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A Pediatric dentist is an extra qualified dentist who treats the dental condition of children, infants, and teenagers only. They have a high capability of taking care of the gums, teeth, and general oral health of the children. If you are looking for better Pediatric dentistry for your child, then visit the nearest branch of Sabka dentist in Thane. You can get desired treatment for your child’s oral health.

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What is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist acquires their qualification only after completing 4 years of a degree course from a reputed dental school. Then they complete two additional years of residential training in pediatric dentistry that is targeted for treating oral health conditions in infants, children, and teenagers only.


A pediatric dentist is selected based on their experience qualification and their capability of taking care of a child’s teeth, gum, and overall oral hygiene throughout various stages of their childhood. So if you want the best pediatric dentist in Thane for your child, then you should try out Sabka Dentist.


Children usually begin to get their baby teeth during the first six months and then within the next six months they start losing their baby teeth which are then replaced by a set of permanent teeth. These permanent teeth require proper dental care and a detailed treatment plan to prevent complicated oral diseases.


Do you want a detailed treatment plan for your child by the best pediatric dentist in Thane? Then get an appointment at Sabka dentist that offers a wide range of the most updated treatment options to their patients.

Common pediatric dental procedures

Pediatric Dentist in Thane

Following are the most common pediatric dental procedures that are offered to all the patients-

  • Stainless steel Crowns– Dental crowns are dental caps or a covering around teeth that are used to restore decayed, damaged or injured teeth. If this condition is left untreated then it may cause extensive damage to the tooth root. The pediatric dentist usually uses stainless steel crowns to prevent any extensive damage to the tooth.
  • Dental fillings – Dental fillings are made of either composite resin or glass isomers that are used to repair a fractured tooth or a dental cavity. The colour of the dental filling is matched by an experienced pediatric dentist to achieve the maximum possible natural appearance.
  • X-ray – X-ray is a common dental procedure that patients need to undergo to track a rapid change of the dental structure in children. By undergoing an x-ray procedure dentists get an idea of the weak spot in the tooth structure that may not be visible in the naked eye and suggests the best treatment procedure accordingly.
  • Dental cleaning – The dental cleaning procedure involves removing the plaque and tartar layer from the surface and root of the teeth. Children undergoing a dental cleaning procedure must maintain the result by following healthy oral hygiene.
  • Fluoride treatment – This treatment promotes remineralizing the decaying spots on the tooth to make it strong so that it can prevent the dental cavity. The amount of fluoride needed for a child is determined by a pediatric dentist only after analyzing the severity of the decaying spots.
  • Early orthodontic care – If a paediatric dentist in Thane or any other location finds out a critical dental structure or a bad bite mark, and then they may suggest undergoing an early orthodontic treatment. Early orthodontic treatment is actually the most effective procedure for children as it can rectify maximum gum or tooth shape within the least time.
  • Sealants – The dental sealant procedure involves painting the tooth surface with a thin plastic layer to prevent bacterial accumulation. This can reduce the formation of plaque or tartar layer. However, it is very crucial to follow the dentist’s suggestion after undergoing the procedure to maintain the result.
  • Tooth extraction – Any pediatric dentist considers tooth extraction as the last option. Tooth extractions are done only in case of severely damaged teeth or to make space for the permanent teeth to come out.
  • Space maintainers – The space maintainers are used to maintain the space of the lost or extracted tooth. If this space is not maintained then there are chances the neighbouring teeth will bend to occupy the space giving a bad bite mark.
  • Pulp therapy – A pulp therapy is generally required either for an injured tooth or for an extremely damaged tooth. In this treatment procedure, the pediatric dentist usually removes the damaged nerve or connective tissue without even disturbing the unaffected nerves. This procedure is performed to extend the life of the baby tooth until the permanent tooth comes out.

If you want the right pediatric dentist in Thane to undergo any of the above-mentioned treatment procedures, then Sabka Dentist can help you with the best treatment procedure for your child.


How to Choose a Pediatric Dentist/Child Dentist in Thane

Finding an appropriate pediatric dentist/child dentist in thane can be easy unless you know some of the following tips-

  • Verify the educational qualification of the dentist you are choosing.
  • Find out the years of experience of the pediatric dentist in that field
  • The reputation of the dentist is also an important factor
  • Check out if the pediatric dentist is a licensed member of the clinic
  • See if your child feels comfortable with the dentist and the other staffs of the clinic
  • Have a look if the dentist is maintaining a proper hygiene

If you have not yet found the best pediatric dentist in Thane then contact Sabka Dentist and relish the best treatment plan for your child.


Why Select Sabka Dentist?

Sabka Dentist has its branches widespread among the five most important cities in India where more than five hundred dentists are appointed. The dentists are selected based on their expertise, qualification and experience.


The staffs present there are well trained and maintains absolute hygienic ambience within the clinic to ensure that the patients do not feel uncomfortable. Sabka dentist has the best child dentist in thane dental clinics to provide quality treatment to your child.


As with the name goes, Sabka Dentist which means dentist for all, the clinic aims in providing high-standard, technologically updated painless procedures to the people at the most affordable price.

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  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Dental checkups are important to maintain good oral hygiene and a disease-free mouth.”
  • Dr. Zita Antao Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “It is recommended that everyone should get a dental checkup done once every 6 months.”
  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “A dental checkup is a two-step process that includes evaluation of oral tissues followed by cleaning and polishing.”
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