What Oil Do You Use for Oil Pulling?

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When it comes to maintaining nice oral health, a person needs to follow some of the basic oral health care habits properly. Although brushing and flossing are basic good habits for maintaining good oral health, there are some natural therapies that can help to keep your oral health better. Oil pulling is one such natural therapy that can help to improve oral health. It has been found very instrumental in removing plaquetartar, and other germs from the teeth.

Oil pulling simply involves rinsing the mouth with some specific oil. The oil helps in diluting the different toxins and other bacteria in the mouth. As there are different types of oil used for the oil pulling activity, you must be certainly eager to know the best type of oil for oil pulling. We will surely look at what type of oil for oil pulling must be used? Before that, we will be looking at other processes related to the oil pulling activity.

How to do the oil pulling activity?

  • The stomach must be empty for at least 2 hours prior to doing oil pulling activity. So, the morning period is ideally better for doing it.
  • After putting the oil in the mouth it must be gargled for some while around 10 minutes. Make sure that while doing this activity all the areas of the mouth are covered properly.
  • Once you do it then spit it out totally. Make sure that you do not swallow the oil after gargling it as it contains different bacteria and toxins from the mouth.
  • Do this activity around 3 to 4 times with each activity must be done for around 10 minutes.
  • After the completion of the oil pulling activity, the mouth must be rinsed properly with the solution of warm and saltwater. It will remove all the bacteria and other toxins from the mouth.
  • Finally, after doing oil pulling, you can do the brushing activity properly.

You can easily improve oral health with oil pulling that helps to remove the bacteria and different toxins from the mouth. There are different oils for oil pulling which can help to clean the mouth properly.

What type of oil for oil pulling can be used?oil types

Various types of oils are there that improve oral health with oil pulling. You can choose any of them.

Here are the different types of oil should you use when oil pulling:

1. Sesame OilSesame Oil

Sesame oil is used by many people for the oil pulling activity. The antioxidant property and lots of Vitamin E present in the sesame oil are helpful for the removal of the bacteria. They are suitable nicely for the mouth that can encourage the person to do more oil pulling activity. This oil has the capacity to loosen the plaque to help further the plaque removal.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most commonly used oils for oil pulling activity. You can warm this oil mildly before putting it in the mouth. Gargling it properly can be instrumental in cleaning all the bacteria and other germs from the mouth. This oil has shown some magnificent results for the bacteria and toxins removal from the mouth. Another good side of coconut oil is that mistakenly intake of coconut oil will not have any adverse effect as it is good for digestion too.

3. Sunflower oilSunflower oil

Sunflower oils are also found suitable for the oil pulling activity. As the taste of the sunflower may not be liked by some people, they can do this activity with some reduced duration for activity. The gargling can be done for 5 minutes properly which helps to loosen up the plaque and remove it from the teeth. Due to its availability in the selected regions, they are not used by many people.

4. Olive Oil

Olive Oil has some of the antibacterial and antiviral properties that make it more suitable for oil pulling activity. These oils have shown some nice results in the removal of the plaque and tartar from the teeth. These oils are available in some regions, so it can be used by regional people. Olive Oil is very simple to do the oil pulling activity.

These are some of the different oils for oil pulling that can help to remove the plaque and other toxins from the mouth. You can choose any of the best type of oil for oil pulling that can be more suitable for you. These activities can help you to avoid some of the trouble that may arise due to dental problems due to dental treatments. Oil pulling activity can be done once or twice a week. A proper follow of oil pulling activity can be helpful for improving oral health.

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  • Dr. Ankita Gada Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "There are some natural ways like oil pulling that can help to clean the plaque and other toxins from the mouth. Many dental experts suggest doing oil pulling activity. There are different oils for oil pulling which can be used. Make a choice of the best type of oil for oil pulling that suits you better.”

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