What are certain cases in which tooth extractions are unavoidable?

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Every person wants to keep their tooth in a better condition by taking all necessary care. There are situations when tooth decay or other problems makes it difficult for people. Dental experts try to protect the tooth by doing necessary treatment for plaque removalroot canal treatment, or any other method.


However, when the tooth decay goes beyond a certain limit, it becomes important to remove the tooth. Tooth extraction is commonly observed in the case of the wisdom tooth. We will be looking for after some time about wisdom tooth removal and things to take care after wisdom teeth removal.


In the early days, tooth problems were observed rarely among people and to a lesser extent. However, now the tooth pain is observed easily among the different individuals along with different oral health issues.


During the tooth extraction, the dentist will give mild anesthesia to numb the region for a tooth removal. Still, people feel pain to some extent during the tooth extraction process.

Tooth extraction process: Tooth Extractions

Before starting the tooth extraction process, the dentist will analyze the condition of the tooth properly. Local anesthesia will be given by the dentist to numb the region where tooth extraction will be done. It will minimize the pain caused during the removal of the teeth.


After confirming the numbness in the area, the dentist will start to remove the tooth with dental instruments. On some occasions, the tooth socket needs to be expanded for separating the tooth from the ligament and making the tooth removal process simple.


The tooth will be moved in a back and forth direction using forceps to ensure that the tooth gets separated from the jawbone to make tooth removal simple. It will pain to some extent after tooth removal. If extraction is done for the wisdom tooth then after wisdom tooth extraction care will be crucial.

When does tooth extraction cannot be avoided?

Generally, it is better to avoid tooth extraction and protect it in all possible ways. However, in some situations, it becomes important to remove the tooth.

Here are some situations where tooth extraction cannot be avoided:

1. Increase in the infection

When the tooth gets infected, it starts paining. The pain is experienced more during the chewing of food and also troubles a lot occasionally. However, a small infection can be treated or waited for treatment. If the infection level is more in the tooth then it is better to remove the tooth for protecting it from spreading.

2. A sudden injury

Although you have a proper condition of the tooth, still, if you have any unwanted injuries around the tooth then removal becomes important. Here, the dentist will initially analyze the situation and try to do the necessary treatment to avoid tooth removal. However, when the injury level is more, it becomes important for tooth removal.

3. Gum disease Gum disease

Sometimes even a smaller infection in the tooth or other problems causes gum disease. If the gum disease aggravates and starts spreading nearby then the removal of the corresponding tooth becomes important.

4. Cavity development

Cavity development is one of the common reasons for tooth removal. Here, the cavity level goes on increasing and affects the root of the tooth. A cavity on the tooth beyond a certain limit becomes difficult for treatment. Here, the removal of the tooth becomes inevitable to avoid pain.

5. Complications of wisdom teeth wisdom teeth extraction

One of the common questions that people have is, whether they should remove the wisdom tooth? Well, the answer depends on the condition of the wisdom teeth. In most cases, it is removed due to two reasons despite the painful wisdom teeth removal aftermath experience. First, when the wisdom tooth develops a cavity.


It usually happens as it is difficult to brush these teeth which are located in a complex region. Second, due to the lesser area for the tooth growth, wisdom teeth exert pressure in the neighboring areas and cause more pain. Here, the removal of the wisdom tooth becomes essential.

6. High cost for treatment

If the problematic teeth treatment has a huge cost then removal of teeth is done. Here, the patient finds it difficult to manage the cost of the treatment.

7. Difficulty in putting braces

In some cases putting braces becomes problematic due to crowding teeth, twisted teeth, etc. Here, the removal of the teeth cannot be avoided, to put the braces properly. The particular teeth are removed to ensure that the braces are put properly.


These are some of the situations when tooth extractions cannot be avoided. People need to take some extra care after wisdom teeth removal due to the pain associated with it.


After removal of the tooth, if you feel more pain then visiting the dentist at the earliest is recommended. Ensure that proper care is taken for a few days after the tooth extraction to improve dental health.

Expert Opinion

  • Dr. Manan Dhulia Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "If the problem in a tooth is beyond the limit, it becomes difficult to avoid tooth extraction. Dental experts try their full extent to protect the tooth through some treatment. However, as the removal becomes unavoidable, it is important to get prepared. Proper aftercare after tooth extraction can help to heal it faster.”

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