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There have been several reasons that a person has a gap between their teeth. If you have a similar kind of problem where you have a gap in the front teeth then you must go for the necessary treatment. It becomes very problematic for a person to smile, or even to talk on some occasions when the front teeth have a gap. Many people have fixed this problem by taking the required treatment. Proper treatment can help you close gaps in teeth. These dental problems exist for long duration generally and it becomes grave when it is undesired. So, get out of this nuisance, as it is better for you to do early front teeth gap filling treatment.

What factors cause the problem of the gap between teeth?

A gap between the teeth is indeed a big problem that looks improper for many people making a gap between teeth treatment necessary. It can give you a better smile.

Here are some of the common causes for space between teeth:

1. Improper jaw size

A mismatch between the jaw size and teeth size can be a cause for the teeth gap. Here, the teeth size is smaller in comparison with the jaw size which makes it difficult to cover the jawbone. It makes the teeth emerge from the distance from the jawbone which creates a gap between teeth.

2. Periodontal disease Periodontal disease

In Periodontal disease, here weakening of the attachment between jawbone and teeth occurs. The teeth here move from the original position to the other position leading to the gap in the front teeth. The dental experts here will cure the periodontal disease and then go for the gap between teeth treatment.

3. Childhood thumb sucking habit

Many of the childhood habits like thumb sucking also leads to the problem of a gap between front teeth. It exerts extra pressure on the upper teeth which moves it in the forward directions and creates gaps between the teeth.

4. Loss of tooth

In some cases, when there is a loss of a tooth an empty space between them remains behind. That empty space makes the neighboring teeth move in the empty space direction. It ultimately creates the space between teeth problems for an individual.

Apart from that, there can be few other reasons too which can cause space between teeth problems. Several treatment options can now be able to close gap in teeth very easily.

What can be expected in the treatment for the gap between teeth?

Many options have now come out for front teeth gap filling which can give you a better smile. Apart from getting better teeth alignment, you can expect some of the other advantages too through the treatment.

Here are some of the things to expect in the gap between teeth treatment:

1. Dental Implants dental-implant

In dental implants, a removable or fixed tooth is fitted in the gap between the teeth. It is replaced in the bone or gum and properly attached to the neighboring teeth. Dental Implant will prevent the other teeth to fill in the empty space. This treatment can be a little costly, still, it is very beneficial for missing teeth.

2. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the faster solutions for gap teeth problems. The teeth are applied with the resin and after it gets dry the teeth will look better and new. It is also used in the case of broken or chipped teeth. This solution can long last for more years.

3. Crowns and Veneers Crowns and Veneers

The porcelain shell is used here that can be bonded for the front tooth. It can help to fix the gap issues and make the tooth look natural. The crowns will help the tooth from further decay and maintain proper oral hygiene.

4. Braces treatment

The braces treatment is one of the most commonly used treatments to close the gap in teeth. Full-fledged braces will give a better pressure on all the teeth to shift in the desired position. The good thing about this is that you get plenty of options for the braces treatment. Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, and SDalign are some of the options in the braces treatment. They have a very high success rate of filling the gap between the teeth.

Are the results permanent after the gap treatment?

The treatment for filling the gap will give better results that are long-lasting. Indeed on some occasions, the crowns may be required for making the treatment work longer. Also, you need to take some care while eating very hard food items for the first few months. The results of braces treatment are really splendid which are capable of giving better oral health.

If you have any such kind of gap between the teeth problem then you can go for the necessary treatment. Filling the gap between the teeth can help you immensely in achieving a better smile easily.

Expert's Opinions

  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "A gap between front teeth is really a messy problem for any individual. Dental experts recommend the necessary treatment to fill the gap between teeth. It will help you to smile openly and talk proactively with proper teeth. The gap filling between teeth through treatment can make proper teeth alignment."

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