When does your child get braces?

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As a parent, you must be cautious about your child’s oral health. You probably might be taking care of all the necessary oral hygiene habits which is simply good. However, the problem arises more particularly when the child has some of the oral health-related problems.


These Orthodontic problems need to be corrected at proper time to avoid further complications and getting the proper treatment. So if your child is having any such kind of oral health issue then it is the braces time for them.


You might have observed some of the children who had braces on them. So, you must be thinking about when it would be correct to get the braces treatment for your child? Firstly, here you need to visit the dental expert to know the issues of the dental problem properly.


After knowing the situation, they will understand the problem and suggest an appropriate solution. The orthodontic treatment before and after has seen many changes till now. So, you may also get some options for different treatments. There are some of the symptoms that your child may show before going for Orthodontic treatment.

Which symptoms show that it is the braces time for your child?

1. Problem while chewing

When your child gets pain or any kind of difficulty while chewing or biting then there is a possibility of some problem. It can be due to any improper alignment of the teeth causing the problem while chewing.

2. Baby tooth is lost late or soon

If your child loses any of the baby’s teeth late or soon then there is a possibility of new permanent teeth erupting inappropriately. It may cause further complications later, so braces treatment is essential in these circumstances.

3. Breathing through the mouth

When a child suffers from any Orthodontic problems due to improper teeth alignment then they might have a problem while breathing in some cases. Here, they can tend to breathe through the mouth. Here, Orthodontic treatment is not observed easily from the outside, so visiting the dental expert can give a better idea of any of the Orthodontic problems.

4. Thumb sucking Thumb sucking

Do not take the thumb-sucking habit of your child lightly. Thumb sucking for a prolonged period leads to Orthodontic issues. So, if the thumb sucking habit is done regularly then check it properly through the Orthodontist.

5. Abnormally meeting teeth while chewing

When the jaw position of the mouth is not proper then the teeth meet abnormally while chewing. It creates difficulty while chewing the food, so an Orthodontist can help you to know the correct solution for it.

6. Crowded teeth

Crowded teeth are another symptom that indicates an Orthodontic problem. Here, the crowded teeth become vulnerable to tooth decay due to food particles getting stuck up in them. Braces treatment can help to correct the teeth positioning properly.

7. Protruding teeth Protruding teeth

In some cases where a tooth starts protruding outside, it is an indication of the Orthodontic problem. Here, the alignment of the teeth looks improper giving a different look for an individual.


So, these are some of the symptoms observed when a teeth alignment or jaw alignment is not proper. The parents must understand that it is the braces time for their child to get proper alignment of the teeth.

Is it necessary to remove teeth for braces treatment?

Removal of the teeth for the braces treatment is not always necessary, it is considered only if it creates problems while putting up the braces. Some teeth erupt in an uneven position creating the problem in making the arrangement for the braces.


Generally, removing teeth for braces side effects is not observed in normal circumstances. It can help in proper putting up of the braces on the teeth. Only in uncertain situations removing teeth for braces side effects are observed.

The removal of the tooth can be done in the following circumstances:

  • Misalignment of the teeth
  • Crowding of the teeth creating in holding the braces
  • Tooth erupting in a more slanting direction
  • Any baby tooth which has still in the position need to be removed for proper growth and position of the permanent teeth

Expectations of teeth after braces treatment: child braces

Any person will have some of the basic expectations for teeth after braces treatment. Overall better oral health will be their main expectation, they would expect some important things after braces treatment.

Here are some of the common expectations for teeth after braces treatment:

  • Proper position of the misaligned teeth making it easier for chewing
  • Aligning the jaw position to make the smile better
  • Removal of any of the crooked teeth and make a proper teeth position to achieve a better smile

So, once you realize any of the oral health-related problems in your child, it is better to visit a dental expert soon. Depending on the suitability, you can go for specific braces treatment for your child to get a better smile.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Zita Antao - Dental Expert in Sabka Dentist says "Your child’s oral health is a very important aspect. It is better to visit the dental expert after the age of seven years of the child. After knowing the situation, you must go for the braces treatment as suggested by the Orthodontist. A proper braces treatment can help to get better oral health for your child."

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