Why do Orthodontists treat certain oral issues?

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Why are some oral issues solved by Orthodontists?

It is very important to follow good oral hygiene from childhood itself. Otherwise, it causes lots of dental issues. In some cases, dental issues are also experienced after following good oral hygiene also. There are lots of reasons behind this. Some dental issues can be well-treated by visiting the dentist and getting the treatment accordingly. However, there are some oral issues that cannot be solved by the dentist.

The problems here are more particularly about the misalignment of the teeth, crooked teeth, improper jaw movements, crowding of the teeth, and other similar issues. Here comes the role of the Orthodontist, where this problem can be well-treated by the Orthodontist. Most people get confused with the Orthodontist and dentist which they consider the same profile with different names. So, people must first understand Orthodontist work.

What is an Orthodontist?


An Orthodontist is a special dental expert that deals with oral issues like prevention, diagnosis, misaligned teeth, and irregular alignment of the jaws. Generally, the people with the misalignment of the teeth are given treatment that can bring the teeth to the desired position by getting them in the right position. Appropriate pressure is applied on the required tooth which gets pushed in a specific direction. It is always recommended that the Orthodontic treatment must be started during the childhood of the age of 8 to 9 years. However, in other cases if you are an adult then you are not so late. You can go for the dental health assessment and get the necessary treatment. Generally, people tend to go to the dentist after realizing any of the oral health issues. So, it is important to understand the basic difference between the two.

Difference between a dentist and an Orthodontist:

1. Qualification

The primary difference between the dentist and the Orthodontist is their qualification. The dentist just completes a general 3 years dental degree. The Orthodontist does 3 years general degree and studies 3 years full-time course additionally for the Orthodontist studies.

2. Oral issues

The dentist deals with problems like dental cavities, gum problems, removal of the tooth, root canal, etc. The Orthodontist deals with the problems of the misalignment of the teeth, crooked teeth, overcrowded teeth, inaccurate jaw movement, etc.

3. Treatment duration

There is a wider difference between the treatment duration required for the dentist and Orthodontist. Usually, the dentist treatment needs a lesser visit for the treatment from the dentist. So, they need less duration. There are more visits to the Orthodontists for checking the condition. So, more duration is needed in the treatment process.

4. Fees

As the treatment done by the dentist and the Orthodontists are totally different, so the Fees of both also vary. As the dentist does the treatment of the cleaning the cavities, tooth removal, root canal, etc. So, their fees are comparatively lower. Orthodontic treatment requires a lot of expertise along with the use of the braces in a correct way. So, Orthodontic treatment has more fees comparatively.

It is clear from above that there is a clear demarcation between the dentist and the Orthodontist. Both, of them, do the treatment on different issues.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "All oral health issues cannot be solved by the dentist, where the expert Orthodontist is required. Both these dental experts will guide you properly about the required treatment. An Orthodontist is more concerned with fixing dental irregularities. They help to improve the smile of the individual nicely."

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