If you have a toothache, It’s not really a cavity.

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Cavities are the most common cause of tooth pain. But all tooth pains do not signify a cavity. Various types of dental pain denote various types of dental problems.

Let’s look at a few:

    1. Sharp pains: Sharp pains when eating or drinking hot or cold foods might denote tooth sensitivity. (does not eliminate the possibility of a cavity). Sensitive teeth could have been developed due to receding gums or from thinning of the outer layer of the tooth.
    2. Stabbing pain: Sharp and stabbing pain on chewing food could be due to a cavity or a cracked tooth. This tooth might need a filling or a root canal treatment depending upon the extent of damage.
    3. Throbbing pain: Throbbing pain which lasts for more than 5 mins might denote an infection of the pulp and root canal of the tooth and might need a root canal treatment.

Sometimes the tooth pain might not be related to the tooth at all.

      • In cases like sinusitis, the upper teeth on both sides of your jaw pain. It is usually accompanied with nasal congestion. The area around sinuses pain on touch.
      • Pain near the ears radiating to the head and jaw may denote temporomandibular disorder. It can be caused due to excessive mouth opening especially during yawning, direct injury, or trauma to the jaw, by tooth grinding (bruxism), or by arthritis or cancer affecting the jaw.
      • Incomplete eruption of the wisdom tooth may also cause jaw pain.

Tooth pain might or might not be severe. But every kind of pain denotes some abnormality. Do not wait till the pain becomes worse and non-tolerable. Visit Sabka dentist at the earliest and get a conclusive diagnosis and treatment for the same.

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    What treatment should be taken for cavities ? what is the cost of treatment?

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