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Maintaining good dental health is very essential for enjoy eating most of the food items. A lot of complication arises for a normal person when they face a toothache or any sort of dental problem.


One of the common pain which most people experience is when wisdom teeth start sprouting and growing. There are a lot of wisdom teeth symptoms that gives a lot of pain to the person.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth generally grow after the age of 18 years and it is the last teeth to grow, that is why it is also called wisdom teeth. Normally, a person will grow four wisdom teeth, two at the top and two at the bottom. These teeth grow in a situation where there is less space for it to grow. Most people experience pain when these teeth start growing.

The function of Wisdom teeth:



Actually, we don’t generally require our wisdom teeth, which are the reason dental experts regularly prescribed insight teeth extraction to treat wisdom teeth contamination. You may ask why we have wisdom teeth on the off chance that we don’t generally require them.


Anthropologists accept that wisdom teeth were advancement’s reaction to our precursors’ initial eating routine of unpleasant nourishments, for example, nuts, meats, and several other hard food items that require genuine biting force.


Since our weight control plans today comprise of gentler nourishments, developmental scientists have arranged wisdom teeth as functionless because of advancement. The wisdom teeth pain symptom has troubled a lot of people going through this phase.

What are the wisdom teeth pain symptoms?

  • Torment: A wayward shrewdness tooth may cause pericoronitis (a limited contamination) to emerge around the issue territory. This causes torment. This is a general symptom of wisdom teeth growing causing complications.
  • Aggravation: This is a common wisdom teeth symptom because of space constraint, insight teeth may get caught. The final product is disturbance and sentiment of disquiet. There is a lot of problems faced by the person when going through this phase of the pain.
  • Harsh Throat and Nausea: When pericoronitis spreads, be set up for acrid throat or sickness. There is a lot of uneasiness faced in the tooth making it difficult for the person to eat the normal food item easily.
  • Fever: Due to constant pain given by impacted wisdom teeth symptoms, there is a lot of energy loss in the body causing weakness like feeling. Body temperature can rise and weakness sets in the body along with the fever affecting the health.
  • Trouble in Swallowing: One of the most widely recognized manifestations of wisdom teeth issues is trouble in opening the jaw and gulping. A person finds it difficult to open a jaw beyond a certain limit which causes it difficult to eat food which requires a larger mouth opening.
  • Discharge: The effects of wisdom teeth growth are not just limited to the pain in that particular area. Infection around the intelligence tooth may make a discharge structure close to the gum. This causes a lot of problems while chewing food items.
  • Swelling of the face: Swelling of the face, throat, and ear may happen when the teeth ejected at specific points. Yet, the expansion could be because of declined pericoronitis too. Your face looks down in this phase which impacts your overall look, making it difficult to concentrate on any of the work.
  • Lymphs organs swell: A person may feel torment in the throat when wisdom teeth are in the process of development. This is on the grounds that the affected teeth had caused destruction on the lymph organs under the jaw. The gums here start expanding, making it enough space for the growth of the teeth.
  • Gum irritation: When the knowledge tooth ejects, the gum may get excited. The gum of the tooth shows some sort of pain for a person which gives a very adverse effect.
  • Troubles in brushing: If you experience challenges in flossing and brushing , it is profoundly conceivable that your insight tooth is popping up. The wisdom tooth infection symptom makes it tedious for doing the normal brushing of the teeth.
  • Biting issues: Impacted intelligence tooth may, in the end, lead to ulcers in the mouth. At the point when that occurs, biting turns into a Herculean errand. It becomes difficult to chew not only the harder food items but also, the softer food items too. All these problems makes it problematic for the normal person to eat as per their choice.

Impacted wisdom tooth symptoms:

On some occasions, the complicated growth of the wisdom teeth leads to the growth of the cyst along with it. This effect of wisdom teeth causes a difficult situation for the person and corrected it requires extra work on it.


Affected wisdom teeth are inclined to creating cysts (pockets of liquid) around them, which can harm the tooth and encompassing tissues, including bone. In uncommon cases, tumors can conform to these cysts, entangling knowledge teeth extraction.


The more you hold off on looking for astuteness tooth help with discomfort, the more probable it is that you will require a progressively obtrusive careful extraction technique, or that the dangerous teeth will for all time harm encompassing tissues.


It is additionally workable for your insight teeth to somewhat rise up out of underneath the gums. By not looking for wisdom tooth help with discomfort, all things considered, you will encounter the disease.


Contamination will bring about expanded intelligence tooth torment, redness, growing, jaw agony, firmness, and general sickness. It is simple for oral diseases to enter the circulatory system and influence the whole body.

When does the wisdom tooth come in?

Wisdom teeth generally come in after the age of 25 years of age. In case you’re considering putting the medical procedure off, reconsider. At the point when you are youthful, the roots are not totally framed and the encompassing bone is gentler, which leaves less possibility for harming close by nerves.


Your foundations will keep on developing with age, making knowledge teeth medical procedure progressively difficult and inclined to complexities as you get more seasoned. The more seasoned you get, the more troublesome wisdom teeth medical procedure can turn into.

General remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain:

  1. Pain reliever medicine: The growth of the wisdom teeth is generally a lot painful, so getting immediate action to combat the pain and relieve is necessary. Here, the proper medication should be taken from the medical to lower the pain through the wisdom teeth.
  2. Applying ice-cubes: Applying the ice cubes are another solution for the pain here. It helps to reduce the swelling in the teeth, gums or nearby areas. It further helps to numb the pain in the infected area, helping it to relieve the pain from it.
  3. Rinsing with saltwater: Take a glass of water then add two teaspoons of salt and mixture it thoroughly. This will help to dislodge the food particles from it, remove the bacteria, and relieve the pain. Do not take the symptoms of wisdom teeth coming out lightly. If the normal solution is not working out then visiting proficient dental care is always better.

Expert Opinion

Dr. Priyanka Shingore Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “The pain of the wisdom teeth growth is lower to severe and it is very essential to get relief from it soon. Other problems related to wisdom teeth growth need to be addressed soon.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of removing wisdom teeth?

There is a rare risk of infection, bleeding, and surgical complication after removing wisdom teeth. Although its chances are very low.

Is wisdom tooth removal painful?

Dentists use anesthesia to numb and relax your senses. So, you may not feel any pain during the wisdom tooth removal process. But, after the procedure, the extraction site may feel a little pain for several days but with a little rest, you will be back to normal within a few days.

Why do experts now say not to remove your wisdom teeth?

Some dentists don’t recommend wisdom teeth removal because of the risks involved with anesthesia and the cost of the procedure.

What are the wisdom teeth pain symptoms?

  • Swelling of the face
  • Lymphs organs swell
  • Fever
  • Biting issues
  • Gum irritation
  • Troubles in brushing
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  • Whenever a wisdom teeth pains or the surrounding region swells it is best to get it out

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