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Mouth cleaning is basically in simple terms using all mouth cleaning products or mouth cleaning liquids in order to provide your teeth a complete oral care. The most common form of mouth cleaning product used is a mouthwash. Mouthwash is a special kind of liquid. With the help of mouthwash, you can rinse your mouth. This will help you maintain the daily discipline of mouth cleaning and oral hygiene.

Mouth cleaning liquids help to reduce the action of microbial bacteria in your mouth because they are antibacterial solution. However, there are different mouthwashes available in the market and they are made to solve various mouth issues like anti-sensitive, anti-fungal, analgesic etc.

There are many mouth cleaning products, but most sought after mouth cleaning liquid is in the form of mouthwash and is generally preferred by people for various dental issues. Don’t worry, in the end we will tell other mouth cleaning products too.

What does a Mouth Cleaning Liquid contain?

Generally, all the mouthwashes available contain some basic ingredients which you can say are prerequisites of the formulation of a mouthwash. They are added with specific substances to make it unique.

  1. Alcohol: Its presence is there almost in all mouth cleaning liquids or mouthwashes. Its basic function is to improve the antibacterial effect in your mouth.
  2. Fluoride: Fluoride is present in many mouthwashes and it strengthens the tooth enamel of your teeth. It also prevents the formation of cavities.
  3. Water Preservative: This element in the mouth wash is added to extend the durability of mouth cleaning liquid. Water preservative will help to keep the liquid fresh for a longer period. One of the examples of water preservative is Sodium Benzoate.
  4. Calcium: Calcium in the mouth cleaning liquid helps to make the teeth strong, although its function is almost like fluoride.
  5. Sweeteners: This element will provide a pleasant taste to the mouthwash and even delightful smell which will help to keep the breath always fresh.
  6. Antiseptics: The gum diseases or specifically known as Periodontal disease can be prevented from antiseptic elements present in the mouth cleaning liquid.
  7. Eucalyptol: It’s basically an anti-inflammatory element. This will also help to improve the smell and taste of the mouth cleaning liquid.

Make sure to use an alcohol-free mouthwash if you have children in your family or looking for one specifically for your child.

Expert opinion

  • Dr.
    Zita Antao
    Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Mouth Cleaning will help you keep many infections, bacteria and dental problems at bay. So never forget all your mouth cleaning products especially when you on a travel for any purpose.”
  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Maintain a strict discipline in terms of mouth cleaning practices and without fail brush twice a day and floss too.”
  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Mouthwash is a mouth cleaning product and use one as recommended by your dentist, as they will be in a better position to recommend you the best one.”

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Mouth Cleaning Liquids

As mentioned, there are various mouth cleaning liquids serving different purposes, you can select any one which suits you the best and your need. Go for the one which is recommended by your dentist to solve your dental issue.

  • Antiseptic (disinfectant one)
  • Fluoride
  • Cosmetic
  • Herbal
  • Magic
  • Total care (complete oral dental care)

Mouth Cleaning Products and Mouth Cleaning tips

Mouth cleaning products are simple accessories and dental tools which you generally use in your daily lives to maintain good oral hygiene. Some of them are given below

  • ToothbrushesOne of the most basic mouth cleaning products for brushing is we all know a toothbrush. In markets there will be hard, medium and soft bristled toothbrushes in the display, when you go to buy one but always buy a soft bristled toothbrush. The other two can prove to be very aggressive on your teeth and cause problems as many people brush their teeth as if cleaning some stubborn stains on the clothes. The mouth cleaning tip here is “Please be gentle while brushing”. Look for brushing techniques and slowly learn them if you are not aware of. And don’t forget to brush twice a day!


  • ToothpasteThe tip here is to choose a toothpaste which provides a complete oral care. Generally, go for a fluoride one as it will help to keep your tooth enamel strong which is the outermost part of your teeth. In a simple way according to your needs and teeth condition, ask your dentist to recommend you a toothpaste, that’s the best way to select a toothpaste.

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  • Dental FlossLike brushing twice, a day must be a discipline so do floss. You must floss twice a day or at least once for healthy teeth. Flossing will help you to remove the food particles which get stuck between the teeth and prevent gum diseases or periodontal diseases, tooth decay and plaque also. Your mouth cleaning tip here is – you can use dental picks or sticks if you find dental floss a difficult task. Here too use them gently.

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  • MouthwashOne of the mouth cleaning products in the form of liquids are mouthwashes. As earlier said, different mouthwashes tackle different dental problems but over all people use them for a fresh breath and as an additional protection many dental issues. You may ask your dentist to recommend a mouth cleaning liquid which will ease your dental problem.

Mouthwash Mouth cleaning

  • Tongue scrapersTongue scrapers will help you to remove the bacteria present on your tongue or the white coloured film developed on your tongue. With removal of bacteria you will also experience a good breath and it will help to keep your mouth fresh. Although you can even use a toothbrush for the same purpose, that will also do.

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For any further queries or doubts for mouth cleaning, you may leave us a comment, Sabka Dentist will help you out! Feel free to contact us and keep smiling, with a good oral care discipline.


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