The causes of plaque and tartar formation

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When you are maintaining all the basic habits of oral hygiene, you expect better oral health. However, this does not always happen to every person. Most people have to suffer through some oral health issues at some stage. There are many kinds of oral health issues and any problem can trouble the individual. Plaque and tartar development on teeth are such dental issues that cause several oral health problems. It gets developed even if you keep following basic oral health habits. You need to take extra steps for dental plaque removal. It can stop plaque development soon. If the plaque layer is not removed at the early stage then it can cause dental tartar on teeth.

What is a plaque on teeth?

Plaque is the bacteria layer that gets developed on the teeth which is sticky. A thin layer of the bacteria is normal for any individual. However, a thick layer of plaque deposit on teeth starts destroying teeth and causes other dental health issues.

What is tartar on teeth? tartar

When plaque development is not treated soon, the tartar starts building up on teeth. Here, the stains and discoloration of the teeth start happening which are clearly visible. Tartar development leads to the decaying of the teeth at a faster level. The treatment of tartar removal is more difficult when compared to plaque treatment. It causes several other serious oral health issues. So, it is essential to know the causes of the plaque and tartar development on teeth to avoid it completely.

What causes the development of plaque and tartar?

The bacteria development on teeth is one of the main reasons for the plaque and tartar development on teeth.

Here, we will look more elaborately on the plaque and tartar development on teeth:

1. Eating sugary food sugary food

Sugary food is one of the main reasons for plaque and tartar development on the teeth. Here, the sweet food gets accumulated on complex areas of teeth when not rinsed properly. It invites bacteria and other microorganisms to develop. The bacteria thus forms a thin layer of plaque and eventually leads to tartar development.

2. Cold drinks

Most of the cold drinks have sugar in them which gets deposited on the upper surface of the teeth when a person drinks it. The bacteria feed on the sugar and then produce the acid that destroys the teeth. The sugar gets deposited on teeth leading to plaque and tartar development.

3. Not rinsing the mouth after a meal

After taking any of the meals, it is important to rinse the mouth properly to remove all the small food debris. Simple washing of the food cannot help to remove the smaller food particles. The sugar from the food thus forms a layer on the teeth, causing bacteria development. So, for removing the entire sugar layer from the teeth and gum surface, it is essential to rinse the mouth from all the sides properly.

4. Using in-effective toothpaste

Some toothpastes are not effective in dental plaque removal. They lack the important ingredients that control it. However, there is some toothpaste capable of removing dental plaque and dental tartar. So try to use these toothpaste to control the plaque and tartar development.

5. Improper brushing and flossing

Brushing and flossing are some of the important activities for keeping any of the cavity development activity away. While brushing, it is important that you brush all the regions of the teeth properly. Not brushing for consecutive two to three days can give the invitation to a lot of bacteria development on teeth.

6. Spaces between teeth Spaces between teeth

The improper teeth alignment where there are spaces between the teeth also causes plaque. These regions become vulnerable to the small food accumulation on the teeth.

7. Avoid visiting dental-checkup

Although you follow all the oral hygiene procedures properly, it is important to visit the dental expert for a general oral check-up after at least 6 months. They can detect plaque, tartar, and other problems in oral health in complex areas too. It will help to avoid further complications. You can take the necessary treatment at the earliest.

These are some of the causes for plaque and tartar development on the teeth. The plaque on teeth needs to be controlled at the very initial stage when detected. Otherwise, it will be difficult, as tartar removal is a very difficult process.

What are the problems of plaque and tartar development?

  • Black stains get develop on teeth
  • Hard dental tartar development on the teeth which are hard to remove
  • Plaque can lead to the gum disease problem
  • Pain in the teeth while eating hard food items

It is better to treat the plaque and tartar development problem soon than later. A proper follow of some dental habits can help to get better dental health properly.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Plaque and tartar have indeed been a very troubling thing for oral health. Dental experts suggest plaque and tartar treatment at the earliest to avoid any dental problems. Modern dentistry has come with some treatment solutions for it. Understanding the causes can help to keep your dental health in better condition."

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