What are the causes of Gingivitis?

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What are the causes of Gingivitis?

causes of Gingivitis

It is common that every individual suffers through one or the other oral health issues at some point. There are different types of dental issues that an individual may go through. Gingivitis is one such oral health issue that is observed commonly among different individuals. Gingivitis is a kind of gum disease where the main infection is caused to the gums of the individual. It is found that if the Gingivitis problem is not solved early then the gum disease of Periodontitis occurs. However, here we will focus mainly on the problem of Gingivitis only.

Is Gingivitis common?

Different researchers have also agreed that almost more than 50% of adults do face the problem of Gingivitis. The approximate percentage clearly shows the common occurrence of Gingivitis among the people. In Gingivitis the gums are inflamed easily and sometimes it shows reddish color on the gums. It becomes very essential in this case to visit the Orthodontist and get proper treatment for this disease. Common routine treatment can be helpful for Gingivitis in a proper way. Gingivitis leads to problems such as painful gums, bleeding, bad breath, etc. However, rather than Gingivitis, Periodontitis is a more severe problem that occurs when Gingivitis is not treated at the earlier stage. Periodontitis leads to the weakening of the jaw bone that leads to tooth loss later above it.

Some of the common causes of Gingivitis are:

some causes of Gingivitis

1. Poor oral hygiene

Avoiding or improperly doing some of the nice Oral hygiene habits like flossing and brushing is one of the common causes of Gingivitis. It leads to bacteria build-up in this area which damages the oral hygiene of the individual too.

2. Smoking

Smoking is injurious to the health and causes damage to the gums too. Researchers have found that smoking leads to lesser chances of gum disease treatment.

3. Stress

Stress also indirectly leads to gum disease like Gingivitis. Stress reduces the immune system making it difficult for infection-fighting. Stress also discourages the person to follow good oral hygiene habits.

4. Changes in hormone

Whenever there are some hormonal changes in the body like pregnancy, puberty, etc. it leads to gum disease like Gingivitis. During this phase, the psychological changes do take place too.

5. Low nutrition

Some nutritions are important for the body to fight gum infection like Gingivitis. Lower intake of these nutrition’s in the food can lead to Gingivitis.

Also, there are some of the symptoms that lead to Gingivitis. If you find these symptoms, it is always advisable to visit the dental expert quickly.

Some common symptoms of Gingivitis are:

symptoms of Gingivitis
  • Bleeding gums while flossing and brushing
  • Swollen gums
  • Sensitivity in the teeth while exposed to hot or cold, it is usually due to the pull of the gums
  • Bad breathing which occurs due to a lot of bacteria development during Gingivitis

Gingivitis is one of the problematic gum disease problems. Ignoring it can lead to serious gum disease problems like Periodontitis. Visiting an expert Orthodontist is very essential to get proper treatment. Make sure you take proper Oral health care.

Expert opinion

  • Dr Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Gingivitis is one such gum disease that causes lot of problems while eating. Visiting the dental expert at an early stage can help to stop it from reaching the Periodontitis stage. Periodontitis is more severe that causes problems to oral health. Taking proper oral care can be helpful in Gingivitis control."

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