What is the state of your dental health during COVID-19?

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One of the most important tasks that all the countries of the world are doing is controlling the spread of Covid-19 disease. The viral nature of this disease has compelled most of the states of the world to put partial or full lockdown. The disease is found to be affecting the lungs of the person mainly.


There are also some other side effects being experienced on the overall health too. Many people might be unaware of its effect on dental health, as acquaintance is not spread among people. However, several examples and research has found that Covid-19 and dental health are affecting each other.

How to keep your teeth healthy when you have Corona?

Nobody would like to suffer from this disease, so all necessary care is taken by many individuals. However, if in case a person gets infected with Covid-19 then what to do? Here, the person must not neglect dental health care and try to keep the dental health better in these conditions too.


Here are some of the tips to keep teeth healthy during the Corona:

1. Sanitize & wash your hands Sanitize & wash your hands

While doing any dental cleaning or dental care activity, you must sanitize and wash the hands properly. It will keep the other objects safe from spreading Corona.

2. Brushing teeth twice a day

Brushing teeth twice a day is the primary oral hygiene that a person must follow generally and during the corona infection too. While brushing, it is important that the brushing be done from all corners of the teeth with at least 2 minutes of brushing to each side.

3. Flossing Flossings

Flossing is important to remove the smaller food particles and plaque build-up from complex areas of the teeth. This activity can be done once a day.

4. Controlling eating sweet and sticky food

The sweet and sticky food gets deposited on the teeth while eating. It further gathers more bacteria on the teeth for a prolonged period that further causes the teeth decay. So, a person must limit eating these foods and wash their mouth properly after eating them.

5. Avoid tobacco chewing and smoking

Tobacco chewing and smoking affect the blood vessels below the teeth that lower the blood flow in the mouth. It further causes bacteria development on the teeth.

6. Drinking more water Drinking more water

Although you might not feel like drinking more water during this period, this will not help to lower the bacteria in the tooth. Drinking more water can help to flush bacteria from the mouth to much extent and also provide fluoride to teeth that avoids plaque development.

7. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is one of the effective ways to get rid of plaque and other bacteria from the mouth. It dilutes plaque and other bacteria from teeth while gargling the oil in the mouth.

These are some of the dental care to follow during Corona. It will help to keep the teeth clean during this period.

What are the do’s and don’ts if you get Covid?

When a person is suffering from Covid, then their primary task is to avoid it from spreading to other people.

Things to do during Covid:

  • Getting quarantined during the infection is the first thing a person must do.
  • A person must follow the medical guideline given by the doctor properly.
  • Wash the hands and sanitize them before eating the food.
  • Using the handkerchief while sneezing and coughing.

Things not to do during Covid:

  • Going outside in the crowd.
  • Eating cold food.
  • Staying close with other members.
  • Going out without the mask.

These are some general guidelines to follow when getting infected by Corona. It will avoid spreading it to others and cure you soon.

How to deal with dental care emergencies?

It is always better to avoid going outside in this pandemic. However, in case of dental emergencies you need to take proper steps to avoid further dental complications.

Here are some of the dental emergencies to consider in a pandemic:

1. Loss of dental bridge or crown

If a person loses a dental bridge or crowns then they can get some temporary filling material from medical. A loose cap can be used temporarily during the loss of the crown.

2. Dental pain

If there is some dental pain in the infected tooth area then you can take proper medicine to minimize the pain. Warm salt water can also be used for cleaning the mouth to reduce dental pain.

3. Breaking of dentures

In case the dentures are broken, immediate treatment is necessary. Here, you can try to get a solution by just telephonic call to a dentist or can visit with full care.

4. Gum swelling

If a person is suffering from gum swelling then they can take the proper ointment to reduce the swelling. Consulting the dentist through telephone calls can also be more beneficial.

All necessary care must be taken during this Covid-19 spreading period. Dental health is of utmost importance to avoid more complications.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Rupali Gujar Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "Taking proper care of dental care is very important during the Covid-19. Dental experts suggest proper guidelines to follow during coronavirus infection. An increase in mouth bacteria increases the risk of the corona more. Many researchers are still finding the relation between oral health and corona."

Sabka Dentist thinks about you and take proper care of your Safety at our best, we follow all the rules and regulation laid down by our government and ensure utmost Safety to our Patients

Here are some of the precaution that we follow in our Clinics

  • The Dental staff and the patients are required to wear masks.
  • Sabka Dentist is equipped with a proper sanitizer facility for your safety.
  • Sterilizing all the equipment and dental tools properly while going from one patient to another.
  • Temperature checkup of patients is mandatory before he/she is admitted to the dental clinic.
  • Limiting the number of the person to only one while coming to the dental office.
  • Maintaining the social distance norms in the dental clinic.
  • Our dental staff is equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE).
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