Early removal of dental plaque is crucial for oral hygiene

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If you do not brush for around four days, you will find that while rubbing your tongue along the surface of the teeth there is a little sticky feeling. This sticky film on the teeth is the plaque layer. Generally, during the initial phase, the plaque layer is not visible and can just be felt.


A thin development of the plaque is fine. However, if the plaque layer gets thicker then it becomes problematic that causes cavity development of the teeth. It further causes decay in the teeth that keeps spreading slowly all over the teeth. So, dental plaque removal soon is essential for preventing the teeth from getting decayed.

What is dental plaque?

Dental plaque is a thin layer of bacteria that gets developed on the teeth surface. The plaque contains different types of bacteria on the teeth that get deposited slowly on the teeth surface. When plaque is not treated during the initial stage then it leads to tartar development on teeth.


The tartar is more sticky and harder to remove from the teeth. So, removing the plaque at the earliest is very essential. It will also help to keep the teeth in a healthy condition for a prolonged period. Now, how to get rid of plaque? There are some ways through which plaque in teeth can be removed. Your efforts for plaque removal can help you tremendously to improve oral health.

Why is removing dental plaque early necessary? removing dental plaque

The removal of the dental plaque is important, as it can help to avoid many oral health issues.

Here, are some reasons for removing the dental plaque early very important:

1. Avoiding tartar buildup Avoiding tartar buildup

Plaque removal is much easier due to the thin layer of the bacteria on the teeth surface. It can be removed through home remedies methods too. However, if the plaque is not removed at an early stage then it leads to tartar development on the teeth. Tartar is a dark and sticky buildup on teeth that requires dentist treatment for removal and in many cases, the tartar goes beyond treatment.

2. Protecting the teeth enamel

The development of plaque on the teeth initially wears out the enamel layer on the teeth. The wearing of the enamel from the teeth surface makes the teeth more vulnerable to decay and starts destruction of the teeth soon. Enamel is very essential to eat hard food items easily.

3. Avoiding the gum disease problems

A plaque development on gums can lead to different gum disease problems. Here, it slowly starts developing the layer on the gums and destroys the teeth along with corresponding teeth. Gingivitis and Periodontitis are some of the gum disease problems caused due to plaque development.

4. Avoid the bad breath problem bad breath problem

Plaque development on teeth is the result of more bacteria development on teeth. It can also cause bad breath problems for people.

5. Sensitivity to teeth

The sensitivity to some extent while eating or drinking any hot, cold, or sweet is common. However, if the plaque in the teeth is more than it can cause more sensitivity. The teeth might experience sensitivity while eating or drinking mild hot or cold objects too.


So, dental plaque removal can help to improve the overall oral health to much extent. It can help you to avoid many of the huge costs involved in different oral health treatments. Also, visiting the dentist’s office regularly is a very problematic thing that becomes difficult to manage. So, treating the plaque sooner is very essential.

Some ways for the plaque removal:

  • Brushing twice a day is the foremost caring thing for removing plaque in teeth. Here, brushing at night before sleeping is extremely important.
  • Flossing regularly or alternate days is effective in plaque removal of the plaque layer from the complex areas of teeth.
  • Using baking soda on toothbrush and brushing on the teeth where the plaque formation is there.
  • Rubbing the teeth with the orange peel is also effective in the removal of the plaque layer from the teeth.
  • Avoid tobacco chewing and smoking habits.
  • Oil pulling is effective in diluting the plaque and other bacteria from the teeth to clean the mouth properly.

These are some of the ways for removing the plaque from the teeth. Apart from these ways, it is very essential to visit the dentist regularly after an interval of at least 4 months to assess dental health. Although the teeth might appear clean from the front view, there are some cavities and plaque development in the complex areas of the mouth.


It is only through the dentist checkup, you can understand the plaque and other cavities on the teeth. The dental cases must be handled cautiously by any person for better oral health. To avoid complicated treatments, it is better to remove the plaque from teeth sooner.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "The development of plaque on the teeth is a big concern, as it causes tartar and other dental complications. Dental experts suggest early treatment for dental plaque removal. Many natural ways and dental treatment ways are there for plaque removal. An early action of plaque removal helps with getting clean teeth."

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