How black plaque on teeth causes different problems for Oral health?

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While it is observed that different oral health issues continue to trouble people in some or other ways, many treatment options are available now. A black plaque on teeth is one such problem suffered by many people despite brushing and flossing regularly. The enamel on the surface of the teeth is vulnerable to causing plaque and tartar. It is due to some of the substances in specific drinks, foods, and different other substances. Many people are suffering from the problem of plaque development on teeth. Dental plaque removal early is important as it creates different oral health problems. Before looking into problems due to plaque, we will look into some of the causes responsible for the development of plaque on teeth.

What are the causes of the development of black plaque on teeth? black plaque

One of the major causes of the development of plaque on teeth is the bacteria on the teeth.

Here are some of the causes for plaque getting developed on teeth:

  • The food which is high in sugar content gets deposited on teeth to some extent when the mouth in not rinsed properly. The sugar causes bacteria to get developed on the surface of the teeth leading to plaque development.
  • Cold drinks have some amount of sugar content in them which gets deposited on teeth. It causes more bacteria on teeth leading to plaque development on the teeth.
  • Habits like smoking and tobacco intake are some of the important reasons responsible for the plaque development on the teeth.
  • Improper or irregular oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing also cause the development of plaque on teeth
  • Low fluoride content in the toothpaste causes more plaque development on the teeth.
Apart from these, there are few other reasons too that are responsible for the plaque development on teeth. It is important for treating and remove plaque from teeth, else it can cause different other oral health problems.

What problems can erupt due to black plaque on teeth?

1. Tartar on teeth

When plaque development is not treated at the initial stage then it can cause tartar development on teeth. Plaque can be removed at the initial stage, when it is not treated at an early stage then it causes tartar development. Tartar is dark sticky material that causes stains on the teeth that are easily observed from the distance too.

2. Gum disease Gum disease

An increasing plaque development on teeth can increase the infection in the gums. It further causes other problems like Gingivitis, Periodontitis, etc. It becomes very tedious to eat normally due to gum disease problems.

3. Decay in teeth Decay in teeth

An increasing amount of plaque development on teeth leads to decay in the teeth. The decay further reaches deep inside the tooth and also reaches the root, causing more damage to the teeth. The teeth then need to be treated with a root canal or other treatment or has to be removed.

4. Difficulty in eating

The growing amount of plaque on teeth causes more pain in the teeth. The excruciating level of pain due to teeth decay makes it difficult to eat the food items. Also, sensitivity is easily observed in teeth in many cases. Here, the difficulty of sensation in teeth is observed during the eating cold, hot, and sweet items. Apart from these, they create many oral health-related issues indirectly that need to be checked early. Plaque development in complex areas is difficult to detect, so visiting the dental expert can be beneficial to the person. It is important for dental plaque removal from the teeth that can help to keep the dental health better. When you notice any of the symptoms like dental plaque, quicker action for the treatment can help you to achieve better teeth condition.

Some of the common treatment for dental plaque removal:

The black tartar material on teeth makes the teeth look bad which takes away the beauty of your smile. So, removing the black tartar from teeth is important. How to remove black tartar from teeth? Dental treatment can help to remove the black tartar easily. However, there are natural methods like baking soda, orange peels, vitamin C-rich food, sesame seeds, and other methods.

  • Orange peel is one of the home remedies for plaque on teeth. Here, the peel of the orange must be rubbed at the back of the teeth to remove plaque from the teeth. It removes the plaque from the teeth surface easily.
  • Using wood ash with toothpaste can be effective in the removal of the plaque from the teeth surface. The potassium hydroxide content in it helps to remove the plaque and other stains from the teeth to give it a brighter shine.
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco chewing habit that is mainly responsible for the plaque development.
  • Flossing and brushing teeth properly on the daily basis is important for removing plaque on teeth.
  • Treatment through the dental expert can help to achieve complex and quicker results.
These are some of the ways to remove plaque from teeth resulting in teeth free from plaque. Visiting the dental expert after knowing the symptoms can be better. Plaque at a certain level is common, it becomes a problem when it crosses a certain limit. Remove plaque with proper treatment to avoid any oral problems more.

Expert opinion

  • Dr. Zita Antao - Dental Expert in Sabka Dentist says "Dental plaque is one of the problematic things for oral health. Dental experts suggest getting the treatment before it leads to the advanced stage of tartar. Plaque is responsible for different other oral health problems. Checking plaque development at an early stage helps to avoid more problems of oral health."

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