Sweets’ Impact on Dental Health

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Young children with a sweet tooth could be in danger of developing serious oral health problems, as new research has discovered that many sweets actually contain high levels of acid, which can lead to dental erosion.


The research, published in the Australian Dental Journal, found that over half of the sugar-free sweets they tested contained high levels of acid (57%), which are likely to lead to dental erosion. Sabka dentist is encouraging parents to be aware of the potential dangers of giving children sweets too often, even if they claim completely safe to the children.


Dr. Preeti Nagarajan Dental director of Sabka dentist said: “It is very concerning that there are so many products on the market that have the potential to harm children’s teeth from such an early age and that they are being marketed in a way which may be misleading to consumers. “It can be quite easy to fall into the trap of believing that some sweets are less likely to do damage to our oral health just because they are labeled as sugar-free, but we know that is not the case we also have to be aware of acid content’’, hopefully, this article will act as a warning to consumers.


Being aware of exactly what food and drink we are allowing our children to consume are one of the best ways to make sure they avoid having their teeth needlessly removed in hospital.


Dental erosion is when the top layer of our teeth, known as enamel, is worn down whenever we eat or drink something acidic and this can lead to increased pain and sensitivity. Sabka dentist is also keen to raise awareness of products that parents may mistakenly believe completely safe for their children’s teeth.


Dr. Preeti added: “Unfortunately, there are many products on the shelves at our local supermarkets which may appear innocent and perfectly safe to give to our children but actually can cause a lot of preventable damage”. For example, sugar is often added to baby foods, meaning that many jars of food contain ingredients that can wreak havoc with children’s mouths at a very early age, it is important that you always read the label carefully. “Fruit juice, for example, may be a fantastic way of getting nutrients into the diet, but it is important to remember that they do often contain a high level of sugar and be very acidic. Excessive consumption of these, particularly between mealtimes could mean that we run the risk of causing tooth decay and dental erosion. “The best thing for your children to drink, especially between meals are milk and still water.”


A few products are worth replacing. A list of products is given below you can alternate it with healthy stuff.

Avoid sugar soft drinks & biscuit

Soft drinks and fruit juices:

Children are fond of sugary drinks. But it’s not good to give them more often.
Water and milk are the best options as the best replacements. When you are giving sugary drinks give them with a straw so sugar bypasses the teeth entirely. And tell them to drink without holding in the mouth.

Breakfast cereals:

You could swap a sugar-coated breakfast cereal for a whole-grain breakfast. Some traditional breakfasts Poha, Upma, and parathas are ideal to consume. Instead of sugar sprinkle swap it to fresh fruit, far tastier and healthy.

Biscuits cakes and Sweets:

Whole fruits are a great alternative, such a huge variety of fruits in our country there is something that will everyone like. Fruits offer many other health benefits too including boosting vitamins and giving your metabolism is a boost.

Table sugar:

Moderation is key here. If you are giving your child anything extra sweet and artificial sweeteners make sure that you are not giving too much. Slowly cut down on how much sugar you are using will see fantastic results.


Though baby teeth may fall off, it’s important to keep these teeth healthy. The permanent teeth beneath the gums are already will start to develop before the baby tooth may fall. Hence for good permanent teeth, both oral hygiene and nutritional diet is vital.

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