crown treatment? Then it would probably be the greatest option to decide on a dental clinic that can provide you the finest treatment options when it comes to getting the dental crown treated.


And also if you are searching for a well-known clinic to do your dental crown treatment in Mumbai, Sabka Dentist should really be your top choice. Sabka Dentist has consistently retained its place among the best dental clinics for dental crown treatment in Mumbai, as well as overall India as well.


It is because Sabka Dentist believes in offering very affordable along with world-class treatment services to everybody when it comes to dental care.


The dentists and medical team present at Sabka Dentist ensure that the patient feels comfortable and experiences no trouble at all while undergoing a dental crown procedure. Sabka Dentist’s clinics have got among the best hand-picked dentists that are specialists at providing dental crown treatment as well as other dental treatments.


To perform a dental crown treatment, the dentists first examine the condition of the tooth and then determine what sort of dental crown would be perfect for their patient.


They also ensure that their patients are comfortable with the tooth cap cost. It is because in most cases, permanent crowns are used that are made up of stainless steel, other metal alloys, porcelain, ceramic or resin.


The actual process for the dental crown treatment involves placing a dental cap over an affected or injured tooth in order to improve its visual appearance. The dentist usually attaches the crown to the tooth surface in order to cover up the teeth portion that is actually above the gum line.


Sabka Dentists always pick dentists based on their working experience, knowledge and academic qualification in order to ensure that they are really committed to offering customized treatment to each patient.


There is no doubt that dentists from Sabka dentists are some of the best dentists in Mumbai. We provide the best dental crown treatment plan at the most affordable teeth cap price range. This is possible because of Sabka Dentist’s motto of offering cost-effective dental care at world-class quality.


Not to mention, in addition to our economical tooth crown prices, we make it absolutely sure that our patients feel at ease.

Expert's Opinion


  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Dental checkups are important to maintain good oral hygiene and a disease-free mouth”
  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “It is recommended that everyone should get a dental checkup done once every 6 months.”
  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “A dental checkup is a two-step process that includes evaluation of oral tissues followed by cleaning and polishing.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a dental checkup cost?

At Sabka Dentist, Dental checkup and X-ray consultation is free of cost.

How often should you get dental checkup?

Dental Checkup should be done every 6 months or biannually to detect any dental issues at an earlier stage and to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

What happens if you don’t get your teeth cleaned?

If your teeth are not cleaned regularly and if good oral hygiene is not maintained, plaque and calculus may buildup. Plaque tends to lower the pH and creates an acidic environment that may result in demineralization and tooth decay. Also, plaque and calculus buildup may result in inflammation of gums, bad breath, etc.

What does a (Periapical) Dental X-ray show?

Dental X-ray is valuable diagnostic tool that can help to confirm the final diagnosis of oral health condition. Radicular portion/ Root portion of tooth, which is not otherwise visible to the naked eye, can be displayed in an X-ray. Radiographs also help to determine the extent of decay, presence of cysts, bone loss etc. Congenitally missing or impacted teeth are often identified this way.

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