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People have now become more concerned about their overall look than ever before. Your smile along with the face is the foremost thing that any person looks at you. It gives a particular impression about you and then they will look at your caliber. So, many people take care of their looks properly.


The gap teeth problem is one such concern that has been troubling some people. It becomes very problematic for a person to smile and talk in social circles when they have a gap between teeth.


It gives a very awkward look while smiling. So, it becomes important for these people to close the gap in their teeth. The treatment technology has now advanced very much that can provide the solution for this. The Orthodontic treatment here can fix gaps in teeth with their expertise. There are some reasons for people having teeth gaps.

How does a gap occur between teeth?

There are multiple reasons responsible for the gap between teeth. They cause the gap between the teeth problem.

Here, are some reasons for space between teeth problem:

1. Tissue overgrowth along the gumline

This is a common reason for the cause of the gap between teeth problems. Here, the tissue that is along with the upper front teeth and bordering the gumline, causes gap teeth. This gap increases as the size of the gum increases over age.

2. Genetic

This is also the most commonly observed reason for the space between teeth. Here, either or both parents have the gap between the teeth that is observed in the child too.

3. Childhood bad habits thumb sucking teeth

Some of the childhood bad habits like thumb sucking, bottle feeding beyond a certain age, etc. are responsible for the gap teeth. They slowly exert pressure on the upper front teeth that causes a gap among teeth.

4. Gum disease

Gum disease also causes the problem of gap teeth. Disease like Gingivitis and Periodontitis causes inflammation in the gums that create a gap between the teeth.


These are commonly observed reasons for the gap teeth problem. There can be other reasons too for these problems. However, it is important to fix the gap between teeth problems soon as it has many disadvantages. By fixing this problem, you can get the proper alignment of the teeth sooner.

Why fix the gap in teeth soon?

Fixing space between teeth can be achieved with proper Orthodontic treatment.

Here is some of the reasons close gap between teeth soon:

1. Improving the natural smile natural smile

The first and foremost reason for closing the gap between the teeth is to get a nice smile. When you have gap teeth, mostly your smile looks absurd and turns off the mood of the people looking at you. Closing the gap between teeth can make your teeth alignment look better that eventually makes the smile better. You can easily smile very widely without any hesitation properly.

2. Avoid food particles stocking

When there is a gap between teeth then the food smaller particles get the place to stick while eating. It becomes difficult every time to clean this place. Filling of the gap will help to eliminate the chances of the food particles getting stocked in the teeth.

3. Decreasing the chances of cavity development

As the gap among the teeth invites more bacteria development, it increases plaque and tartar development. It ultimately causes cavity among the teeth causing more problems later. Also, it causes pain in the tooth when the decay

4. Lead to neighboring teeth to crowding

In some cases, the gap teeth problem also causes more problems to the neighboring teeth. Here, the neighboring teeth start shifting to the other position during the growth and crowding occurs among the teeth.

5. Increase the overall confidence

The space between teeth would have created many occasions when you have to hide the face while smiling or avoiding the smile at all. Also, you might have avoided talking much to the people due to the improper teeth appearance due to the gap.


So, a treatment to close the gap teeth can make your teeth appear better. You can get new confidence to smile and talk properly.


So, these are some of the reasons for fixing the gap between the teeth soon. It is always better to get the treatment during childhood or teenage. It will help the teeth to move in a better way, as it is the growing stage of the teeth and the overall body of the person.


Also, the bone restructuring can occur more properly making the treatment more appropriate. Porcelain Veneers and dental bonding is one way you can solve the problem of gap teeth. However, braces treatment from the Orthodontist is one of the better ways to close the gap in teeth.


Treatment will be a long duration about 12 months to 24 months. Here, you can close the gap in teeth with better results.

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  • Dr. Jena Shah Dental Director of Sabka dentist says "A gap between teeth is one of the problematic issues for most people. An expert Orthodontist can fix this gap teeth problem in different ways. There are some important reasons to close the gap between teeth. Proper treatment can fix the gap to give a better confidence smile to your face."

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