How to Reduce Gum Pockets?

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A regular visit to the dentist after the proper duration is very important to understand the different oral problems. Generally, people tend to visit the dentist only when they experience any dental health issues. However, there are some issues that may not show any symptoms at the start and eventually they grow up to become one of the major dental problems.


One such common oral health problem experienced by many people is inflammation in the gums. The problem of gum pockets needs to be treated. It can also be avoided with proper care.

What are Gum pockets? Braces for Gapped Teeth

Gum pockets are one of the gum diseases that are also called periodontitis. In this problem, some of the common symptoms include bleeding gums, loss of the tooth, inflammation in gums, etc. This is one of the later stages of gum disease that arises when Gingivitis is not treated early.

How do the gum pockets occur?

One of the major causes of the gum pockets in the mouth is due to bacteria. When oral hygiene is not followed properly, plaque build-up starts on the teeth and gums. Plaque is an unwanted bacteria in the mouth that causes oral problems. These bacteria usually build between teeth and gum line.


If proper cleaning of this plaque is not done then it leads to tartar which is hard and sticky. It further causes inflammation to the gum tissue causing the problem of Gingivitis. The first stage of gum disease is Gingivitis and if it is not treated soon then it causes Periodontitis. The gum pockets are Periodontitis which is a very troublesome problem that causes more oral problems.


If you experience any of the symptoms of the gum pockets like bleeding, bad breath, reddish marks on gums, receding gums, etc. then visiting the dentist is advisable. They will do the proper treatment to solve this problem. However, there are certain natural ways too that can help to reduce and treat gum pockets problems.

What are some natural ways to reduce gum pockets?

Gum pockets need to be treated early, else it creates problems like bleeding gums and inflammation in gums. It is possible to do the necessary treatment for gum pockets. These are usually surgical treatments that include soft tissue grafts, flap surgery, tissue regeneration, etc. Proper dental treatment can help achieve it.

It is important to take the necessary steps to reduce the gum pockets to avoid further problems.

Here are some natural ways to reduce gum pockets:

1. Using a proper toothbrush toothbrush

Although you brush daily, still, you have some oral health issues. An improper toothbrush is one of the reasons for inappropriate teeth cleaning.


Here, this toothbrush does not reach the complex areas of the teeth and gums that make it difficult to clean the area from bacteria. So, make sure that the toothbrush is proper in terms of its head, handle, and other aspects important for teeth cleaning.

2. Brushing teeth twice a day

Brushing twice a day is indeed a basic oral hygiene habit that is important for cleaning the teeth. First brushing in the morning after getting up from sleep will clean the bacteria in the mouth and refresh you.


Second, brushing at night before going to sleep will remove all the food particles, plaque layer, and other bacteria from the mouth. The fluoride content in the toothpaste has the ability to reduce the bacteria level from the mouth.

3. Flossing

Flossing is important for maintaining oral hygiene that must be done at least once a day. Flossing activity can remove the food particles and the plaque layer from the complicated areas of the teeth where the brush cannot reach. The floss is held from both sides with thumb and finger.


The middle portion is then rubbed between the teeth to clean the teeth properly. If possible Flossing must be done twice a day or at least it must be done once in a day

4. Rinsing with saltwater saltwater Rinsings

Saltwater is used for long years in treating gum and teeth-related problems. The saltwater has very nice anti-inflammation and anti-microbial properties. It can cure the inflammation properly that can heal the gum issues soon. They can keep the bacteria away from the mouth for a longer duration.

5. Oil pulling

Generally, the tartar and other sticky bacteria are difficult to remove due to it getting sticky. With oil pulling, these bacteria can get diluted in the oil too nicely and removed after spitting it out. Oil pulling also has healing properties though which the inflammation in the gums can be healed properly. Not all oils are used for the oil pulling activity.


Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Sesame oil, and Olive oil are commonly used oils for the oil pulling activity.

These are some of the natural ways to reduce gum pockets. They can help to minimize the unwanted bacteria from the mouth and keep the teeth clean. It would be nice if you try to learn more about the inflamed gums.


Also, the gum pockets situation is more severe, so taking the proper dental treatment can be better. The inflamed gums are found to be more sensitive and must be treated properly. Making a habit of proper oral hygiene is very important to keep gums healthy.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Some of the oral problems like gum pockets are troublesome that must be treated. Dental experts suggest sooner treatment for gum pocket problems. Some of the natural ways are very effective in treating gum pocket problems. Proper oral hygiene of the gums is important for improving oral health."

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