Orthodontic treatment can be fraught with risks and complications. What exactly are they?

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What can be the possible risks and complications in the Orthodontic work?

Generally, there are no risks involved in Orthodontic treatment. However, as this activity involves the intervention of your body, it does have some minor risks and complications. When you are doing the Orthodontic treatment for your child, for yourself, or any other adult too, you have to consider the treatment options.


It does involve certain risks and benefits too during the treatment. Whether you are considering the treatment choice and the personal circumstances, your specialist Orthodontist will be a better choice to get all the informed knowledge.


Prior to that, you must know the risks and complications involved in it. You must ask your Orthodontist upfront all the issues related to the Orthodontic treatment.

Here, we will look at some of the possible risks and complications in the Orthodontic work:

1. A little discomfort and toothache


After starting the treatment, you can feel a little discomfort and toothache in the mouth as your mouth is not used to do this treatment. The discomfort level will vary from one person to another and the type of treatment you are doing.


Also, the pain experienced depends from individual to individual and from one type of treatment to another. You must over-counter the pain relief when you start feeling discomfort during the treatment process.

2. Ulcers and Scratches

Ulcers and Scratches

While going through the Orthodontic treatment process, the small ulcers and scratches in the mouth are common things. It will happen for a few days only till your mouth gets used to the shape of the braces. The Orthodontists usually use the Orthodontic wax for an immediate and easy way to guard your mouth during the initial phase.

3. Infection in the gums

Infection in the gums

It is very important to maintain nice oral hygiene while going through the Orthodontic treatment. If you have any gum infection and gingivitis related problems then it may slow down the teeth movement.


The Orthodontic treatment will trouble you and take a longer duration. Follow the proper Orthodontic guidance and maintain a proper Oral hygiene. So, ensure that you get proper solution for the gums from your Orthodontists.

4. Demineralization of the Enamel

Demineralization of the Enamel

While using fixed appliances like the braces, there are chances of enamel demineralization that means the enamel wears away. This decay process in the tooth occurs particularly due to sugar. After a certain duration, tooth decay and cavities start causing the demineralization process. This also leads to the yellow and white stains.

5. Root shortening

In some cases, during the treatment process, the length of the roots gets shortened. Now, it will happen to you or any other patient is difficult to predict. Also, in many cases, the shortening of the root may not have more significance, on some occasions, it can cause the problem to the longevity of the tooth.

6. Tooth vitality

If there are some pre-existing conditions during the Orthodontic treatment then the Orthodontic appliance may cause decay or trauma. The further steps in the Orthodontic treatment cause more problems.


Improper Orthodontic treatment can cause a problem in itself. Pre-existing condition and the Oral-hygiene can cause more problems during the Orthodontic treatment.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Orthodontic treatment is one of the very important treatments to improve your smile and get proper Oral health. There are some minor risks and complications associated with Orthodontic work. Your Orthodontist will tell you more about the complications as per the case.”


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