Gingivitis Vs Periodontitis

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A good dental health is one of the important things for every individual. However, most people have to go through one or the other dental problem at some stage in their life. Gum disease is one of the serious dental problems which create a lot of complications.


Gingivitis and Periodontitis are gum disease which is found among lot of people. If these diseases are remained untreated for a longer duration then it leads to a lot of trouble in the later stage. Many of the people do not know the exact difference between gingivitis and periodontitis.


Both are the result of gum problems. They are one of the very troublesome dental diseases that many of the people have to go through. It will be interesting to look at the point relating to gingivitis vs periodontitis in detail.

Here, we will see all the difference between gingivitis and periodontitis in a proper way:

What is the difference between gingivitis and periodontitis

  • Gingivitis:- Gingivitis is brought about by the irritation of the tissues that encompass and bolster the teeth. It is an extremely normal gum ailment that varies in seriousness and is frequently a consequence of poor dental cleanliness. Indications frequently incorporate seeping of the gums during brushing or flossing and terrible breath. Plaque development at the gum line is the immediate reason for gum disease and whenever left untreated, gum disease might bring about lasting harm to the teeth and jaw. Since gum disease can be a mellow type of gum illness, people probably won’t know that they have the condition.

gingivitis vs periodontitis

  • Periodontitis:- Periodontal disease is a bacterial contamination that is incessant and influences both the gums and the bone that underpins the tooth. It initially starts with the nearness of bacteria in the plaque, which is that vapid film that structures on your teeth every once in a while, cause the gum to encounter some measure of aggravation.

differences between gingivitis and periodontitis

Stages of Gum disease

  • Gingivitis:- This is the first stage of gum disease which leads to a lot of problems. Here, a thin layer of bacteria starts developing.
  • Periodontitis:- This is the later stage of the gum disease when the Gingivitis advances when left untreated. Here, the infected region develops the tartar in the infected area which can be removed only with the dental treatment.

Stages of periodontal disease


  • Gingivitis:- One of the common causes of Gingivitis is plaque. Here, a thinner layer of the bacteria is formed on the plaque and it is usually not visible easily. This is formed usually in the area where the gum and teeth meet. Gingivitis can be felt when you just run the tongue through the infected portion. The bacteria developed in this region start eating the sugar accumulated on the teeth and their waste product causes problems.
  • Periodontitis:- If Gingivitis is not treated properly at the earlier stage then the disease progresses slowly and the bacteria present their damages ligaments, gingiva, jawbones. The teeth become very loosely tied to the gum at this stage.

General Symptoms

  • Gingivitis:-
    1. Tenderness develops in the gum
    2. Swollen and dusky gum with reddishness
    3. There is frequent bleeding in the gum
    4. Breathing is foul with bad odor
  • Periodontitis:-
    1. Bright Red and inflamed gums
    2. The gums start receding in the backward direction
    3. The mouth has bad stinking
    4. Some people even get Pus between gums and teeth which gets busted after some days
    5. The teeth become loose and get aligned in an improper order


  • Gingivitis:-There is a smaller to a bigger level of pockets developed between the gums and teeth. Bacteria generally start developing between these pockets and after going deep it becomes difficult for the toothbrush to reach there. Prolonged growth of the bacteria can lead to the development of the tartar in the region which can be removed only with the dental treatment. If the pocket is deeper then bacteria can even reach to the root of the teeth.
  • Periodontitis:- As periodontitis occurs at the later stage of the gingivitis, the bacteria attacks the bone and tissue which connects them in periodontitis. The part of the root of the teeth here gets exposed leading to a lot of complications. In some cases, the teeth become very loose making it very painful in chewing the food items. The progress of the periodontitis leads to the damage of the tissues making it difficult to recover on its own. A dentist here has to do a lot of complicated processes to identify the infected area. The area appears much deep in the area which can be viewed easily.


  • Gingivitis:
    1. Brushing the teeth twice in a day is one of the primary treatment to avoid these problems and treatment
    2. Cleaning the teeth deeply to remove the tartar and plaque
    3. Using toothpaste which has sufficient amount of Fluoride content
    4. Taking the advice of professional dental care
  • Periodontitis:
    1. Antibiotics intake with the advice proper dental expert
    2. Root Planning of the affected area
    3. Removal of the gum tissue in a surgical way
    4. Reshaping the gum tissue through the surgical procedure
    5. Restoration of the guided tissue
    6. Simulating the tissue proteins

Associated Risks:

  • Gingivitis:-
    1. Pregnancy
    2. Dry Mouth
    3. Changes in the hormone
  • Periodontitis:-
    1. Certain medicines
    2. Osteoporosis

Prevention techniques:

  • Gingivitis:-
    1. Brushing of the teeth and flossing in a proper way is one of the finest ways to control the Gingivitis
    2. Eating food items with less sugar content
    3. Ensuring less cold drinks with lesser soda content
    4. Regular checkup with the dentist
  • Periodontitis:-
    1. Constant checking of the tartar development on the teeth
    2. Taking for the proper care of the teeth at the earlier stage
    3. Proper checkup from the dentist regularly

These are some of the major points covering gingivitis vs periodontitis. Maintaining good dental health is not a one-time process, it is a continuous process. Both diseases have a common thing between them where the gums are infected and swollen. Still, there is a lot of difference between gingivitis and periodontitis which is worth to be noted.


Gum disease should never be taken lightly and it should be addressed very quickly. The use of the electric toothbrush has also been found very effective for avoiding Gingivitis and Periodontitis problems. All necessary steps should be taken to the damage of the gums caused by Gingivitis and Periodontitis.


Visiting the dentist at the prior stage can be very beneficial for ensuring that the right treatment is done. After all, good dental health is very important in life for every individual.


Expert opinion

  • Dr. Preethi Nagarajan Dental Director of Sabka dentist says “Knowing the differences between Gingivitis and Periodontitis, it is clear that both are very serious dental issues that have to be taken seriously. Once you notice the symptoms of Gingivitis and Periodontitis, it will be a very wise idea to visit the proper dental expert as soon as possible.”
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