Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be a common phenomenon if it is being caused due to tooth decay injury and due to other gum diseases. But there are some people who are born without particular teeth and this condition is called missing teeth condition.

One of the main reasons for missing the front tooth can be a genetic factor and this condition may be seen in generations of a family.


The most commonly missing teeth phenomenon occurs to the wisdom teeth to the upper incisors and second premolars. A missing front tooth can also be inherited and that is considered as a genetic defect that affects the teeth.


Any person suffering from this condition must come in contact with a good dentist who can help them with a different approach to the missing teeth.

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Why should you replace missing teeth?

You must be wondering what can be done about the missing teeth and how can this be replaced or how can we regrow missing teeth? However, most of the people undergo a tooth replacement procedure because they want to feel confident about their appearance and do not feel embarrassed about their lost tooth.


It is only an experienced dentist who can suggest the best missing teeth treatment. However, there are many people who choose to keep the missing teeth intact in cases where the condition does not hamper the quality of their life.


What are the causes of Missing teeth?

There can be a number of reasons for Missing teeth to occur like-

Congenitally missing teeth are common and this can prevent the growth of permanent teeth in an entire life. When less than six teeth fail to develop it is known as Hypodontia. Whereas, when more than six permanent teeth fail to develop it is known as Oligodontia.


Whether it be congenitally missing teeth or some other reason it can not only impact your social life, but it can also create a negative impact in other prospects of life like improper digestion of food due to lack of chewing, imperfect word pronunciation, lack of communication, lack of self-confidence and poor oral health.


How does missing teeth impact?

Missing Teeth Treatment

The impact of missing teeth varies from person to person depending on the position of missing teeth. For some people, fetching missing back teeth solutions is pretty simple because those teeth are hard to find. But it can impact the quality of life even though they are not visible because teeth work together and that may create difficulty in chewing food.


Whereas, people who lack front teeth will not only suffer from lack of confidence, but they can also face difficulty in speaking, laughing and even eating.


Difficulty in chewing might seem a simple issue, but it is actually not! If a person constantly keeps chewing food only with one side of the mouth then the facial jaw and muscles might change the shape of your face. In addition to this, people might also eat at a much slower speed.


People might experience a bad bite mark due to the absence of front teeth. This happens when the existing teeth shift to the empty space and create a crooked jaw appearance.


This can lead to conditions like tooth sensitivity, brittleness of teeth, difficulty in chewing food and even difficulty in pronunciation. If you are looking for missing front tooth solutions then you must visit an expert dentist, they would be able to guide you with the solution.


How to treat missing teeth?

Missing teeth treatment can be performed by the following procedures-

  1. Dental implants
    dental implants treatment
    You cannot probably regrow missing teeth by doing Dental implants to replace a single tooth or a series of teeth or several teeth scattered in the mouth. This procedure involves implanting a titanium bar or frame either to the upper jaw or the lower jaw. Then to those bars, the tooth replacements are securely fixed which allows the tooth to remain fixed and stable. One of the best reasons that people undergo this teeth replacement procedure is because they look exactly like natural teeth and provides a long-lasting effect.
  2. Fixed Dental Bridges- Missing teeth treatment can be performed with a dental bridge as it is ideal for people who do not want to use a dental implant. The procedure is perfect for people who have one or more than one missing teeth within the same area. The bridges are effective in restoring the original shape and size of the gum as any gap in the teeth may result in a crooked gum. Once the bridge is securely attached to the gum, the prosthetic teeth are permanently fixed with its surrounding teeth.
  3. Removable partial denture- Anyone who needs to replace all the teeth might need to undergo a complete denture procedure. But anyone who needs missing teeth solutions for fewer teeth, the removable partial denture would be appropriate for them. This dental appliance has a natural pink colored base that exactly matches the natural color of the gum and the teeth are also made as natural as possible. The artificial gum base is attached to the natural gum either with anchors or with the artificial gum might clap the original gum so that it can be removed whenever required.

What is the cost of treatment for missing teeth?

There is no doubt that dealing with missing teeth in day to day life can actually hamper the quality of life. It can make even the simplest task into a complicated one like chewing food properly, talking, laughing.


Not just this, any untreated missing teeth condition may even result in the loss of jaw structure and jaw mass over a certain period of time. This results in people from getting an aged, sunken face.


So before the situation worsens, it is important that people must cherry-pick a good dental surgeon and undergo a teeth replacement procedure. But it is really very tough to get in touch with such a clinic that can provide replacing missing teeth cost at the most affordable budget.


Worry not Sabka Dentist can help you in getting the best treatment procedure at the maximum possible at a reasonable price.

The cost to regrow missing teeth can vary due to many factors like:

  • Number of teeth lost
  • Dental procedure to be undergone
  • The medical condition of the patients
  • The extent of the treatment area
  • Anesthesia used
  • Surgeon’s fees
  • The geographic location of the clinic
  • Technology used

How can Sabka Dentist help?

Importance of missing teeth treatment

Sabka Dentist can help all of its patients in the following ways:

  • It can help people to get easy access to the top dentists in the city
  • The clinic is well equipped with the latest technologies so that patients can receive the best services
  • Most of the dentist holds maximum experience in performing various dental procedures to over hundreds of people.
  • The dentists can provide the best services and provides customized treatment to individual patients.
  • The Clinic believes in middle-class values so it provides most of the services at the maximum affordable price.
  • Sabka Dentist believes in working hard, integrity, discipline, integrity, and honesty.
  • The dentists do not believe in fake popularity and neither do they run for the money. Their mission is to provide the best treatment to patients and help them to get rid of the pain.
  • The ambiance created in Sabka Dentist is another plus point where people feel comfortable and forget about any fear.

Sabka Dentist is a brand that has a series of dental clinics in some of the most important cities in India. There are approximately 100 clinics present throughout India and has more than 500 dentists in all those clinics. The dentists are experienced and can perform all possible dental procedures with confidence.

Expert's Opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Missing teeth should be substituted as soon as possible. Otherwise, the surrounding teeth will close the gap produced by missing teeth over time.”
  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Missing teeth can be replaced using fixed prosthetics like crowns, bridges and implants. Removable option includes denture.”
  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Dental implant is an ideal fixed solution to replace missing teeth since they are the most durable.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a dental checkup cost?

At Sabka Dentist, Dental checkup and X-ray consultation is free of cost.


How often should you get dental checkup?

Dental Checkup should be done every 6 months or biannually to detect any dental issues at an earlier stage and to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


What happens if you don’t get your teeth cleaned?

If your teeth are not cleaned regularly and if good oral hygiene is not maintained, plaque and calculus may buildup. Plaque tends to lower the pH and creates an acidic environment that may result in demineralization and tooth decay. Also, plaque and calculus buildup may result in inflammation of gums, bad breath, etc.


What does a (Periapical) Dental X-ray show?

Dental X-ray is valuable diagnostic tool that can help to confirm the final diagnosis of oral health condition. Radicular portion/ Root portion of tooth, which is not otherwise visible to the naked eye, can be displayed in an X-ray.


Radiographs also help to determine the extent of decay, presence of cysts, bone loss etc. Congenitally missing or impacted teeth are often identified this way.

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