What effect will a special diet have on your oral health?

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It is found that with the increase in the consciousness of the body, many of the people are turning towards specialized diets. Here, some diets are mainly important for the weight-loss and some diets for weight gain. The desire to achieve a suitable type of body involves following a strict diet guided by a dietician. Surely, these diet habits might have given the proper results. However, have you ever thought about what might be the effect of these specialized diets on dental health? Definitely, very few people might have thought about the effect of these specialized diets.

Various studies have found that these specialized diets for weight-loss or weight-gain can affect your dental health adversely to some extent. Now with the beginning of the New Year, many people must be ready with their several resolutions, and following the diet must be the priority. It is a different matter that some people give up on the diet after some while and some may follow for a long duration. We always support your agenda of improving general health nicely. However, we are just putting some light on the dental health that can be affected by some specialized diet food. Knowing some of the facts about it can make you more knowledgeable and help you to plan your dieting accordingly.

Specialized diet that have an effect on your dental health accordingly:

1. Dietician says – Smaller food items and frequent meals

food diet

Dental Experts says-

Frequently eating meals can expose your teeth to more acid attacks on teeth that are there in the acidic food. It is always better to eat three times a day in a healthier way. You can keep the hunger at control by drinking the water under regular intervals.

2. Dietician says – Eat food that is low in fats

Dental Expert says- This is more commonly said by the dietician where the food having fat is advised to reduce. However, when the fat is reduced, many of the people resort to diet foods that have added sugar. This food can increase the bacteria level on the teeth when flossing and brushing is not done properly. Healthier fat foods from food like nuts can be beneficial for the body and dental health.

3. Dietician says – Drinking healthier before eating fruits

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Dental experts say – Since traditional days people say that not to drink water immediately after eating food. This is very true for body and dental health too. After eating the fruit, the “fructose” which is natural sugar starts to break down in the digestive system. However, when you water immediately the sugars are released and coat around the teeth. It leads to cavity development on the teeth.

4. Dietician says – Minimizing the junk and sugary food

junk food

Dental expert says- This is where the dental expert is totally agreeable to the suggestion. Junk food and sugary food are the main accelerators of the bacteria development on the teeth. Some junk food particles accumulate in the more complex areas of the teeth where they start developing problems like the plaque. Sugary food forms a coat on the teeth that leads to the bacteria development on the teeth.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "It is found that many people are resorting to getting a specialized diet for achieving specific health benefits. However, dental experts have shown the drawbacks of some specialized diets can make dental health bad. Getting knowledge of these foods is important. Some foods give better dental health."

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