What function do braces serve?

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When you are going for the Orthodontic treatment, most of the patients have to go with the braces treatment. Whether you are just about to go for Orthodontic treatment with braces or just are curious to know about its working, we will shortly look in more detail about braces.


To say shortly, braces continuously exert pressure on the improper teeth to move them in a proper position. Braces can treat the misaligned teethcrooked teeth, or any inappropriateness in the teeth.


Braces can give better results when the patient is willingly ready to make it work. When you are going through this treatment process, you need to follow the protocol given by your Orthodontist strictly.


Depending on the complexity and the result you desire, braces will be made for you for getting appropriate treatment. Many of the patients who have dedicatedly done the braces treatment have got the desired results.

What is the Mechanics behind braces for Orthodontic treatment?

There are different types of braces that work on tooth alignment differently. So, it is not possible to go in detail in each of the braces treatment. However, we will see in general about the working of the braces during the Orthodontic treatment.


The patient who uses braces is either suffering from problems like crooked teeth, underbite, overbite, or any other irregularities. After doing the initial assessment of the patient, suitable braces will be made for the appropriate treatment.


In some cases, the Orthodontist will advise for the removable retainers. However, traditional metal braces have a very standard way of working to give proper results.

Key Components of Braces:

1. Modules

These are made of elastic bands which are wrapping appropriately around the brackets. The modules can also be colored as per the requirement of the patient.

2. The Brackets


These are put on each tooth and are usually small squares. Generally, they are put on the upper side of the teeth. However, in lingual braces, they are fixed from the insides which are hidden from the outer view. Clear brackets are less visible, only the colored brackets are viewed properly.

3. Separators

These are put between the two consecutive teeth. They are usually fitted for creating small gaps which helps to fit the bands.

4. Archwires


They are used for guiding the desired teeth movement. They are attached to the brackets which appear like the wire connecting the brackets.


The braces treatment involves a longer duration, as the motion of the tooth is a very slow process. These braces exert pressure and force the desired tooth to move in a particular position. After removal of the braces, retainers are given to the patient.


After removal of the braces, the tooth may move in the original location, so retainers help to move the tooth to the proper position. An expert Orthodontist can help you to achieve the teeth to move the teeth in a proper position effectively.


Some of the commonly used braces are traditional metal braces, ceramic braceslingual braces, and SDalign. Depending on your suitability, your choice, and your affordability, you can choose any of the options for braces treatment. The patient has to follow proper guidelines for getting braces treatment properly.

Expert opinion

  • Dr Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "While going for the Orthodontic treatment, you can get a choice for the braces treatment as per suitability. An expert Orthodontist will make your teeth alignment proper. Braces treatment needs to have patience, as it is a slower process. Ensure that you stay committed to guidelines during braces treatment."

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