Why does the dentist prefer root canal treatment?

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Whenever a person is suggested for root canal treatment, the people start worrying about it as it is a painful process. This treatment becomes inevitable when the tooth is infected highly and there is a need to protect the teeth from removal. The molar root canal is one of the most observed treatments here, where the molar tooth has a high possibility of infection. People doing it for the first time need unnecessary fear for the root canal treatment as they do not know how a root canal is done? Here, the treatment is done till the root area of the tooth. Root canal treatment removes the pulp tissues that consist of blood supply and the nerve in the tooth. After removal of the tissues, the pulp area is then filled with suitable material and prevents it from bacteria development.

What is the procedure for a root canal? rct

Before going to the root canal treatment directly, a proper assessment of the tooth with an X-ray is done by the dentist. Once the dentist gets ensured that the tooth is strong enough and can deal with root canal treatment, they will go ahead with it. Anesthesia is given to the portion of the tooth where the root canal treatment will be done. It will numb the specific portion to avoid the pain. Proper drilling is done on the tooth to remove the cavity and it will be done till the root for removing the infected pulp. The infected pulp is then removed with various instruments of the dentist. After cleaning the pulp area, a suitable dental material is put inside to ensure that there is no development of the bacteria again in the region.

Things to do after root canal treatment:

After completion of treatment, there will be some pain in the tooth after root canal treatment. A few days later, the dentist will call you back for putting a suitable crown over the tooth. The root canal and crown covering will keep the tooth in a good condition. It is advisable to avoid eating hard food for a few days after the root canal treatment completion.

Why do dentists prefer root canal treatment more?

Many people are surprised, as the dentists mostly prefer to do the root canal treatment more. Well, there are few important reasons for dentists preferring for this kind of treatment.

Here are some of the reasons for dentist preferring root canal treatment more:

1. Infection will increase

If the infected tooth is not treated soon then the infection will keep increasing. It will create more pus in the pulp region causing pain. The tooth will experience pain while eating food.

2. Cleaning the pulp

The decay of the tooth infects the pulp to too much extent that causes pain in the tooth. It affects the gums and the tooth too much, causing more pain. Root canal treatment involves the removal of the infected pulp and cleaning the pulp and it is then cleaned to fill it with dental material.

3. Avoid the gum infection Avoid the gum infection

Generally, it is found that if the infected pulp is not cleaned early then the infection can spread to the gum area. It will lead to a gum infection which can lead to bleeding problems while brushing or eating. Cleaning the pulp with the root canal treatment can avoid the gum infection problem properly.

4. Cost-effective treatment

Whenever a tooth infection occurs, there are some different treatments that involve huge costs. Some treatments like Dental Implants, Bridge, and other treatments are more costly. Here, the root canal treatments are more cost-effective comparatively.

5. Saving the tooth

A decay of the tooth or any such infection may involve the removal of the tooth. The tooth removal has many disadvantages like gaps among the other teeth due to spreading in empty space, using other artificial teeth, pain in the gums, and several other problems. A root canal treatment has the main advantage of saving the tooth finally. It can keep the permanent teeth in the position properly.

These are some of the reasons for the dentist to prefer doing the root canal treatment. Whenever dental pain is experienced by a person, it is better to visit the dentist at the earliest.

Some post-treatment care after root canal treatment:

  • Avoid eating from the side where the root canal treatment is done.
  • Avoid eating hard food items totally as a whole like seeds, chips, etc.
  • Take the medications properly as given by the dental expert
  • Take complete rest for the next two days after the treatment
  • Ensure that you put the suitable crown immediately after the root canal treatment

It is always better to take the prevention of the infected tooth through root canal treatment. A regular check-up from the dentist for the tooth can be helpful to know the condition of the tooth properly.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Root canal treatment is a more effective treatment that helps to save the tooth. Many dental experts also suggest preferring the root canal treatment possibly. Unlike, earlier days where these treatments involve more visits, now it is done in a single visit too. Root canal treatment must be accompanied by crowns.”

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